A few weeks ago Quintus Curtius and Roosh had an impromptu conversation regarding the poisonous western culture and its irreparable damage in the U.S. During their talk Quintus opined that sports is one of the last bastions of male space. Unfortunately, his statement becomes more inaccurate by the day because the influence of feminism continues to chip away at the very fabric upon which competitive sports were founded upon—namely masculinity.

Women have tried competing on the same playing fields as men for as long as anyone can remember and the more they try, the more definitive the inevitable conclusion becomes. The ridiculous stunt pulled by the PGA allowing Annika Sorenstam to compete in a male tournament without requiring her to qualify for the event like everyone else turned out to be a complete disaster. She finished 84th and missed the cut. More recently Danica Patrick (who didn’t waste any time jumping into bed with another driver on the circuit) hasn’t come close to winning a race in the five years she’s been on the NASCAR circuit. These and many other examples continue to prove that women simply cannot compete with men on the field, court, course, track, or any other professional or athletic sport.

Sports in the courts isn’t going away. -Roger Kosak, ESPN Legal Analyst

I couldn’t agree more, but this is the very crevice that SJWs and the feminized media have used to infiltrate professional sports leagues and college sports programs in America. The biggest fish in the pond is the National Football League, and that’s who they’ve got in their crosshairs.

Females are a lot of things. Stupid is not one of them. Countless defeats have forced them to accept reality and rethink their strategy to bring one of the last public male spaces to its knees. With help from the endless supply of white knights it seems they’ve tinkered in the lab long enough to have concocted a virus and a delivery system that just might do it.

The Virus: Agent Lavender

I remember when a player getting busted for weed or drunk driving was a big deal. Sure, there were a few minor domestic violence charges filed here and there but they were never really given much copy. Meanwhile, drugs and DUIs were all treated the same: The usual grandstanding would ensue with commentators and pundits chastising athletes for their poor choices (as if they’d never rolled a joint or got behind the wheel after a few cocktails), the player would be suspended for a game or two, given community service, and placed under some type of probation which usually included drug and alcohol “counseling.” The case would be talked about for a news cycle or two but as soon as the next shiny story came along everyone forgot about it and went on with their lives.

These occurrences didn’t give feminists much to latch onto. They knew they couldn’t take down professional sports on the field so their efforts would have to be focused on events off the field to carry out their plan.

The first chink in the armor they capitalized on was when NFL players started wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month, as it increased the perceived value of female life. They also had the backing of the politically correct blue pill media. But they’ve only just realized the final ingredient of their poisonous formula was plentiful and readily available to do their bidding. All they needed was a flame to the beaker for this catalyst to reveal itself and activate a poison more dangerous than Agent Orange.

By now we’ve all heard the details of the Ray Rice saga and the fallout from the elevator video that led to his suspension and subsequent release from the Baltimore Ravens. There seems to be a relative happy ending for Rice as an arbitrator ruled in his favor on November 28th, making him eligible to return to the NFL and sign with another team. This is a small victory but the damage has been done. Scores of white knights in the media surfaced in the wake of the revelation of the video which successfully completed the compound specifically designed to destroy masculinity.

The Delivery System

Thanks to that video, the sisterhood acquired massive amounts of the most important component to their mixture (further proving they can’t get much of anything done without the assistance of men). They finally had their formula but they knew it would be powerless without an effective way to deliver it to the masses. Predictably, white knights stepped in solved this problem for them—again.

Aside from the new draconian domestic violence policy announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Rice case has spawned a slew of initiatives to further scare men out of being comfortable in their own skin, not the least of which is the new ad campaign dubbed “No More.” This 60-second video is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can bet your ass more like this are on the horizon.

Did you happen to catch the Yes Means Yes plug? “No more…she was drunk”, “No more…he was drunk”, and “No more…she never said no.” So if she gets drunk, bangs some random dude, and never said she didn’t want to, she’s as innocent as a snowflake. But if he’s drunk and closes the deal with some random chick he’s in the wrong? 

