There are many ways to describe the “essential difference” between men and women. You could refer to it as “yin and yang.” You could refer to it as “left brained vs. right brained,” which is to say “analytical vs. creative,” and you could even call it “order vs. chaos.” In all cases, you would be correct in describing the essence of the difference.

An understanding of this difference, and the proper roles for which each sex is best suited, has guided the success and extraordinary achievement of our species for many millennia. This understanding was unquestioned, common sense, and easily observable to the naked eye. It still is.

However, as all red pill-inclined men surely know by now, asserting the obvious can quickly invite the foul flak of any nearby brainwashing victims. To comment on something that every single human being knows in their heart now causes stress and anxiety and can cause you to lose your job.


Before I answer that, we need to have a clear understanding of the mechanics of the enemy. Listening to liberal politicians talk on the TV or on the radio, it’s very easy to conclude that they’re just very ignorant people who tend to think with their hearts. And on lower levels, this is absolutely the case. The kinds of liberal puppets you see blockading Wall Street buildings or setting things on fire in Ferguson to combat stereotypes about mindless violence…yes, those people are just very dumb and easily led.

However, it is of the utmost importance not to forget that the people organizing those protests and the groups funding them are not dumb; they are consciously and knowingly misleading the public and causing mayhem in an effort to agitate the masses over various issues.

Every movement gets astroturfed

Professionals are going from one group to another, stirring them to violence—and they get handsomely paid to do so. The world is not being run by morons, it’s being run by competing genius-level sociopaths who use the morons like puppets and tools and then dispose of them once they are no longer useful. The entirety of human history is one elaborate example of this principle.

Groups like the KGB spent decades specifically designing the contagious mental virus that is modern progressive ideology. There are no parts of it that are an accident. The gay rights stuff, the feminism, the open borders, the demonization of white men and heterosexuality…it took some of the world’s smartest idea-crafters to design the virus.

By the time Reagan became President, it had already taken so deeply in the United States that the course was set. It wasn’t public knowledge, of course, as it sadly still is not today; the point is simply that it’s been entrenched for a long, long time.

Advancing the agenda

In order to achieve their agenda, the Powers That Be rely on the stress and misery and utter dependence of the populace. One of the many ways in which this goal is attained is to convince the people to act in ways that are extremely hazardous to their well being—and of their own volition. Chunking down, one way to do this is to convince them that the role they are best suited for is bad, and something they are completely unsuited for is good and should be pursued instead.

Obviously this would never work on men, who would immediately see the long-term danger and silliness of it, so it was crafted for women instead. Since the vast majority of women are not capable of thinking in terms of cause-and-effect, particularly when it would interrupt their feelings of immediate gratification to do so, they were easily convinced of this while simultaneously overlooking all the hypocrisy in how they were actually leading their own lives. The fact that they can do this without cognitive dissonance, is itself an illustration of the Essential Difference at work.

So, we are now living in an era in which women are being convinced that they can do anything men can do. Then they join the military, and the minimum number of required pull-ups has to be lowered so they can pass the tests. The fact that the rules changed so they could prove “they could do it too” does not strike women as odd. The fact that the entire military was weakened to give them good feelings is irrelevant.


The same recently occurred with a local fire department, which lowered physical requirements to be a firefighter so that more women can do it. The fact that this directly endangers the lives of other firefighters, as well as those in burning homes who rely on the strength of the firefighters to lift heavy hoses and axe down doors and carry them to safety, all takes a backseat to the fact that feminists got to make another meme about how “they can do it too.” Appallingly, stupidly dangerous.

Modern feminism embraces sex denialism

Sex Denialism, a denial of the Essential Difference, obviously leads to less happiness for those who buy into it. All of life is a game of learning how to maximize, tame, and utilize your own nature to live closer and closer to a state of harmony and congruence. Denying one’s nature and spending all day rebelling against it is a very quick path to unhappiness, so it’s no surprise that sex-denying transsexuals have some of the highest incidence rates for drug abuse and suicide.

I would guess that it is working even better than planned. The sheer number of people who have been trained to parrot rhetoric about the “gender binary,” somehow having buried everything they know to be true, real and good somewhere inside of them in favor of a pat on the head and maybe a treat, is staggering and absurd. The damage this causes on a global scale, and the way in which it has altered other groups’ perception of America, is just as important as the damage it’s causing internally. That is a topic for another time.

It is also playing out in schools, but in the context of education it benefits women in the short-term (though as always, not the long-term). Males are inherently seen as having a profound weakness in “non-cognitive skills,” so schools are now designed to help males get in touch with their feminine side by threat of medication and therapy for ADD.

Of course, men do tend to perform worse at most “non-cognitive skills” than women, but it is equally true to say that women have a defect in “cognitive skills.” In a sane world, men would teach boys male skills and women would teach girls female skills. But we do not live in a sane world, do we?

Instead of the obvious solution—teach men to train their minds and teach women to learn the art of femininity and home care—our society’s solution was to punish men for not being women, and to artificially inflate girls’ grades so they could see how much smarter than boys they are. To an alien looking down on the United States, our situation would doubtless appear to be a cosmic joke of some kind. Like maybe the leaders in America somehow lost a bet, and now they have to destroy their own country in the most obviously stupid possible ways.

Broken schools, broken marriages, and broken families. Only one of three things can happen at this point:

1. A strong, moralistic and traditional leader is fairly elected into office, and he strong-arms the country back into sense and reason. This outcome is highly unlikely, and by far the most ideal option.

2. An enemy who is already poised to attack and hiding within our borders will strike when the time is right, attempting to topple the government and impose their own rule instead. This is a fairly likely outcome, as there are groups here right now who would love nothing more than the opportunity to take down everything America stands for. Whether they would succeed is anyone’s guess, but they will certainly try.

3. An enemy from outside invades and conquers. This is also fairly likely, as if the weakening of our military and wide-open southern border are any indication, we are a nation and a culture that has largely given up without a fight. T

he fight was carried out so insidiously that most had no idea they were in the middle of a war, and yet our ranks are decimated and the people have turned on themselves and each other. A weak military, weak family bonds, and weak tribal identity make any culture ripe for the pickings.

Will we shoot the vultures out of the sky, or let them fight over our bones?

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