This a bad and shitty day, and it’ll remain bad and shitty for a long time – Anna Merlan

Despite the great paucity of men who actually rape relative to the entire population, each new rape accusation brings another opportunity for Anna Merlan and Co. to spruik their trade. According to them, men catch Rape Culture like the common cold. They rape like the wind blows. Beyond reasonable doubt is so last century. I need a new tattoo. I wonder who saw my latest tweet.

Rather than expressing her relief that a woman was not raped and chastizing Rolling Stone for shoddy-at-best reporting, plus the coterie of human pitchforks going after UVA fraternities, Merlan is unabashedly upset. A situation shows to a wider public that maybe, just maybe, due process is not so bad after all. And that just doesn’t fit with Merlan’s misandrist worldview.

Before Rolling Stone made a bullshit quarter-retraction, Merlan was busy at work trying to brand anyone with the audacity to question both the story and the ethics used to publish it as de facto rape apologists. Some of her now oh-so-sweet gems can be accessed here.

I hope Robby Soave is screenshotting, printing out, and framing Merlan’s pathetic but still butthurt mea culpa. The beauty of feminism, even with its insidiousness, is that when it fucks things up, it causes the bed to collapse and then splinters fly in every direction. They overextend and nail themselves to the exact points being made by anti-SJWs all along.

Let’s face it, Anna Merlan was licking her lips with glee when the concocted Rolling Stone piece about UVA hit the stands and web. A sister who alleges rape, regardless of any preposterous claims and circumstances, means a group of brothers who can be defamed, witch-hunted, and socially crucified without that pointless requirement of police investigating facts and combing for evidence (or lack thereof). Oh, and did I forget that additional step of a courtroom for when SJWs whip authorities into bringing frivolous cases to trial? (Mike Nifong represent!)


The exposure of the inconsistencies (read: lies) in the UVA piece strips Merlan of a raison d’être for the next five minutes. Like Stalin signing off on a quota of executions during the Terror, feminists need an ever-growing number of convictions and scandals sans due process, replete with obligatory character assassinations. The temporary removal of such opportunities generates a rage that forces their uglier side out into the open.

It is important to also recognize the inherent sociopathy of the Anna Merlans of this world. No acknowledgment, not even fleeting, of the male lives turned utterly upside down by such a blatantly false indictment of their characters. The only view she sees is via the prism of “Who can we convict next?” In this reality, mere accusation is conflated with conviction.

Merlan joins a long and continuing line of see-only-what-you-want social justice bile factories. Jessica Valenti, disappointed that even the kangaroo court-style procedures of Columbia University found an ex-boyfriend not responsible, called Emma Sulkowicz a “rape survivor” and referred to her “rape” in September. Alleged is simply a word The Guardian forces her to use from time to time.

Thankfully, many have been outing Merlan on Twitter and lambasting her feigned, self-serving attempts to apologize there and on the Jezebel website. Even more encouragingly, she is being taken to task for expressing disappointment at what is clearly a case of a woman NOT being raped and a group of men being herded to a social slaughterhouse.

I encourage everyone reading this to make their own private cache of comments similar to what Merlan said about the Rolling Stone article. The anger and deluded self-importance SJWs attach to their views means that they cannot always suppress their intractable hatred for not having a crisis to manipulate and distort. Be prepared for and commit to spreading these repulsive musings of theirs more publicly. Embarrassment is a powerful, powerful tool.

We should not see Anna Merlan as a gift. But, on occasion, people like her will be the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidays, Anna.

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