Our enemies committed many blunders in 2014, but that is now the past. We need to be at the top of our game if we want to expand our offensive into 2015 and win more victories. In this regard, there are some things we need to understand and some tactics we need to utilize going forward.

1. Our enemies have more operational experience

While our side may in some ways be considered part-time militia, we find ourselves opposing what is essentially a standing army. Our enemies are full-time professional soldiers. They are motivated and fanatically devoted to their cause, and willing to expend all of their energies on it because it is often their profession to do so.

Our forces are part-time militia because our side is comprised of people that actually have lives. Our side has friends, plays games, goes out, has dates, works real jobs, etc. Because of this our enemy will usually have more operational experience and higher levels of fanaticism by default. This is a significant disadvantage to us.

What we lack in quantity we must make up for in quality. Our troops must be better trained, better equipped, and better led. Fortunately, this is something that nature swings in our favor. The typical red piller is of much higher quality in appearance, accomplishments, mannerisms, and worldview.

While the manosphere may be considered as the anti-cultural Marxist coalition’s shock troops for this reason, the SJW’s are inferior even to the typical gamer or atheist, as well as the normal people in other groups they have managed to alienate. This is in fact because they are normal. SJW’s are not. Arguments do not attain power. Appearance does.

Our troops must have a workout regimen. They must maintain a high quality appearance. They must speak and act with decision and power. They must maintain their frame against SJW shit tests. They must be trained in a powerful ethos (if ever there were a time for a manosphere academy, it is now). They must be led to strike boldly at targets of opportunity.

Our forces, part-timers though they be, must become the most vaunted and feared political and cultural army in the world. This is a historical disadvantage of part-time militia against full-time professionals, but this is the dynamic we must create.


2. Domination of space, or “area denial”

A principal position of military might is domination of space. A victorious force must dominate space while actively denying the enemy space. In case you missed the boat, the SJW’s dominate a lot of space at the moment, and it is the biggest reason why they have been so successful. Indeed, you can recognize this tactic by how the SJW’s constantly bring up their favorite buzzwords in any community they manage to gain entry into, gaming being the biggest example.

When SJW’s say that X community must be “more inclusive,” or that there’s a lot of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, otherkinophobia, xyzphobia in x community,” it is an active attempt to dominate space.

Going forward into 2015, our forces must firstly engage in area denial tactics. All instances of SJW entryism must be recognized and snuffed out immediately. Commenters spewing SJW rhetoric on thus far neutral or clean sites must be banned on sight. We must prevent the enemy from spreading to other communities, and also push back in enemy territory. This means we need to conduct raids in SJW hot zones while denying them access to ours.

We also need to actively start dominating space on a wider scale. I used to scoff at hashtag activism that is the SJW meme du jour, but GamerGate has proven that hashtag activism can be just as effective against its creators as it has been on their victims.

Our side should take popular memes and turn them against the SJW’s, as GamerGate did with the SJW-created logo for love and acceptance in gaming to great effect. There are other memes around such as “Meininist” that can also be used spectacularly. Whenever the SJW’s come out with another outrage, debunk it if possible, mock it, and spread it to the ends of the earth in a rapid mobilization to dominate the space before they do.

Again, the fact that they have what is essentially a standing army will work against us here, but our numbers are now large enough to act in this way.



3. Dual power

This is a tactic associated with the left emerging out of the 19th century (the term itself was coined by Lenin), but in practice it has always been around. The basic idea behind this is that alternative institutions are created that then compete with the entrenched institutions of power. The alternative institutions then begin to accumulate power, transfer the loyalties of the populace, and in this way begin the transformation of society.

The mainstream institutions weaken and the populace then makes changes in the wider mainstream society through their base from the formerly alternative institutions. It is essentially “creating a new world in the shell of the old.

Return of Kings (and the manosphere in general) is a great example of dual power in action. It amassed a large readership in 2013, continued to expand in 2014, and is now in a position of sufficient strength to actively take the offensive and begin to make inroads into the transformation of society.

Manosphere forces arrived in strength to reinforce the gamers and reinvigorated the GamerGate revolt, supplying it with critical new energy that greatly contributed to the spectacular offensives in October and November that cost Gawker a million dollars, among other victories.

Dual power works to our active advantage. While our enemies may be full-time professional victims and complainers, they are fanatical zealots and authoritarians. In this regard they drive people away and make them actively seek out alternative institutions. The new sites springing up in the wake of GamerGate are other alternative institutions that can employ a dual power strategy by sapping the mainstream, SJW-infested outlets of readership and therefore ad dollars.

In this regard this strategy is a subset of spatial domination and area denial. We simultaneously create new spaces from which we can strengthen our forces and launch new offensives, while actively denying their use to the enemy and weakening the enemy’s own spaces of power.

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Understand that we are in a bitter struggle. I have used military language in this post for a reason—this is a war. Quintus said it best on the forum a few months ago:

We as men are engaged in a war against forces that seek to destroy us collectively and individually. This is a critical moment in modern history. Any man who doesn’t get this fundamental truth, who isn’t prepared to resist the forces that seek to subjugate him, doesn’t deserve to survive.

We have been taking the abuse from these people for years upon years, and now is the time to start fighting back.

This is a war that I want to wage. This is one that was forced on us. They are the ones who seek to deprive us of our dignity, our livelihood, and our identity. We are going on the offense from now on. No backing down, no apologizing, and no equivocating.

And we will be heard.

If I could be a prophet today, I would say that they will one day regret that they gave us no other option but to oppose them with every ounce of our being.

Human psychology and the nature of conflict don’t change, whether that conflict is fought with bullets or tweets. We must be aware of these tactics and the lessons of history and continue to move forward. Many of the issues we face would have erupted into violence in the past, and still might.

For the past half century, Cultural Marxists have gained prominence and have systematically undermined western civilization. As Quintus also said, they seek to destroy our culture and replace it with nothing. It might take another half century to undo the damage they have done. We must be in this for the long haul and remember that this cultural Hundred Years’ War is ours to lose. The consequences of our losing will be the wholesale destruction of our identity and well-being.

As Roosh said in his last video: work on yourself, make yourself a high quality soldier, sharpen your blades, keep your powder dry, and prepare for battle.

Let’s begin the 2015 campaign with vigor and power. Keep these tactics squarely in your mind to expand on our great successes in 2014.

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