We’ve already written about the details of the Ferguson incident, which you should familiarize yourself with if you don’t know the real story of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. By “real story,” I mean the picture formed when taking all available evidence into account—not the initial knee-jerk reaction that led to the protests.

Brothers, it’s exactly that knee-jerk reaction that I’d like to talk with you about today. But before we begin, let’s do a quick recap of the cultural Marxist agenda:

To destroy supposed white European hegemony in the western world through the promotion of fringe agendas and the demonization of tradition (destabilization), ultimately ending in a totalitarian police state where everybody besides the elite are miserable. Liberals will take solace in the fact that hey, at least everyone is EQUALLY unhappy, so therefore it’s progress.

The reason it ends in a police state is that violence (or the threat of violence) is the only possible way to enforce the end goal. The end goal must be enforced, in turn, because racial and sexual parity will never be the natural outcome of equal opportunity. This should be obvious to anyone with the ability to critically and rationally observe the world around them, generally by high school (and it usually takes several more years to actually accept what you already know in your heart).

Before we get back to Ferguson, take into account that attacks on a man’s livelihood—the means by which he feeds himself and potentially his family—is an act of violence in and of itself. Removing a man’s source of income is essentially wishing death upon him and his lineage. In recent times we have seen such violence aimed at Matt Taylor for wearing a shirt feminists didn’t like, as well as James Watson—who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA—being barred from his profession as a scientists when he mentioned differences in IQ between races. Larry Summers also comes to mind, the ex-Harvard president who lost his job for citing research about sex differences in academics.

So attacking a dissenter’s source of income is one form of violence. Another form (a micro aggression, if you will) is to pass legislature that blocks qualified individuals of a particular race or sex to attain what they’ve earned, in order to reward people of other races or the other sex when they have not earned it. This is what I mean when I say, that the proclaimed end goal of “equality” can only be sustained by violence.

But back to Ferguson. Gentlemen, this was a test of a most insidious nature. The Powers That Be have simply performed another experiment on the United States, which is essentially a playground for mind control researchers and has been since Operation Paperclip.


If you were to imagine that the question was “How easily can we spur a crowd to racial violence?” then the answer is a resounding “Holy shit was that easy.”

You see, now they know that by simply choosing a story and spinning it with lies according to a certain formula, the masses can be swayed and their ire collectively raised BEFORE anyone even has any idea what happened. Further, they know that even when the truth is right there in front of people, they will still go by their initial emotional knee-jerk reaction.

This is terrifying. Imagine what can be done with this knowledge, for the keepers of the formula and those who pull the heartstrings of our once-great republic. They know that any time they want to incite violence and rioting, all they have to do is whisper the right words to the right media outlets and bam, human stupidity and base nature are sure to follow in their fullest expression.

But, I’m afraid, this is not the scariest part. No, the scariest part is yet to come. Recall the pressure that the Ferguson jury was under to indict Officer Wilson–the absolute knowledge and certainty that mayhem would result from making the right decision.

I have the utmost respect for those who acted in the true spirit of Justice despite knowing the consequences, simply because it is the right thing to do. But this will not always be the case. No. They will do this again, press the same buttons and we will wind up in a nearly identical situation. And next time, it will be bigger. The rioting will last longer. More people will be hurt or killed, and more cities will be involved. There is one moment we must fear above all others, and that moment is this:

The moment when a jury needs to make the right decision, and the social pressure to cave in or face massive violence finally takes its toll on the psyche of those involved. Death threats will be sent to their homes and families.

“If you thought Ferguson was bad, wait until you see what happens unless you make the decision we want you to make!” will be the rallying cry. And IF it happens, even once, that the spirit of justice is negated in favor of the whims of the crowd…that, my brothers, will be the Point of No Return. At that point, the FUBAR button can be pressed at anytime, for any reason, and undermine the justice system that is barely holding us together as-is.

The fight is far from over. More awaken every day. We must hit a critical mass before it is too late. Pick up your swords, brethren. Winter is coming.

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