While undoubtedly, the latest success has been Roosh’s post 9 Ugliest Feminists In America, it appears that the manosphere is starting to take off in the mainstream as well. I was recently browsing CNN when I discovered an article titled Cougars In Training: Young Women Dating Even Younger Men. It was here that I knew immediately, that the manosphere had struck instant gold.

Currently we are roughly through the first half of the first quarter of the year (companies use quarters not eighths), and Roosh had boldly predicted the following back in December:

This is becoming less of a statement and more of a fact and CNN is the evidence behind both the success of the manosphere, as well as the proving grounds of American media addressing it. Below are some memorable quotes that help sum up the article and what it means from the manosphere’s perspective.

The problem is largely cultural at this time. … (There will be) jokes about robbing a cradle. The expectations are somehow that (a woman is) not capable of being with a grown man and has thus chosen to date someone who our society thinks of as a boy.


This is a typical societal expectation that has long made it harder pick up older women. Thanks to advancement in game however, women have found a niche to look beyond age gaps; this is something men have disregarded for much longer.

younger guys try harder to please you.

Men don’t particularly try harder to please women, they are just becoming more aware of what women want and what to do and say to garner their attention. It’s not that guys are willing flocking to become betas. The manosphere has just provided more men with the knowledge and confidence to trip the triggers of women.

With some millennial guys … we’re not seeing more guys who are feminine, but flexible.

I enjoy this quote because it discredits feminism. It’s saying, in a politically correct manner, that men haven’t surrendered to women. Men have just found a way to subliminally manipulate women. Basically, they now possess the knowledge in a widespread basis to counteract what women have attempted to do for decades.

And while CNN has not directly mentioned the manosphere, it is only a matter of time until it happens. Like I said, we are roughly halfway through the first quarter. As soon as the media’s agenda to cover everything anti-gun is ended, I believe the manosphere will be covered through some sort of presentation. It may begin with a continuation of the current article regarding women dating younger, or it may come from a feminist protest. Either way 2013 seems to be a good year for the manosphere.

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