Let’s face it, dating today is quite an ordeal, akin to tap dancing on a minefield while blindfolded. Texting and smartphones, along with general ill-manners and this bizarre need to act aloof out of some misbegotten fear of “showing too much interest” has made dating a constant game. It almost makes you question if it’s even worth it when you finally do meet somebody you have a good amount of interest in and chemistry with.

And therein lies the dilemma – what does happens when you meet someone, they actually reciprocate the level of interest you show, don’t invent last second cop-outs to get out of dates, and maybe even aggressively pursue you? The next logical step seems to be more dates, more time, more overnight stays, essentially 1-2-3-BAM!, relationship.

While this may be the norm for most blue pillers out there, let’s face facts: sometime even the best of us get enamored easily and next thing we know we’re in it to win it, along with all of the stress, anxiety, and general chaos that lends itself to that. Yes, sometimes every day can seem like a war in a relationship, and along with the arguments come threats, manipulation, and plenty of vendettas to settle.

Unfortunately for men in the west, the odds are terribly stacked against you that you’ll ever stand a chance in court, whether family court or superior court. With the act of exclusive, serious dating (and even to a lesser extent, courtship) being similar to playing with fire these days, here are two things you must never hear directed toward you by a woman:

1. “I can go sleep with (Beta Schmuck X)”

This is usually spewed during arguments about sex, whether it be accusations flying either way of infidelity or when a woman with a voracious sexual appetite (usually suspicious on its own) doesn’t feel like her man finds her attractive, or isn’t providing enough sexcapades for her, whether in duration or frequency. A woman will say this to assert that she is still attractive and desired by many guys and uses it to make her feel young and pine for her “glory” days when she had her pick of men for each night of the week and practically had to beat them off with a stick.


2. “I’m calling the police.”

This is often thrown out when a woman wants to assert eminent domain. For example, she may say it if the man is at her house, an argument ensues, and voices and tempers escalates. She often says it when she insists on the man leaving, whether for good or not. Sometimes men may really feel strongly about staying and fixing the problem, be it because of a misunderstanding, good intentions somehow gone awry, or the woman is flat-out being unreasonable.


Regardless, this is a power posture no matter how you slice it. If there truly is no imminent threat to the woman (or any other persons in the building) or animals or property (and let’s be real here—often perceived threats do not amount to verbal or expressed threats having preceded them) this is still a preferred gesture of a woman not of sound mind. Running to Daddy Government when throwing a tantrum is often a women’s sole guerilla tactic for making her point when she wants it made.


In either situation, it is your best interest to simply cut all ties from that point on, period. Think of them as dead to you, as walking dust. Nobody talks to somebody to claim to love or respect in either manner. NOBODY.  How she was raised (or lack thereof!), socio-economic class, education level, and any and all other circumstances are completely irrelevant. There is no leg to stand on here.

These are inexcusable to even think, let alone mention out loud. Face it, if she say either one, she really must not care about you that damn much! And be honest with yourself, if she said it once and even if the situation settled itself and cooler heads prevailed, she can say it twice, and then she can say it a hundred times. Even once is unforgiveable and it’s then time for some serious soul searching.

Do you really want to look into the mirror and repeat to yourself over and over “Do I really want to stay with someone who threatened to go and fuck her thirsty beta ex just because I didn’t feel like having sex with her after coming home from my second job at 5am?” or “Do I really want to be in a relationship with someone who acted like they were about to dial 911 because I wouldn’t leave?”

Granted, these are rather mundane and silly-sounding examples, but they serve as examples nonetheless. Sometimes they really are that level of ridiculous anyway, and you never know exactly when you’ll be thrust into such a scenario. As we all know, they often just manifest out of thin air even when everything in the relationship can seem fine and dandy.

If you find yourself faced with either situation, it’s time to exert some self-respect like you’ve never exerted it before. And if you truly are the relationship type, understand that there are millions of women out ready and available to at least give something an attempt to get off of the ground. Find yourself someone far superior and more respectful who can handle stress and problem-solve better. Your future will thank you for it!

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