The real tragedy of this ad campaign is that it quite literally absolves females of any and all responsibility in these matters while simultaneously placing all of the culpability on the athlete. Player after player (retired and current) gives free pass after free pass to all women. She can dress the way she wants and act the way she wants, but when the shit hits the fan, she’s the de facto victim regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Hell, they even managed to make men that aren’t even involved and keeping out of other people’s business as guilty as the men on the police report.

Using NFL players from multiple generations to to appeal to men of all age groups is a can’t-miss delivery system. It’s a crafty strategy that takes full advantage of a beta condition I refer to as “hero worship” (most prevalent among the psychologically damaged) to brainwash men into cementing these ideas into their psyche. Proof that this campaign has been highly effective can be found on Twitter, Facebook, sports talk radio, and just about any other medium where every John Q. Public has a voice. Comments, posts, calls in to radio stations, all skew heavily in favor of the feminist imperative and it’s not even close.

I’ll admit that the overall scheme is actually quite brilliant. Spreading an agenda isn’t easy much less convincing most people to come to your side but they’ve managed to pull it off. However, there are major side effects to the general public being exposed to this lethal pathogen.

Infection & Side Effect

So the feminists have exactly what they need. They’ve got their testoste-cide and the ability to spread it far and wide. The result is that it rapidly escalated the conversation and debate, then swayed a huge number of fence-sitters in the process. One of the most disturbing side effects is that it is changing very landscape of crime and punishment right before our eyes. Case in point: San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald.

My previous article briefly touched on this, but the long and short of it is that after the accusation against him players, pundits, feminists, and everyone who could get in line to pile on called for him to be suspended before he was even charged. They wanted him off the playing field until the case was adjudicated. This response isn’t unique to his case. The media is now calling for just about every athlete involved with a domestic dispute to be suspended immediately and indefinitely, due process be damned.

The 49ers did the right thing and stood their ground by allowing McDonald to remain in the lineup and in the end he wasn’t charged. But if his General Manager Trent Baalke and the powers that be in that organization caved to public pressure to punish him before anything was settled, this would have set a clear “guilty until proven innocent” standard (if it hasn’t been set already) which is a clear violation of the Constitution.


It’s become clear that the feminized media wants the NFL and other American sports leagues to start acting as the judge, jury, and executioner in legal matters. This is not their job nor should it be. Yes, the player’s code of conduct was collectively bargained and gives the NFL some authority to keep their players in line in order to protect the image of the league. But dolling out additional or preemptive punishment to satisfy the blood lust of the public before these cases even go to trial is not only irresponsible, it’s borderline illegal.

There’s only one court of law in this country, but if this unconstitutional agenda stays on course that number will unofficially double sooner than later. When that happens (and it will) no athlete is safe.

Do They Really Care About The Victims?

A hypocritical wrinkle to this current cause is the lack of attention the public at large gives these victims. The overwhelming majority of the focus is on the athlete and what his comeuppance should be. I have yet to see any significant outreach to these women to offer them help and support. If anything, they’re ridiculed and questioned for staying with their men (though we in the ‘sphere know the reasons they stick around).

Only recently has Janay Rice been the focus of their attention, but that’s likely because they’re digging for more dirt in an attempt to keep her husband out of the league just a little bit longer. They’d scoff at this assertion but those in the know, know the score.

So here’s the raw truth: feminists don’t give a shit about domestic violence victims and neither does the public. There are countless reasons for this but here’s the main one:

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Women hate each other. More importantly they know each other. Females know how other females operate. Deep down they know that every domestic violence complaint or accusation isn’t as one-sided as it appears to be. Add that to the fact that they judge each other harshly and almost never take anything they say to each other or to the public at face value (for good reason) and it’s easy to understand why women don’t really care about or believe other women in these situations, whether their accounts of abuse are true or not.

