In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance.” – Joseph Stalin

I thought about these words as I watched Daniel O’Reilly, whose comedy stage name is Dapper Laughs, solemnly apologize before a browbeating Emily Maitlis on Newsnight after his show had been cancelled by ITV due to feminist pressure.

I also thought back to the events in recent weeks, including:

1. Julien Blanc’s Australian visa being revoked, his visa for the U.K. being denied, his apology on CNN, and RSD’s all-around pathetic PR response to the situation.

2. Matt Taylor breaking down and apologising for a shirt he wore while doing media for the Rosetta comet landing

Joseph Stalin’s earlier words were in reference to Order 227, a brutal but necessary order that contained the line, “Not One Step Back!” which became a slogan of Soviet resistance during the fight against Germany in WWII. The order was made because ill-disciplined Soviet troops kept retreating and deserting without putting up a fight.

Order 227 dictated that no commander had the right to retreat without an order. It called for the creation of penal battalions where poorly disciplined men were sent. These penal battallions were put at the front lines and often ordered to clear minefields by running through them on foot. The order also called for blocking units, whose job it was to shoot any soldiers attempting to retreat without an order to do so.

So what does a brutal measure like Order 227 have to do with these recent events?

Simple. Every time a man gets on TV and apologises for that which owes no apology, he emboldens and encourages Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) to attack more men. If these injustices are ever going to stop, men pressured to apologize by feminist SJWs must fear the backlash from red pill men more than the media frenzy from SJWs. In some instances this may result in a few men becoming double victims. This is regrettable but necessary.

Here’s why…

Because, the real enemy of men today isn’t a feminist woman. It’s the cowardly male that sells us out


It’s the politician who signs in a law like “Yes Means Yes,” which turns every Californian male into a potential criminal at the whim of a woman.

It’s the comedian who apologises for a rape joke said in jest on stage.

It’s the corporate suit who kneels to feminist hysteria and propaganda by pulling advertising dollars, censoring speech through the closure of accounts, and firing male employees and thereby endangering their future for such heinous crimes as telling a joke or having an opinion.

Men’s basic legal and working rights are suffering death by a thousand cuts on what is now a daily basis.

For that reason, we can no longer excuse men who apologise to the feminist mob in an attempt to save themselves, while repeatedly dooming their fellow man

In addition, there is no longer any reason for a man to act ignorant of the threats posed by feminism and SJWs just so he can excuse his inaction and cowardice. The issues are now staring him in the face every time he turns on the TV, checks the news, or browses through his social media feeds.

We can no longer sit back, feign disgust and shrug our shoulders at “those crazy feminists,” then pretend like there’s nothing we can do, and head off to work for the day. If we’re going to stop the rot, we have to be ruthless with the four sources of power that enable SJWs to hurt us most. This means publicly outing, shaming, and besmirching the reputation of the following types of men:

• Corporate executives that bow to feminist pressure

• Politicians and public officials that placate feminists at the expense of men’s rights


• Entertainers that apologize for doing their jobs, thereby encouraging further censorship

• Journalists who lie, distort, and destroy the reputation of men so they can garner more money and fame by appealing to the feminazi mob that will inflate their page views and shares

The inverse of this should also be paid attention to. That means supporting in any way possible the corporate executives, politicians, entertainers, and journalists that don’t bow to feminazi pressure. So how can you best be of service? Here are five ways:

1. Inform

If you have any honest and concrete information that would be useful in discrediting one of those four sources of feminazi power, disseminate it through an email to a writer, write about it yourself, or post it to a forum where other members can assist you in getting the word out. Don’t sit on it.

Every time the feminazi mob gets up in arms about an issue, which is almost every week, they are ruthless about encouraging informants to come forward and even offering financial incentives to do so. Don’t expect that from our side. Inform from a pure heart and a desire to maintain your freedom and the freedom of others.

2. Participate in boycotts and be vocal

Any time one of those four sources of power kowtows to the SJW mob, we need to be heard just as loudly, both with voices and money.

3. Single out and shame away

Shaming a faceless corporation or group has no power. Single out the men responsible for bowing to a feminazi mob, and let them know their actions toward their fellow man has negative social consequences.

39 40 41

Tech entrepreneur Jason Calacanis perfectly demonstrating the techniques of soliciting for informants, and singling out and shaming in the SJW’s war against Gurbaksh Chahal and RadiumOne

4. Write

The more people that write about these issues, the more men will not only learn about them, but also realize that they are not in a powerless minority, but rather a powerful majority. Do not worry about competition or divvying up a small pie. Focus on growing the pie. The SJW mob has thousands upon thousands of tumblrs, Blogger blogs, Facebook groups, and media outlets that all work together. We can do the same.

5. Comment, link, and share wherever you feel compelled to do so

Every time you hold back from posting a link, sharing an article, or posting a comment about a men’s issue you care about, you are robbing yourself of your voice as well as the voice of other men.

By doing these 5 things you give men with power more than one choice

When men face a SJW mob and the media frenzy that surrounds it, they should be faced with two choices instead of just one. They can stand and fight with us. Or, they can bow to the enemy and feel our wrath. It’s about time that the men standing in the middle of these two choices heard the phrase…

“Don’t fear the enemy. Fear your own.”

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