Merry Christmas. This one’s going to sting.

Here in the manosphere, we are often accused of chauvinism, writing as though women ruined society and men are fantastic at everything. People moan about how badly they want a good girl but just cannot find a viable candidate. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Who said you deserved one yourself?

The cold reality is that the modern American man is not much better than the modern American woman. If you really believe that patriarchy is the natural order of things, then realize that feminism only exists because men allowed it. Let that sink in. You are the ones that create the monster of the modern western woman. You complain about how terrible the modern western woman is, but you are the ones that permit them to be this way.

It’s Your Fault

You can go on the internet and complain like there is no hope, but feminism would end in a generation if men started acting like they had a dick in their pants. You think most women really want to be ball-cutting, independent sluts? Women have no idea what they really want. Deep down they all have a Disney princess fantasy, and the average nubile co-ed would gladly drop out of college if she found a man who actually made her happy.

Women want to possessed by a man. It is in their nature to be unable to articulate what they really want, but frankly it should be obvious to the menfolk who by nature are expected to lead. If American Jane can be manipulated by faceless propaganda, how much more so by a man whom she is absolutely in love with and could not imagine her life without?

Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew has been loved for generations because it gives hope to both sexes. Petruchio was greedy and selfish, and Katherine was ugly and had a terrible personality, but by the end of it all, they had both found a deeper appreciation for each other than any of the other characters who were acting on their passions (Lucentio) or desperation (Hortensio).

Not only did they fall deeply in love with each other, but they finally gained respect from their peers. Think about it: Katherine, the most miserable harpy in English literature, was admired, lauded, and radically happy after spending only a few days with the first man she ever met who didn’t try to coddle or appease her.

It Isn’t Hard

The manosphere shouldn’t even have to exist. Getting a girlfriend is not hard: you just ask girls out, and eventually one of them says yes. And if she doesn’t work out, then you move on, because she’s just a girl and they make plenty of those. Why do you need an elaborate network of websites to teach you what is obvious? All you need to know is, “Girls like guys who are confident and charismatic.” You do not even need a real job anymore, considering how many millennials are working in retail well into their twenties.

Girls want to be asked out, and they want to have sex, just like the normal people. Get to know a girl for five minutes and then ask if you can take her out sometime. With even the most awkward game, you’ll get a date maybe 10% of the time.

By the age of 20, if you have not figured out that there is something deeply warped about the way society today mates, then it is your own fault if you can’t get laid or if you find yourself in a miserable relationship. Even if you cannot figure out what exactly is wrong, you should sense that something is toxic about it. Everybody who has been married is either divorced or miserable. So if you do literally anything else, the worst case scenario is that you will have just as much failure.

And even if a girl has personality flaws, they can often be conditioned out. Remember that at heart they are looking for you to guide them. If she has a pissy fit over something small, walk away and don’t return until she begs. And once she begs, graciously give her that second chance she so desires. Communicate that you do not need her but may enjoy her if she behaves.

Make her work. Make her want to be feminine. Women show so little respect to men because they realize that most men will take whatever they can get. That is to say, men no longer demand respect. If you really are the high-status man every woman masturbates to in whatever Hollywood vomit romcom is currently in theaters, if you really are that high-status man, then she will realize that she cannot be insane if she is to obtain the man of her dreams.


Show just, like, a little confidence and communication and see the miracles it will accomplish. “Dear, when you cut your hair short, it makes you look like a man. Don’t you want to be able to really turn me on?” This is just one of any number of negative traits, but the same thing applies to fat girls, which is why I’ll date them if they have other redeeming qualities.

When you finally confront your girl about her dumpy looks or character traits, likely your voice will be quivery when you say it, but that is your fault for not having the conversation at the beginning of the relationship. Now that you have waited a year in, she will rant and rave at not getting what she wants for once. Say nothing and look her dead in the eye. When she finishes, repeat exactly what you said both gently and firmly at the same time. If she refuses to change, then dump her then and there.

If she then apologizes and begs for you to take her back, then do so, because now you have seen that she is willing to admit to her mistakes. Finally you have shown some actual masculinity, and you have increased your value enough to make her want to increase her value. And if she does not apologize and make the necessary changes, then it was best to get rid of her sooner than later. Some girls are so damaged that no amount of conditioning can fix them.

