In my most recent adventure I ran into “Keith.”

Keith was a 44-year-old man, but was in better shape than most 23-year-olds. Riped, handsome, and a participant of jiujitsu, I felt it was more of an honor I met him than he met me. But after much conversation and realizing he and I both made some of the same disastrous mistakes men our age did, he said something common, but profound that I really didn’t appreciate until now:

“Had I known today what I know now when I was 19 the world would be ….blabbity blah blah blah.”

I had heard that refrain before, but it wasn’t until Keith mentioned it did I realize just what consequence and gravity that statement had.

Yes, Keith and I are in our 40’s.

Yes, Keith and I cannot go back in time.

But the hell if these terabytes of digital wisdom haven’t advanced the cause of thousands of young men today.

While Keith and I may not be able to benefit from the wisdom we gained through trial and tribulation, and we can only opine wistfully about “what could have been,” because of the technological advancements of today through the internet, young men of today can enjoy and realize that enviable position.

You needn’t go through the hell we did to gain our wisdom. All you need to do is merely learn from our (and thousands of other men’s) experiences and mistakes.

This, naturally, results in a HUGE and GREAT advantage young men have today over their elder peers. You know not to bother with night clubs. You know not to bother with “born again Christian” girls. And you know how to defend yourself against false rape accusations.

However, the “sage” advice goes beyond women and into life as well. You know to be a minimalist. You know to not breed unless you can afford it. And you know not to gain social status through borrowing money to purchase things you can’t afford, but rather through work and cash-only purchases. All of these things, if followed and adhered to, result in a life of ease, luxury, happiness, and strifelessness.

There’s just one problem.

This line of thought is so revolutionary and cutting-edge, it’s outpacing the genetic and Darwinistic development of humans. So much so, it presents new problems humanity has never faced before.

The problem of the future

While the internet and technology advance at the speed of light (in terms of evolutionary time), our biological and survivalistic brains have not advanced as quickly. And so, if we pursue the philosophy of minimalism, not fucking up, and just merely taking care of ourselves, technology advances so quickly and so much that it takes nearly nothing to support and survive as a single man in society today. You take away women, family, and children because the government has replaced you, and men can get by on a fraction of Star Trek impulse power.

This may at first seem a boon and advancement to male society, but you’ll quickly learn that “success” is merely replacing larger, older problems with newer lesser ones. And the newer but certainly no “lesser” one is “The Void.”

The purpose of man

Really contemplate and consider what the history of man has been. It has been one largely of struggle and survival. One of merely putting food on the table, shelter over one’s head, and defending your children who “may” survive war, famine, plague, and disease.


In other words, you busted your ass all day, only to fall asleep with little to no contemplation of the future or meaning of life. It is always backwards-looking, living in the now, never forward-looking.

However, say you didn’t fuck up. Say you didn’t have children. Say you just played your cards right and waited until you were stable to breed.  Whatever the case, technology has advanced so much that there are MORE MEN THAN EVER in the HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE who did not breed, did not fuck up, and therefore have all the time in the world to look into the future.

Their minds are not pre-occupied with “putting food on the table” or “finding a baby sitter,” but instead are forced to look into the cold, dark future of finiteness, mortality, and death, forcing them to consider the truth meaning and purpose of life.

For all the benefits the manosphere has had on men, the male population, and male psychology, an unfortunate drawback is that it is so efficient and effective that men are advancing intellectually “too” quickly. So much so that I predict MILLIONS of men are going to advance so quickly, and so efficiently, they will be forced to face the the “void,” the ultimate “blackness” and the end of life.

And since the human mind and evolution has not had the track record of even getting to this point (as they were too pre-occupied merely putting food on the table or supporting their children), this “confronting the void” will start to become a more common psychological problem truly independent minded men will face.

Is there a solution?

Sadly, I have no solution. Every simulation or “mental model” I’ve run in my mind results in my consciousness being snuffed out. There is no “heaven.” My mind does not “continue on elsewhere” in some kind of cloudy world where I meet all my buddies and reunite with my childhood dog.

In reality, my awareness won’t even be around to acknowledge the void. I will simply end and be at the same state I was before i was born—non-existent.

And it is this that is the truly frightening thing that an increasing number of young men are going to have to face. Because of the philosophical advancements the manosphere has brought you, your intellectual and philosophical life is going to be fast-forwarded through life. And while there will be some IMMENSE benefits (such as avoiding drama with women, lower divorce rates, lives of leisure, etc. etc.) you will be fast-forwarded towards the inevitable conclusion and confrontation of “The Void.”

And no matter how well your life is going, no matter how wonderful your wife is, and no matter how enjoyable your children are, you will unfortunately have to wrestle with the concept of finiteness, the end of your consciousness, and your utter irrelevance in this universe.

It almost makes you enviable of the simpletons breeding kids they can’t afford, and are thus too pre-occupied to contemplate such heavy matters. Their ignorance must be bliss.

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