Having recently lost their stranglehold in games and their ever-favorite topic of rape, Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are mounting an attack over another topic: metal music. Yes, really. Because SJWs think that even rock music, which is historically offensive and counter-cultural, will realistically come under their thumb.

Oh, the fools. But I can’t complain, considering how in these situations us marginalized red pillers always come along to pick up the pieces and use these scandals as an opportunity to grow our numbers and gain sympathizers. Let’s begin looking at Metalgate.

Friday Death Metal Underground released an article on the SJW takeover of metal. Between that and the below video from Saturday, #Metalgate is incipient. Reddit has responded by banning a thread on it, although others popped up.

metalgate 2

Water Boiling Under The Lid

Basically SJWs are complaining about how people who enjoy metal tend to be racist, misogynist, and homophobic (the three favorite strawman attacks of the left) and exclude those who are not white “cisgendered” males. As you know, the average white man in the West Virginian coal mines has much more prosperity and opportunity than the rest of the ethnic and gender groups in the country, so there is no reason that white men should have a right to have any pride in their ethnic identity or have anything unique that they can identify with.

Christians are not the only ones who inject ill-fitting lyrics into any music genre they can find. A metal band called Cattle Decapitation sings about how hardcore it is to be vegetarian. At least the Christian metal is only marketed towards Christians, but this pussified street preacher (the animal rights band, not the Christians) wants to be considered one of the regulars in the metal community.

But did the metalheads ask for animal rights lyrics? If not, then pick up an acoustic guitar and find a different venue. And of course this animal rights band is drawing in animal rights activists to the venues, thus corrupting the exclusivity of the subculture.

Exclusivity is the essence of subcultures. People like the possessiveness they have over their subculture. Just as it would be odd to have Christians passing out Chick tracts at hippie festivals, I wouldn’t feel comfortable if my favorite redneck bar held a hip-hop show. I don’t make hip-hop music, and loudmouth vegetarians shouldn’t make metal music. Having metal music about SJW causes is as bizarre as a folk rock band singing pro-imperialist songs.

Metal music has always been offensive. That was part of its concept. It is a worldview as much as it is a music genre. So do not act surprised when you find such waspy behaviors like using the word “faggot.” If you do not like it, then find a different community to join. What kind of psychopath seeks out people he hates so that he can join their group? And if you love the music but are repulsed at the people, then just buy the CDs and stay away from the fans. That’s what I do with folk rock.


This funny video has been gaining views very quickly since its publication Saturday. It’s a bit hard to understand, so I would recommend watching it after you finish reading this article. It summarizes a Metal Injection article and the Death Metal Underground article above while touching on others, but I’ll give the highlights of what is happening.

The main focus of the DMU article is that metal is inherently anti-authoritarian, and activists have come in throughout the decades to clean it up and bring it in line. It is not so much a conservative-versus-liberal issue as a libertarian-versus-authoratarian one.

Unlike #Gamergate, this is not something with a new sex scandal or coverup revealed. Rather, it represents the consequences of leftist invasion over an extended period of time. Leftists in the last several years have been trying hard to infuse metal with social issues instead of just enjoying the angst. The above video discusses this at length. The Washington Post wrote in 2006,

Metal artists ‘have responded to the culture and politics of the day,’ said Donna Gaines, a sociologist and author of ‘Teenage Wasteland,’ a study of working class New Jersey metalheads.

Was rock music ever irrelevant to the culture, though? And to whose politics and culture are they responding? The Post answers in the next paragraph,

Metal music in the 1980s was often homophobic and ‘very white,’ she said, but current bands tend to be socially conscious and suspicious of political power.

Oh, so not the correct culture then. But if white people are part of society, then isn’t music made commenting on their frustrations by definition “socially conscious” and likely “suspicious of political power”? In fact, yes, the Post confirms this three sentences later,

Heavy metal has always touched on social and political issues. Metal grandfathers Black Sabbath criticized the Vietnam War in songs like ‘War Pigs’ and ‘Children of the Grave.’ Iron Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’ was an angry denunciation of the displacement of Native Americans.

So maybe not so much “very” white after all. But that’s a moot point, because they used the word “often.” Words like “often,” “many,” “tend to,” and “can be” are the leftists’ safe words that allow them enough vagueness to make any ridiculous claims they want (e.g. “Gamers often hate women playing their games”). Note that this does not work in the reverse, as they get angry when I say, “Blacks are often dangerous people who should be avoided.”


