You depend on women for validation. So do I. We all do. Possibly the hardest part of the red pill to swallow is accepting that we all desperately long for the attention and affection of females.

We’re biologically programmed to want to have sex with them, and we’re socially conditioned to seek their approval. There’s no way around this. It feels good to be inside of a woman. And it feels good to hold one in your embrace, or have one by your side.

However it’s part of our masculine pride to deny this reality. We are too proud to admit this fact, and we often live under its shadow as a result. But the thing is: you must come to terms with this simple truth in order to be able to free yourself from its chains. And the only way to do this is is internalize the following critical distinction:

While we all WANT women, we do not NEED them

Depending on where you are in your life you’re either longing for a hookup buddy, a harem of such buddies, a girlfriend, or a wife. Or you have it. Regardless of which category you fall under, this concept is equally important to adopt and believe.

For example, if you’re single and looking for women to hook up with, but not wife up, this is important because it will remove the outcome dependence that corrupts your game by communicating your thirstiness and NEED to bed her. Or maybe you’re in a relationship. In this case realizing that you don’t NEED the relationship to work out, no matter how badly you WANT it to, will keep you from acting like a needy bitch, communicate yourself honestly without worrying about rocking the boat, and allow you free your emotions from the current state of the relationship (e.g. you can’t sleep because your girl is mad at you).

These are the two most common scenarios to which applying this principle applies. However it’s main benefit is something far more important:

When you recognize this, you can live the rest of your life without thinking about women

Don’t lie: how often do you think, worry, or otherwise cause yourself anxiety because of women?


I know that when I’m single I tend to stress about whether or not I’m going to get laid this week, whether or not that new lead will text back, or if my night out will be successful.

On the other hand, when you’re in a relationship, it’s common and normal to worry about your partner. Is she upset with you? Why is she acting weird? Who’s that guy she’s texting?

The thing is: all of these anxious thoughts are caused by your attachment to the outcome of the relationship, the night, the date, or the new prospect. By reminding yourself that you don’t NEED whichever of the above you’re stressing about to work out, that you only WANT it to, you can put it off your mind and focus on the task at hand whether that’s hanging out with your buddies, working out, or working on your business.

You WANT women, sex, and awesome relationships but you do not NEED them

While female connection and sex are great things that we all want, we simply do not need them to in order to be happy and enjoy all the other areas of our lives. You can still crush your career without sex or a partner. You can still go on adventures without women. You can still bond with male friends.

By constantly reminding yourself of this simple truth, you will slowly reframe how you view women in your mind. You will begin to stop seeing them as objects that you MUST deal with and conquer and start seeing them as awesome opportunities that can only add value to your life. The ironic thing is: your game and your relationships will actually improve as a result.

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