The first article on this subject talked about directly asking a woman about her past. While I acknowledge that the direct method is my chosen way of doing things nowadays, I also understand that my chances for being lied to are the greatest with that technique. I’m perfectly fine with that because I’m very good at recognizing when someone is a bullshitter.

I realize that some guys are just getting their feet wet in the relationship and dating world, so their bullshit detector might not be up to speed. Additionally, the direct method can ruin a relationship even if things have been going quite well. Some guys might want to keep banging the chick in question and not put an end to good times, but also want to keep themselves from becoming emotionally attached to damaged goods.

This article will focus on some techniques that are more subtle and more effective, but will come at the expense of your time. That’s basically the trade-off: going direct saves you time, but going these routes will increase your chances of procuring something closer to the truth. It’s important to understand that most women are going to lie about this shit, it’s just how they roll. Chances are pretty good that you’ll never know the exact number, but these techniques will give you a better chance at obtaining a ballpark figure.

Do Your Research

I’ve personally never dated a woman that didn’t have a Facebook account or some form of social media. It would be nice to meet one that doesn’t and finds the whole social media scene to be a joke, but any attractive woman under the age of 28 isn’t going to pass up the chance to get as much attention as she can. And when it comes to attention, Facebook is the place to get it.

This is a good thing for your research, though. Most women have been on there for several years and don’t remove old pictures. In many cases, just perusing a woman’s Facebook page for a few minutes will tell you everything you need to know, and you won’t have to bother asking about her past. Here are a few of the things you will want to look for:

Vacations with girlfriends or traveling alone

Especially to countries like Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and France. If the countries she visited are known for having dudes with cool accents or high attractiveness, then she has fucked a ton of them, guaranteed. So if you spot pictures of your girl in front of the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, or Piccadilly Circus—then you know her pussy got stamped right along with her passport.

Pictures falling into this group also include those from extended backpacking trips or periods of time spent studying abroad—regardless of location. Also, if she’s made trips down to Mexico or Panama City, Florida for spring break—then you can bet your ass that she serviced a few peckers while she was there.


Getting shit-faced at bars, clubs, or college parties

No explanation is really required here. If she’s holding a cocktail in all of her pictures, then she was probably holding a cock later in the evening. Included in this group is all the usual stuff like whorish facial expressions, posing with a bunch of dudes or slutty friends, or bragging about how she’s going to get “so fucked up this weekend.”


She’s new in town.

A lot of women will relocate to a new city if they’ve burned too many bridges or have a terrible reputation in their previous location. I’ve met a lot of women who have said, “I just moved here because I wanted a fresh start.” It usually turned out that these women were trying to escape something or someone from their past. This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to pay attention to if it comes up.

Young Adult Using Laptop

Tons Of Guy Friends

If she has a lot of guy friends on her page, then that’s a huge red flag. Some of them have most likely fucked her before, and the ones that haven’t fucked her are just waiting for their chance to try. Once the “new car smell” of your relationship wears off, the chances are greatly increased that one of those guys will eventually succeed in their efforts. Avoid any kind of emotional attachment to these broads at all costs.

Check Local Police and Sheriffs Websites

Run your girl’s name through the mugshot database for any cities, towns, or counties she’s lived in. I don’t give a shit what a woman was arrested for—if the broad has a fucking mugshot on the internet that anyone can see, then she’s not worthy of your time.


Now, if your online efforts to gain any solid information turn up little or nothing, then it’s time to go for it in person. Never ask about any of this shit through text messages or on the phone. She needs to be in front of you so you can judge all of her reactions, body language, and mannerisms. You don’t want her to have any time to think things through so she can come up with perfect answers. With that in mind, let’s examine the most effective way to pry into her past.


Appearing Non-Judgmental

In the infancy of a new relationship, things are usually really good. Most encounters are light-hearted, fun, and exciting. If the sex is good, then that amplifies things even more. You can use all of this to your advantage by nonchalantly bringing up how good she is in bed, or mentioning some of the crazy shit you’ve done in your past to see if she will try to match your experiences. The goal is to get her to open up a bit and divulge enough information for you to draw a reasonable conclusion about her past.