First-semester sociology class will tell you that culture is necessary to a society. Without it, society would be chaotic (as we see with the loss of traditional sex roles correlating with the rise in psychiatric drugs). Why then is it so vile to recognize white culture? Indeed, many white people feel as though they have no culture or feel as though their culture is being denied them. This culture war instigated by the left only causes Joe White Person to become more racist. But I digress.

Another article from last September on PopMatters is about how we should not listen to metal music that advocates doing vile things to women. A simple solution is just to not buy the music. I find gangsta rap offensive, so I don’t purchase it. Therefore, it is out of my life. Problem solved. But that isn’t enough for the spoiled and bored white liberal arts majors of the Anglosphere.

Eruption Pending

It seems now that the anti-Gamergate movement has failed, the SJWs have started for a revitalized push against the metalheads. Or at least the metalheads have been inspired by Gamergate to push against the SJWs. Either way, #Metalgate is rising, and I imagine that there will be strong pushing on both sides. It’s a bit confusing to figure out what is going on, but what we can know is that metalheads are beginning to fight back and that the SJWs will be too naive to not provoke the metalheads to more anger.

The website Metal Injection has several articles pushing this leftist agenda. The one focused on in the above video was released in October 2014. It criticizes the common use of the word “faggot” by metalheads. This is part of his series called “The Problem With Heavy Metal Is Metalheads,” an excellent slap in the face to his readers.

The author complains that metalheads tend to be exclusive towards people who are not “heterosexual white male[s] who wears cargo pants and band shirts” and links to articles concerning “racism, misogyny, and homophobia.” If you look at the articles, you see that those accusations do not fit at all. The video above explains it shortly after 7:20. So the writer has already discredited himself.

It should go without saying that any fandom or scene that prides itself on embracing outcasts the way the metal community does would avoid using offensive language that targets an entire group of already-persecuted people. You’d be wrong, though.

This is one of the critical errors leftists make about outcast subcultures. They assume that all subcultures that cater to outcasts should cater to all kinds of outcasts. But the point of these cultures is not to make a place for all the social misfits to gather; it’s to make a place for a certain kind of misfit so that the misfits of that kind can unite and identify with each other. Through this they feel a sense of belonging instead of loneliness. Social outcast groups tend to have little in common with other social outcast groups.

Most people do not feel morally obligated to give unsolicited pity to any type of minority who walks by him. Or at least, if he does feel morally obligated, his stomach churns since he innately knows there is something wrong with the culture of victimhood. Let the gays have their bars and let the metalheads have their internet fora.

The article continues to prattle at length on about how wrong it is to use gay slurs and seems to assume that every thinking person naturally believes there is nothing wrong with homosexuality or transgenderism. It is odd how it spends more time talking about metal fans than actual metal music.

Other SJW articles shown in the video can be found here (September 2014), here (January 2012), here (June 2014), here (December? 2014), here (May 2014), and here (October 2014).


A core doctrine of leftism is that a person is never allowed to just enjoy something. There must always be the label “important socially relevant” attached to it. They cannot allow those on “the wrong side of history” to go off in their own corner and vent. Nor can they merely martyr them through journalistic hazing. No, the heretics and thought-criminals must be made into converts.

Another core doctrine of the SJWs (and frankly most of society) is that the opinions I the individual hold today are empirical fact and that anyone who disagrees must be closed off to thinking about it. This is especially disturbing if few or no people held these ideas more than 100 years ago, as though I the individual am the smartest person who ever lived.

The SJWs try these things constantly. However, this is 2014, not 2013. Gamergate has crushed them and provided alternatives, and we will find that metalgate will win another ideological victory. Between gamergate, Women Against Feminism, and the false public rape accusations, 2014 will be remembered as the year feminism began to end.

The SJWs will likely try the same excessive tactics with metalgate that they used on gamergate and shirtgate, and they will get the same negative reaction from the masses. The harder the SJWs push, the more Average Joe is repulsed by them. Their unfounded optimism and willful naivety will be the death of them. Metalgaters have thrown down the glove, and I cannot imagine the SJWs will be hesitant to answer.

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