The realm of novels, trilogies, and fandoms is something that is often considered strictly for geeks and nerds. While a lot of fantasy series have nothing much noteworthy of emulation, J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, is quite pragmatic and inspiring. Aragorn, the protagonist of the movie, is a great man in all senses of the word. Here is why:

1. The nature of his rise to power

Some are born great, some acquire greatness, and greatness is thrust upon some. The Bard may have been apt in saying so, for Aragorn shows all the three characteristics. By virtue of his bloodline, he had the traits of the great Kings of Men that came before him. Throughout the books, as well as in the movies, he is reluctant to step up and claim the throne of Gondor, that by virtue of ancestry was rightfully his.

However, these things did not come easy. He was certainly skilled as one of the best fighters, and perhaps the best swordsman in Middle Earth, but he had to acquire his mastery through years of toil and patience in the forests. He spent much of his life fighting as a nameless soldier in battles and learning in the school of life.

2. The work behind his abilities

As has been written about on ROK several times, every great man had to go through a long phase of learning, toil, and grind. There was a time when Albert Einstein failed in school, and there was a time when Newton was temporarily driven insane by his work. No men are exempt.

Aragorn is no born superman, and had to undergo eight decades of training in combat and lore. Before he basked in the glory and comforts of the Halls of Kings, he spent years wandering in the wild as a ranger. Before he stood in majesty above all of Middle Earth, he was looked down upon with scorn by travelers and non-wanderers alike. Ultimately, it is the toil, the grind, and the years of experience that served his purpose during the war of the ring.


 3. His use of mentors to learn about the world

The thought of striking gold on your own is alluring, but most men need a true expert mentor to guide them to the pinnacles of power. Aragorn grew up in Rivendell, with the wise Elf Lord Elrond. Thus from a very early age, he had a guide figure who counseled him, trained him, and kept him in line.

A few years after Aragorn came of age he found Gandalf, and they become close friends. Gandalf, who was one of the most powerful beings in Middle Earth, helped and guided Aragorn. It was Gandalf who devised the entire scheme of affairs to bring Aragorn back to the throne. A trustworthy, wise, and helpful mentor is something that many men lack in their quest for greatness.

4. His relationships with women

It is noted that women seldom occupy a big role in great men’s lives. But in Aragorn’s case, it is the opposite. His great virtue and his lineage drew to him Arwen Evenstar, one of the most beautiful and worthy women on Middle Earth. He understands that as a man of worth and lineage, he deserves even immortal maidens.

This belief in oneself is something characteristic of all great men. When he is faced with the dilemma to ride into the battlefield or stay behind with his love, he chooses the former. He places his goals before any woman’s love. This spirit ultimately wins him the hand of the best woman in Middle Earth.

While great men are usually found in biographies and historical books, it is important to note that certain fictional characters exhibit great virtue as well. If we look hard enough for inspiration, we can often find men of spirit in all spheres of human knowledge.

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