There’s been a few articles here at ROK lately that got several of our readers all worked up. One of them was written by me, where I advised men not to go all red pill at work and lose their jobs, and the other was by bacon regarding his vasectomy.

I’m not going to write a thesis in defense of either of these two articles, because they can stand (or fall) on their own merit. But what I will do is discuss the two primary philosophies that abound in the manosphere. The primary difference between the two philosophies is that one can be achieved through personal commitment, while the other requires external validation, cooperation, and commitment from those who would not benefit from validating, cooperating, and committing.

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll see that my tagline says “Don’t just enjoy the decline. Facilitate it.” That’s my basic philosophy in life, and the fundamental platform for all of my writings. I believe that society is too far gone to be brought back, and without a complete raze and rebuild brought on by a complete social revolution, your sons and your son’s sons will be dealing with this crap 100 years from now.

To this end, instead of focusing on fighting the ills of feminism and liberal hogwash in society, I fight off the ills of feminism and liberal hogwash in my life. Sometimes the best way to rid my station of external fem and lib forces (redundant) is to be an asshole and call it like I see it, and sometimes it’s to be quiet and manipulate the situation behind the scenes. It’s often a blend of the two, and occasionally I find it best to just simply walk away altogether. Regardless, whichever path meets my goal is the path I choose, and all paths lead to personal freedom with a side of sweet, sweet poosy.

Super Friends

I call this More Awesome than a Charming and Devastatingly Handsome Alpha Nuclear Bomb Wrapped in all the Super Friends Combined Syndrome.

This path isn’t for everyone, and I recognize that. In order to pull this off, you need to have charisma, tacit intelligence, and enough social insight to recognize and maximize the difference between friendships, relationships and partnerships while simultaneously knowing how to play organized society off of institutionalized society. Not many men can do this, and not all of those who can do it well. It’s more of a mindset and philosophy than a list of actions, but the bottom line is you don’t game women; you game the universe because the universe is your bitch.

Don’t get it? Well, that’s why you’re probably a guy with John the Baptist Syndrome; a voice crying in the wilderness “Make straight the way for the Patriarchy!”


Copied and pasted from a medical journal that doesn’t exist but totally should:


John the Baptist Syndrome (JTBS) is a disease of the mind caused by nostalgia viruses. Characteristic symptoms are anger, butthurt, comment thread hijacking, and selective white knightery. Other symptoms can occur, like not-oneitis oneitis, supplicating to women and manning up the Christian conservative way instead of the liberal way, and fighting those who refuse to fight alongside you instead of fighting those you claim to be fighting. Symptoms of JTBS usually last for a length of time inversely correlated to the male patient’s SMV.

If you think you may be suffering from John the Baptist Syndrome, I encourage you to take the test below. Knowing your risk level is an important first step.

1. Do you call yourself MGTOW, but would secretly slit your own mother’s throat for the chance to date an HB7 for 10 minutes? (C’mon… you know who you are… and we do too…)  □ Yes □ No

2. Does the thought of seeing a diamond you paid for shine high atop a finger that’s been wrapped around my dick turn you into a game hater? □ Yes □ No

3. Do you think men should collectively lead women back to femininity because you can’t personally pass the giant shit tests of the sex-positive feminist world?  □ Yes □ No

4. Do you believe a man cannot be a “real man” unless he procreates like billions of other men and farm animals have routinely done? Is this because the only way you’ll ever get pussy is by offering to be a provider for a woman and her child, and you’d really like to have your only option reframed as a choice? □ Yes □ No

5. Do you derail the comments threads of any post that advises men to better themselves in a way that you yourself do not have the backbone or resources to do? □ Yes □ No

6. Do you lack the capacity to even imagine a world in which masculinity can be defined without sacrificing something to the female imperative? Must you give at least something to some woman somewhere in order to identify yourself as man? □ Yes □ No

7. Do you want men to stop pursuing financial independence, personal happiness, intellectual stimulation, and social and physical health (collectively referred to by JTBS sufferers as “chasing pussy”) and join you in your internet crusade to save society? Is the real reason you’re so worried about society and the return of the patriarchy is so that a woman will be socially forced to take your fat, pasty broke ass seriously? □ Yes □ No

8. Are you so jealous of the success of others that you take pride in your state of disrepair? Do you see yourself as a martyr for the cause – a leader in the movement to bring society back – yet you can’t get any attention from anyone unless you drop troll comments on the internet? □ Yes □ No

9. Do you hide behind Jesus or Ronald Regan to justify the symptoms listed above? □ Yes □ No

If you answered “Yes” to two or more of these questions, consult your doctor immediately. John the Baptist Syndrome, when left untreated, can be dangerous. If you’d like more information on JTBS prevention, or if you’d like to learn how to enjoy and facilitate the decline while still being successful and surrounding yourself with feminine women, take two red pills from the ROK archives and call me in the morning.

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