SJWs are simply relentless. It seems as if they don’t sleep or rest at all, but merely dedicate their whole lives to finding new ways to attack, shame and blame everything that can serve as an expression of masculinity. While GamerGate has seen a rich collection of magnificent SJW fails, their renewed effort to stifle violent games has found another victim.

This time around, the waves of SJW moral outrage that resulted in the removal of GTA 5 from Target Australia shelves have now hit Hatred, a mass-murder simulator. Their complaints have caused Steam to ban it from its service.

Evil white murderer

In Hatred, the player assumes the role of an anti-hero. You are a nameless antagonist who’s fed up with humanity and, after a short musing about how he hates everyone, he equips ridiculous amounts of weapons and goes outside, blasting whoever is unlucky enough to cross his way. There is no noble cause or heroic pursuit, a princess to save or a dragon to slay, he just wants to die with guns blazing and bring as many civilians and law enforcement with him to the grave.

The feature that caused Hatred to get banned were the execution scenes, in which you see close-ups of throats being slit or faces being shot off. How bad are these? Take a look for yourself:

Notice the races and genders of the killer and victims

The petition which started the outrage talks about how people of color and women are unjustly targeted by evil white men and other nonsense:

hatred petition source 500x175

Try reading it without bursting out laughing

Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem if the victims were all white, hetero males and the killer a strong, independent black transsexual woman. In fact, it would probably be lauded as a great game with perfect gameplay and awarded 10/10 from Polygon and Kotaku. The developer explained that all genders and races of victims are randomly generated but, as you might imagine, logic and reason do not go well when it comes to arguing with SJWs. When pressed further to defend himself, the CEO of the developing studio simply replied: “We don’t care :)”.

Is it really that bad?

While it does have scenes which remind a lot of Manhunt execution scenes, where you obediently follow the orders of a snuff film-maker, Hatred doesn’t actually show anything worthy of banning. In fact, the gore is not worth mentioning at all. There were a lot worse things in movies, such as Human Centipede, and there are plenty of video game examples with similar over-the-top scenes. Sniper Elite series has the tradition of X-ray cam kills, which show your sniper round sloooowly crushing the victim’s skull, ribs or testicles, along with crunchy noises.


Now, if that were a vagina, we’d have to do something


In Blood, you can set cultists on fire, shoot them while they scream in agony, rip their heads off and kick them around. In F.E.A.R. there are literal fountains of blood along with squished people piled up to the ceiling. Also, if Manhunt taught us anything, it’s that excessive violence becomes grating fast and actually annoys the player rather than causing him to commit real murder.

Technically guilty

While Hatred hasn’t technically been banned from Steam, it’s simply because the game hasn’t been made yet. Hatred only made it to the “greenlight” stage, which is Steam’s pre-approval phase where customers can vote if they want the game to be available on Steam or not. Hatred got overwhelmingly positive votes on greenlight in its seven hours of being there.

Also, the above video is a trailer, showing what is supposed to be gameplay footage, but nobody can know for sure if it is. Seeing how often game developers remove content but leave the promise of it in the trailer, it’s surprising Valve pulled the plug so hastily and actually denied its customers what they want.

Hatred hasn’t actually broken any Valve or Steam rules other than treading on precious SJW snowflake feelings by accident and not apologizing. While Valve does have the sovereign right to do whatever it wants with its service, it’s built its success on the basis of consumer trust. Customers must know at all times that a company is going to be fair, reasonable and honest when it decides to use the power to censor. And frankly, the choice of games that are still available on sale on Steam does not instill a lot of trust that Valve cares about its customers.

Sadly, this could be the end of a great company, which brought us the wonderful Half Life series, Portal, and Dota 2. It’s not just the fact that a single game was banned from Steam, but rather the slow decline in quality, lack of consistency, and tiptoeing around SJW feelings. If game developers stop being bold and offensive, what are we left with? Mountain? Gone Home aka. Lesbian Diary Simulator?

Be fearless

nagging is a powerful weapon

SJWs have weaponized the most powerful weapon known to man—nagging

SJWs hold very little actual power. What they do have, however, is the appearance of power and they use it at every turn, mostly to create pathetic petitions which do nothing until the target censors itself. This is accompanied by unparalleled and unabashed arrogance.

This is exactly why you need to ridicule SJWs at every turn, which hurts their fragile egos more than you can imagine. That’s why Anita Sarkeesian turns off comments on all her videos and why Randi Harper created a Twitter blocklist.

Say something before it’s too late or everything even remotely offensive will eventually follow the example of Hatred, by getting banned from major distribution networks and only be available on the black market. If you think this is a joke, take a look at the UK, where female ejaculation is about to be banned in porn. Why? Because hurt feels.

There is no bright future with SJWs, only a dystopian nightmare devoid of any fun.

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