Some days when I’m browsing through my RSS feeds of all the pickup/manosphere blogs, I’m reminded of the popular interview of Louis CK on Conan where Louis laments that “everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy”. Louis was making a point about how people take modern technology for granted, but the same can be said about game and the modern dating market.

All the bloggers out there (and sometimes even on this blog) regularly criticize feminism, hypergamy, the decline of American women, and so on, and don’t seem to appreciate the simple truth:

We are living in the best time right now to be a man.

No one’s had it better than we do. Not your dad, not your dad’s dad, not some guy living in the mythic Golden Age of masculinity, not King Solomon with his 700 wives. At no other period in the history of our species has the average guy had access to as many beautiful women as we do today, and that’s a fact.

Allow me to explain why:

1. There Are More Beautiful Women Now Than Ever

One of the things that a lot of bloggers like to complain about is the decline of modern women. Roosh is famous for this, and has even compiled a series of pictures comparing women from the 1960s to women today. And it’s true to an extent, obesity is a big problem in America, and the average woman today is less attractive than the average woman 50 years ago.

However, this is true only for average women. Who cares about average women? Let’s take a look at the hottest women around today compared to a few decades ago:

Female Sex Symbols

Makes you kind of glad to be alive today, doesn’t it?

Advances in science and technology have helped to improve womens’ looks in recent years. We understand more about human nutrition and physical fitness now than in the past, and women have access to fitness equipment, trainers, and nutritional supplements that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Women today lead easier lives, free of physical hardship and disfiguring disease compared to women in the past.

Makeup technology has also improved (and yes, makeup is a technology) along with lotions, body creams, and other cosmetics women use to keep their skin looking smooth and youthful. Hair products have improved. Clothing has become tighter and more revealing. Women has access to implants, to supplement their natural assets. Cosmetic surgery technology has improved. The list goes on and on.

Now not all women take advantage of these advances, and many women don’t, but if you’re gunning for the 9s and 10s (which we all should be) then there’s no better time to be alive. It’s easy to point out all the overweight women out there, but it’s just as easy to find gorgeous girls in any major city or college campus. And it’s easier than ever to get them into bed, which brings us to point 2:

2. It’s Easier To Get Women Into Bed Than Ever

Not only that, but today it’s easier to have sex with more girls, get sex sooner, and have wilder sex than any time before in human history. Why is this possible?

The most obvious reason is contraception. Condoms have been around since the 19th century, but didn’t gain widespread adoption until the 1950s. Another common contraceptive is The Pill, which first became widely available in the 1960s. Contraceptives lowered the risk of pregnancy and STDs, which made women more willing to have casual sex outside of a committed relationship.

Then of course there’s feminism and the sexual revolution, which helped make it more acceptable for women to have casual sex. Feminism is often demonized in the manosphere, but feminism and women’s empowerment helped contribute to the commitment free sex that we can enjoy today.

All of these things have led to the loosening of morals and the development of the current hook-up culture where more girls put out for more guys than in any time in history. Guys seem to forget that things weren’t so easy in the past.


Even if you could travel back in time to the 1960s, you’d find it more difficult to sleep with the women because the culture of casual sex just didn’t exist back then. Can you imagine a girl from the ’60s having sex with a guy she just met without even going on a formal date? Only very recently in our history has such behavior become the norm.

Compared to the past, we are living in the Golden Age. At no previous time in history have you had access to so many different women of different races, different countries, and different social classes. And at no time in history has it been more culturally acceptable for those women to sleep with you for a one-night stand (a term which was coined in 1963).

That’s not to say that every guy can easily get laid today. If you’re a beta herb, you’re not going to get laid in this age or any age. To take advantage of the current situation, you have to know game, which brings us to point 3:

3. We Have Knowledge Of The Game

This alone is probably one of the best reasons to be a guy living today. Thanks to the internet and the PUA culture it spawned, guys now have access to routines and techniques that have been empirically tested thousands of times. Combined with our growing understanding of human psychology and biology, the average guy now has access to more information about how to get laid than any guy in history.

Your dad would have killed for the knowledge that we take for granted today. If your dad was lucky, maybe he had an older brother or friend who gave him some advice, and then had to figure out things the hard way, and maybe got lucky with a couple girls. YOU, on the other hand, have access to the results and experiments of thousands of guys from around the world who have approached tens of thousands of girls. Seriously, it’s hard to overstate how much information can be had for free or for very little money today on the Internet.

In fact, today the problem is almost the opposite, with so much information out there that it can be difficult to digest. If this is the case for you, I have a few recommendations. First, get yourself a copy of “Double Your Dating” by David Deangelo. It’s a little outdated, but the material is still good and it can be had for less than $20 bucks. If you’re looking for something with a little more meat, try “Bang” by Roosh. If you need exercises, grab a copy of “Rules of the Game” by Neil Strauss. Google “Vin Di Carlo’s Escalation Ladder”.

That’s it, that’s all you need to get started. Just read the material above, go out and apply it, and I GUARANTEE you will get laid. If you need more hand holding, then hire a professional pickup coach who’s been doing this for 5-10 years, and have him demonstrate approaches and give you feedback in the field. It will shave months off your learning curve.

Writers and poets have always lamented that they could never understand the nature of women. Today, that nature is laid bare for all who dare explore it. You might not like everything that you find, but you no longer have to be frustrated with fumbling and not knowing.


Hopefully this post has been a wake-up call for you. We live in a time where you can go out almost any night of the week and meet beautiful young girls who are looking to hookup, and thanks to the game we have the tools to seduce them. We take these things for granted, but these are things that have never existed before.

I’m just an average guy, but since I discovered the game I’ve slept with over a dozen women, including white girls, Mexican girls, Chinese girls, Japanese girls, Koreans, Indians, a Salvadorean… at what point in history could an average guy like me have the opportunity to sleep with such a cornucopia of women?

There exists more opportunity for guys today than ever before in history, not just with women, but in business, health, anything you choose to pursue. Getting anything worthwhile out of life isn’t easy, but it’s easier today than it’s ever been. So go out there and take advantage of the opportunity, because everything is indeed amazing.

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