Sure, the rare girl with humility may be…well, rare, but you cannot just sit around and hope she falls into your lap. If you want the ever-elusive marital bliss, you have got to approach it like a part-time job. If you are lazy in your pursuits, then you will only get women who are lazy in their commitments. Most people who are divorced either do not know how to pick a wife or do not know how to manage a woman after he has gotten her.


And when your wife left you, did you wish her well? Perhaps buy her kitchen appliances to help her in her new found independence? If she threatens divorce, laugh her down and remind her that no one wants to marry a woman who is divorced, a mother, or over 30 (she is likely all three). Then walk out of the room still chuckling before she can elicit sympathy.

Do not look back or check back in. Crush her false sense of self-esteem and make her realize how much she needs you. It’s not like you have anything to lose, and at any rate women rarely leave a man because he doesn’t show her enough respect. Maybe send her statistics about how children of divorce grow up to be dysfunctional. Granted, I cannot guarantee that she will stay with you, but it’s certainly more effective than begging and bargaining. Even when your wife is leaving, you still bow down and kiss the feet of the tyrant.

You’re Just As Hedonistic

And of course you can claim that all women today are whores, but that is not true either. There are many women who still have a sense of dignity and only give away their sex selectively, since that is what women naturally want to do. True, there are not many virgins outside of the freshmen at Christian colleges in the southern states, but that does not mean that every woman allows herself to be the town bicycle. Maybe the reason you think every single Western girl is a tramp is because you keep searching for girls on ladies night in bars. Go volunteer for a boring non-profit that makes for a bad photo shoot, and you will be more likely to find the wife you are looking for.

Contrary to popular myth, feminism did not invent the slut. Men even have always had a way to get their rocks off before settling down. For example, the samba in Brazil provided a context to meet easy women long before the 1960s.

The famed foreign women of Red Pill lore, and the mothers of many men’s children.

“You can’t find a wife in a brothel,” as my grandfather always said, and it was as true when he was a child as it is today. The world’s oldest profession is nothing new, but today they get paid in martinis instead of cash. And who buys them the martinis? You do. At least the old-style whore knew what she was getting from the deal, but you are encouraging Jane Slut to continue sucking resources from men and pressuring other women to do the same.

You rant about how lustful women are, but how much better are you yourself? All you care about is increasing your notch count no matter what the consequences. You sleep with fat girls, you sleep with career-obsessed women, you sleep with androgynous women, and then you wonder why there are so many of them around.

Quit being an enabler. Let them know that you only validate feminine women, and the fatties and Hillarys will force themselves to change. There is a reason that gluttony—and hence lust—is a sin in every major world religion. Everyone wants to get laid in a way that isn’t desperate and miserable, so put a higher value on your sex. It’s not like you are even having a good time seducing them, considering how much you complain about them. If you feed the geese, they are only going to breed and shit everywhere. Offensive, yes, but the manosphere does not exist to affirm your ego and sense of irreproachability.

Furthermore, do you have any real marketable skills? You say you want a stay-at-home wife, but what have you accomplished to provide that? Laziness is also a sin in most world religions, so instead of living in an apartment with your Call of Duty buddies “because the economy is just that bad,” spend a year in vocational school and learn a trade.

Yes, your family will look down on you because “you are so smart and have so much potential, and you’re going to spend it building houses?” Fuck that sideways. This isn’t the 1950s, and most four-year degrees will get you exactly nothing. Don’t participate in the madman credentialism game your parents’ generation created. Forget about finding the job of your dreams and focus on finding a skill you can bond with. Maybe you will marry, or maybe you will decide to milk the player lifestyle as long as you can, but at least you will be able to afford to live autonomously.

Final Thoughts

So quit your entitlement. I was red-tinted purple pill before I ever came across the manosphere and figured I was alone. Sure, some of the material on these sites is very cerebral and takes years to synthesize, but most of it is garnered through plain observation or natural consequences. You’ve got a dick in your pants, so go make the world you want for yourself.

Become the high-status man who can make women want to change, learn a (real) skill, and buy the house with the white picket fence. Or if you want to play the field forever and never get married, then drop your pretentiousness anyway. Women will not suddenly put away their destructive choices by their own volition.

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