You can’t come across as being judgmental—if you do, you’re going to fuck yourself over. You need to feign excitement over her slutty ways and somewhat questionable past. Give her the impression that whatever she has done to other cocks is just fine and dandy. Here are some basic questions that are usually effective.

Has she ever made out with another girl? Bi-sexual girls are fine for fuck buddies, but they’re a completely disgusting proposition for a long-term relationship. If she’s dyked out in any way—she’s done.

What was the duration of her longest relationship? If a woman is 24 years old and her longest relationship lasted six months—then you know the score; especially if she has four years of college behind her.

Is she still friends with any of her ex-boyfriends or fuckbuddies? If she is—then she’s not to be taken seriously. Zero tolerance policy is in full effect across the board with that shit. If a woman is in a relationship with you, yet she still has no problem talking with a guy whose dick she used to suck—then she’s a disrespectful piece of shit. She can find an “open minded” guy that thinks “it’s so cool” that she’s still friends with her ex’s—because this close minded motherfucker right here will tolerate none of that nonsense. I suggest you adopt the same kind of attitude (if you haven’t already).

Ask if she was a party girl or if she’s is—or was—a heavy drinker. Drugs, alcohol, and cock all go hand in hand with one another when it comes to women.

Ask about her views on abortion and politics. Liberal views generally means liberal leg spreading.

None of these questions are very threatening, and her answers will give you some key insights into how she has approached life. I suggest asking about this stuff after you’ve been out a few times and have slept together. It would also help if the two of you had a couple of drinks and you’re both in good moods at the time of questioning.

Clandestine Measures

Instead of going to the source, you go to those surrounding her. This can be a great resource if you play your cards right. I’ve never met a woman that was a loner—they always have a social circle. Chances are solid that your girl will want you to meet and interact with these people at some point.

It can be difficult to pinpoint who will give you the most information. In general, you will want this person to be somewhat neutral in their feelings towards both you and your girl. Meaning, someone that knows your girl rather well, but doesn’t consider her a close friend. Here are some potential targets within her social group that you can try to win over.

The Ugly One

Single out the most unattractive girl in her social group and charm the shit out of her. Hopefully, the girl you’re dating is attractive (she should be). If that’s the case, then she has some haters within her group—guaranteed. Women hate each other, even when they’re friends. The ugly one will most likely hate her the most. Befriend this woman and let her spill the beans.

The One That Wants To Fuck You

This could also be the ugly one, but not necessarily. This particular woman might be interested in sabotaging your current relationship so she can have you instead. If that’s the case, then she’ll tell you all sorts of info about the girl your currently with. Judge what this one says carefully because she might be talking shit about your girl only to make herself look good.


Your girl may be on friendly terms with these people, but at the end of the day co-workers are competition. Use this to your advantage and pump them for information if the opportunity arises. Women tend to complain about their co-workers, yet still hang out with them for drinks and other gatherings.

Who does your girl complain about the most at work? Who does she call a bitch? Was she friends with someone, but they had a falling out? Don’t naturally assume your girl is a little angel at the office—she’s probably a catty pain in the ass just like all women. Make mental notes when she complains about certain people, then make it a point to talk to them.

Boyfriends Within The Group

If there are some cool guys in her circle of friends—find some common interests with them and arrange to hang out with no women around. When it’s just the guys, you can speak openly with one another and fish around for valuable information.

In Closing

Do your homework. As the old saying goes, “All is fair in love and war,” and I completely agree with that. What’s the worst thing a woman can do? Get mad at you and throw around accusations about how you don’t trust her? Fuck her. Of course you don’t trust her. You don’t trust anyone until they’ve been thoroughly vetted and proven that they deserve it. Who the hell deserves instant trust? No one that I can think of.

Good women are hard to come by, and chances are very high that any woman you meet is going to be a turd in one way or another—always assume this is the case until proven otherwise. If you think you’ve found one of the rare good ones, then do everything in your power to verify.

If you’ve been with a woman for a few years and are considering moving in together or—God fucking help you—getting married, then I would suggest you hire a private investigator and have him look into her past for you. He’ll be cheaper than a divorce lawyer and you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

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