Today the American woman is still confused. She wants independence, she wants to be free to do everything… to have all the opportunities which men have, and, at the same time she wants to be mastered by man and to be possessed in the archaic way of Europe. -Carl Gustav Jung

Although I discuss the highlights below, I encourage readers to check out the original interview, published in 1912 in the New York Times, available here. A transcribed version is available here.

Carl Jung’s Red Pill Wisdom

Carl Jung devised a theory of the human mind with excellent predictive and explanatory powers—exactly what you would wish for in a scientific model.

Unfortunately, the implications of this model were too unsettling for popular dissemination; it was therefore suppressed, obfuscated, and piled with lies and nonsense by the academic guardians of the West who promoted simpler and less controversial ideas. The most dangerous truths, those about human nature itself, were effectively removed from American intellectual discourse.

Let’s explore some of these truths, straight from the famous psychoanalyst himself.

Since at least 1912, men in America have been neglecting their family life:

There is only so much vital energy in any human being. We call that in our work the Libido. And I would say that the Libido of the American man is focused almost entirely upon his business, so that as a husband he is glad to have no responsibilities. He gives the complete direction of his family life over to his wife. This is what you call giving independence to the American woman. It is what I call the laziness of the American man. That is why he is so kind and polite in his home, and why he can fight so hard in his business.

It was not some evil conspiracy that forced the abdication of paternal rights and responsibilities to the state but a logical development of the trends that made America successful. This unnatural division of labor is now disintegrating because men are opting out of creating households entirely.

So while the American man’s conscious mind was occupied with manifest destiny and dominating the marketplace, what governed his relationship with women?

A Crippling Mother-Complex


When men are still in the barbaric stage they make women their slaves. If, while they are still barbaric by nature, some influence makes them see that they dare not treat women as slaves, then what do they do? They do not know yet how to love something which is equal to themselves. They do not know what real independence is, so they must kneel down before this slave and change her into the one thing they instinctively (even when they are barbarians) respect: they change the slave idea into the mother idea. And then they marry the mother-woman. And they respect her very much.

We in the community point out this problem constantly: a generation of damaged men, raised by women, seeking a “return to the womb.” The contemptuous and disrespectful attitude of modern women that we enjoy criticizing is nothing more than the accumulated frustration with puerile men.

I noticed that whenever the American husband spoke to his wife there was always a little melancholy note in his voice, as though he were not quite free; as though he were a boy talking to an older woman. He was always very polite and very kind, and paid her every respect. Yo could see that in her eyes he was not at all dangerous, and that she was not afraid of being mastered by him. But when any one told him that there was betting going on he would leave her, and his face became eager and full of desire, and his eyes would get very bright and his voice would get strong, and hard, and brutal.

We talk about how desperate we are for feminine women; Carl Jung wisely notes that American women are just as desperate for masculine men. It is not enough to conquer your male rivals—you must conquer your woman if you want a good relationship. Take it from the founder of depth-psychology: women enjoy being possessed. This does not imply violence, but simply an aggressive psychological attitude, an attitude which cannot be endorsed in public but which women find inexplicably arousing:

I find that the men and women are giving their vital energy to everything except to the relation between themselves. In that relation all is confusion. The women are the mothers of their husbands as well as of their children, yet at the same time there is in them the old, old primitive desire to be possessed, to yield, to surrender. And there is nothing in the man for her to surrender to except his kindness, his courtesy, his generosity, his chivalry.


This is the presentation of a white knight or mangina, a condition in Jungian psychology called “anima possession,” which can arise whenever a man has to deal with the opposite sex. The woman constellates within the man’s psyche all the archaic, suppressed, and stereotypical “female” tendencies. These are not the positive values associated with femininity, but their ugly shadow: emotionality, whininess, bitchiness, capriciousness, destructive irrationality.

It is exactly this phenomenon which turns a suave seducer into a pathetic beta bitch-boy after he has caught a woman he is capable of loving—one who embodies his feminine ideal. Hence the warnings in the community about “oneitis,” maintaing frame, and the constant need to view and relate to your woman as to a real human being, not a fantasy figure.

The Strong Independent Woman

It may be that you are going to produce a race which are human beings first, and men and women secondarily. It may be that you are going to create the real independent woman who knows she is independent, who feels the responsibility of her independence… Today the American woman is still confused. She wants independence, she wants to be free to do everything… and, at the same time she wants to be mastered by man and to be possessed in the archaic way of Europe.

She wants to be a “strong independent woman” and still get penetrated by a real, virile man. She is utterly ignorant of her own psyche, and THIS is the tragedy of feminism and sexual relations in America. No matter how bad things become abroad, even in France, the birthplace of feminism, gender and sexual roles are still understood and appreciated on a basic level. Men have not abdicated their sexual role as men.

It is up to men to retake responsibility for the long-neglected culture in America. Let’s face it, “street harassment” campaigns are nothing more than white-collar women desperate for a strong, seductive man to approach them when they least expect it and sweep them off their feet:

There is no country in the world where women have to work so hard to attract men’s attention. There is in your Metropolitan Museum a bas-relief which shows the girls of Crete in one of their religious dances about their god in the form of a bull. These girls of 200 B.C. wear their hair in chignons; they have puffed sleeves; their corseted waists are very slender; they are dressed to show every line of their figures just as women are dressing today.


Gibson Girls

Then and 1912

At that time the reasons which made it necessary to attract men to themselves in this way had to do with the morals of their country. The women were desperate just as they are today, without knowing it. In Athens four or five hundred years before Christ there was even an epidemic of suicide among young girls, which was only brought to an end by the decision of the Areopagus that the next girl who did away with herself would be exhibited nude upon the streets of Athens. There were no more suicides. The judges of Athens understood sex psychology.

Consider the mass embrace of vampiric symbolism and the projection of rape fantasies by frustrated young women in America today. Projection, the transfer of psychological contents onto the external world, is a common feature in romantic relationships.

A man projects his unconscious archetypal feminine features (his “Anima”) onto a woman and a woman projects her idealized masculine elements (her “Animus”) onto a man—this accounts for about 80% of the crap we complain about on the internet.

You think your young girls marry European husbands because they are ambitious for titles. I say it is because, after all, they are not different from the European girls; they like the way European men make love, and they like to feel we are a little dangerous. They are not happy with their American husbands because they are not afraid of them. It is natural, even though it is archaic, for women to want to be afraid when they love. If they don’t want to be afraid then perhaps they are becoming truly independent, and you may be producing the real ‘new woman.’ But up to this time your American man isn’t ready for real independence in woman. He only wants to be the obedient son of his mother-wife. There is a great obligation laid upon the American people—that it shall face itself—that shall admit its moment of tragedy in the present—admit that it has a great future only if it has courage to face itself.

Prophetic, isn’t it?

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