Here’s a great example: I remember back in ’08 when Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall (now with the Chicago Bears) was going through his domestic issues with his then girlfriend, Rasheedah Watley. Watley was all over television telling anyone who would listen what a nightmare it was to be a battered girlfriend. At one point my now ex-wife, who was watching it with me, let out a loud, short cackle. I looked at her with an incredulous look on my face wondering what the hell was so funny. After all a great injustice had been done to a precious woman! Without even looking at me she shook her head at the TV and said: “That girl’s full of shit.”

My ex’s instincts appeared to be correct because later that year she wrote a letter stating that Marshall had never hit or hurt her because her family pressured her into filing false charges in order to extort money from him. But at his trial she changed her story saying she wrote the letter in an effort to protect him.

I suppose both scenarios could be true given the nature of women, but when these so-called victims flip flop on the facts it makes it tough to believe anything they say.

This doesn’t mean that every wife or girlfriend of an athlete is lying or that the angry masses don’t believe any of their stories. But women know the true nature of women, and they display as much with their lack of solidarity with their allegedly abused sisters. If they were really as concerned as they pretend to be they’d focus the lion’s share of their attention on the victims rather than the alleged offenders. It seems the shaky credibility of women, which doesn’t do them any favors in the court of public opinion (the vast majority of which are women and feminized men) is indirectly held against them.

What Happens When They Don’t Get Their Way?

Women are overgrown children. When something doesn’t go their way they throw a fit until they get what they want. Society hasn’t spanked this behavior out of them so they continue to throw their tantrums. The case of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston perfectly illustrates this point.

The reader’s digest version is that Winston was accused of rape last fall and when the smoke cleared, he wasn’t charged. Much to the dismay of feminists, he went on to win the Heisman Trophy and the National Championship, cementing himself as a guaranteed first round pick in the NFL draft. A great outcome to a potentially career-ending accusation. But the SWJs wouldn’t let this juicy opportunity slip through their porky little fingers. Not even when the justice system decided not to prosecute him.

Thanks to a Title IX “investigation,” Florida State University has opened a case of their own against Winston under the student code of conduct policy. A number of hearings were held to determine whether or not he was in violation of their student code of conduct. This could lead to his expulsion from FSU, which means he’d be stripped of his athletic scholarship and dismissed from the team.

No doubt this was provoked by fit-throwing feminazis hoping this farce will lead to some sort of retribution for Winston. They squawk about how the system is broken and has failed the alleged victim when they know full well there are photos out there that fly in the face of the accuser’s account of what happened that night (Google “Jameis Winston accuser”).

They claim they’re fighting for “closure” (read: conviction) for the alleged victim but we all know why this double-jeopardy inspired inquisition is happening to Winston: they’re hoping he incriminates himself so as to trigger the reopening of the original investigation. No matter what other reasons they give, it’s as simple as that.

Luckily Jameis didn’t take the bait.  He was smart enough to listen to his lawyers who smartly advised him to refrain from answering any questions. But the fact that these hearings happened in the first place is a scary prospect for college athletes. The bright side is that this experience gives Winston insight on what to expect when he goes pro so at least he’ll be prepared for what awaits him at the next level. But it’s a shame that all of this hoopla has been manufactured over a typical college slut (pictured above) trying to save face.

The Bottom Line

Feminists and SWJs are exploiting the very women they claim they’re trying to protect. They’ve shown they couldn’t care less about how the alleged battered wife or girlfriend of player X is doing. These women are being used as a means to an end. Everyone pretends to care but it’s obvious they don’t. They feign passion for this cause as a ruse to be angry which gives them the vehicle to call for heads to roll. All they’re really passionate about is getting men fired, or suspended, or whatever other extreme measures they deem necessary to take away anything and everything that means something to him.

There were no ad campaigns or discipline changes when Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth were charged with DUI manslaughter. There were no protesters or outrage when hoards of players were getting popped for drug-related offenses every other day. Yes, there were a few discussions here and there but nothing significant or thought provoking.

The only reason the sisterhood is making a big deal out of domestic violence in professional sports is because it advances their imperative while simultaneously castrating the leagues—college and the pros. They’re seizing an opportunity to invade and ultimately destroy a male-dominated sphere and so far they’re winning.

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