Feminists are scrounging around in desperation, claiming that their ideology has been tainted by a few radicals. One does not even have to mention it to them since they will feel the need to apologize on their own. “I’m a feminist, but I’m not a man-hating one like people think. I’m just for equality.” They’ve even pressured the dictionaries into adopting their definition, as though the dictionary is an absolute statutory rule book instead of a social commentary.

In actuality, there is no single feminism. The term “feminism” is an umbrella to describe various movements that follow along similar lines. Andrea Dworkin has as much in common with many feminists as the Spanish Inquisition has with Billy Graham. But all feminists want open access to the work environment so that women can live their dreams.

Even many anti-feminist women believe that the government should mandate that women get paid the same as men for the same job, even though these women also believe that they should not have to work. And every feminist believes that women should not place much focus on being attractive towards men. However, none of those claims for supporting equality matter because every form of feminism is anti-male.

Troubles At Work

For one thing, by flooding the workforce with women, wages have plummeted. Labor is a commodity like everything else, and it is subject to supply and demand. Employers will pay their employees as little as they can get away with, and if those employees know they will not likely be able to have a single-income family, then then the employers will have no reason to give them a living wage.

It’s not like the common worker can leave his job and find something better paying. So the average family produces two workers for the price of one. But in the old days, most jobs payed enough to support a family on, since men would not be willing or required to take a job that wouldn’t provide that.

Now men can often no longer afford to have a stay-at-home wife while their kids are young, and women who want to stay at home often have to work. Odd how for some women to have their dreams, men and many women have had to give up theirs. This causes children to be raised in daycares and separated from their parents.

Children often do not get the proper attention needed in those crucial early years. Yes, the average feminist wants the unskilled worker to be paid a living wage, but just because something could happen or should happen in no way means that it will happen. Wages will not increase until laborers decrease.

Women have changed the culture of the workforce. If you ever get a job in construction (one of the few male-dominated fields left), you will find out just how true this is when you see the stark contrast in the way people talk. But even aside from foul jokes, when women are around, men naturally feel like they are in a different context. We cannot fully be ourselves in the presence of women, even if we have no desire to sleep with them. It greatly alters the social dynamics.

Women get their spas and fitness gyms, but men no longer have a place to be men, even after work at the local bar or golf course. This is true for both work and college, and it is a major reason why I would encourage the young men reading this article to consider studying a blue collar trade at community college.

And women working also changes the culture of the home. Kids are often raised by daycares, and families eat dinner separately. The Betty Crocker industry has flourished, and people have forgotten how to do simple things like bake a cake or fry chicken. Men are usually no longer able to get off of a hard day’s work and just relax knowing that the missus has taken care of everything. Instead, both spouses have their share of domestic overtime.

Troubles In Mind

Another thing all feminism pushes is propaganda. From the time Little Timmy goes to school, he is bombarded with messages that real men are never violent towards any person and show respect always to women in the ways that the women define respect. And much of the propaganda is inadvertent and subtle, because it is an overarching mindset. My brother had a teacher who would say to the whole class such rhymes as, “Girls, girls, love your pig tails. Boys, boys, less noise.”


But the propaganda far exceeds the public school system. One popular warning given today is against objectifying women, as though males are not able to see women as people. However, I found as a child that most cartoons on tv had the woman as the leader of the family and the father as the useless dunce.

The very popular Fairly Odd Parents was the worst offender, having literally every single male adult be idiotic and immature. My generation had television for parents, and after the Cosby Show had been cancelled, we never again saw a good role model for mature masculinity.

The other vogue talking point that keeps on-the-fencers in the feminist camp is “pay gap.” Nevermind that when I worked at Wal-Mart, there were far more female managers than male managers since they were so afraid of a lawsuit. Even if the pay gap is real, it is not a conscious thing. Nobody is conspiring to keep women in poverty by deliberately giving them 13¢ less by the dollar.

Also notice with all of these current pressing issues that they never quote the source from where they get their statistics. Who came up with that “77¢ on the dollar” number? Most likely someone saw it on their Facebook feed and spread it around from there. Newspapers have grown a bad habit of telling half-truths for easy sales.

Troubles In Love

But the most dire reason all forms of feminism are anti-male (and anti-female) is because men (and women) are no longer able to attract the opposite sex. By consistently giving such toxic advice as “find someone who loves you as you are,” “never change for anyone,” “every pot has a lid,” or “be what you want in the other person,” there are countless numbers of men and women who go to bed every night miserable because the opposite sex is not interested in them. We no longer teach people how to attract a partner. Even when they do find someone, it is often out of desperation and not true attraction and respect.

Patriarchy makes it difficult for women to study science or to walk down a street at night, but feminism makes it difficult for men and women to find love, one of the most basic human drives.

Even monastics and Catholic priests usually live in community, but both the feminist-leaning man and woman and the traditional-minded man and woman often have trouble attracting the opposite sex, especially someone they themselves are attracted to. So much ink is spilled on the internet from all ideological positions commenting on our society of lonliness.

Every one of our ancestors was able to figure out the mating game. It should be easy, but today it has become a labyrinth for both sexes. I am not surprised at all that there are so many misogynist men and misandrist women.


I understand that in history and to this day, there have been many abuses against women. Not make-believe SJW abuses like lack of education or employment, but actual danger or mistreatment (although there were still safe-guards in the old hardline patriarchal days). Injustice should not be ignored. But in our efforts to bring justice to the marginalized, how often today do we only push that injustice onto new innocent victims?

Every time I see a gay family, I think, “How heartbroken is the ex-spouse that produced those children?” In the same way, every time I hear about a working mother putting her three-month old infant in a daycare, I think, “Why is she not able to be with her child?” Every time I go into Wal-Mart and see all the women making $7.45 an hour, I wonder, “Why couldn’t a man save them from being in this terrible environment for 35 hours a week?”

Changing legislation has not made society any happier or more liberated. Perhaps it is time to change our philosophy instead. Feminism is the great equalizer in the sense that everyone loses.

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