There comes a time in every player’s journey–generally towards the very beginning–when he realizes that women’s collective perception of him is not favorable. Recall that most women will treat a man the exact same way as most other women, which is entirely based on how their vaginas feel around him. In that light, the young slayer-to-be has come to the realization that dry vaginas around him means loneliness, bitterness, anxiety, anger and self-doubt.

Being a male and therefore capable of connecting cause to effect, the young man decides to alter his presentation, body, haircut, belief system, and whatever he must change in order to more usefully impact the vaginae of his peers. If and when he does so successfully, he begins to live a life of sexual adventure that most men can only relate to because they’ve seen it in porn. One-night stands, 15-minute pulls, threesomes and bondage regularly. All without a shred of real commitment. Yes, now the young man is surely living the dream!


But change is a law of nature, and so eventually the young man grows tired of it. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole he goes, he may even realize the utter futility of attempting to find a suitable LTR in the modern dating and hookup scene. If he goes all the way to bottom of the rabbit hole, he eventually hits the Truth that trumps all others he learned on the journey:

Women’s opinions of you are completely meaningless. As mentioned, the only thing that interests them is your utility, measured by the frequency and intensity of vaginal tingles when they see or think about you (or, if you’re a beta male, measured by the amount of money in your bank account).


Whether they want to sleep with you, hate you completely or utterly ignore you, not one of those opinions is truly based on your character, your values, what you’ve accomplished, whether you are righteous or wicked, or what kind of man you are in general.

Eventually, should you attain a certain level, you will come to find that you would much rather spend time in the gym, reading books, playing music or working on your business than trying to “win” childish mind-games with women who will sleep with you a few times and then either move on become difficult.

And this is the point at which your game because even more focused and efficient–because now you are living in an abundance of yourself, which is far more important than an abundance of women. Abundant with self, game will become the shortest possible path between two points, with no extra effort exuded and it makes absolutely no difference to you whether she’s on board or not–so long as you find out quickly so you can either escalate or leave.


Then, once you have NEXTed enough women for slight grievances that earlier on your path might have caused you to engage in battle, an enormous weight will be lifted. The pressure to perform will be gone. It will be on women to impress YOU and not the other way around, and they can smell this truth in the air when they’re near you.

It is a myth that you need money and social power to think and behave like a king. That is the wrong order of cause-and-effect. In everything, mindset comes first and creates the results in physical reality. Many call this the Law of Attraction, which is true but only one small part of what is true.

And then, brothers, once your boundaries are drawn within and around yourself—then you will realize your rightful place in this world.

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