As we’ve seen countless times before, SJWs absolutely loathe criticism. They will go to any lengths to stifle criticism and silence not just who they perceive as the opposition, but also everyone who is neutral and simply asks questions and wants to find the facts. As David Pakman found out, there are no innocent bystanders.

The latest attempt to silence critics comes in the form of a Twitter blocklist. Because, if you can’t deal with questions, you might as well just block everyone asking them. But, as SJWs are wont to do, the blocklist failed spectacularly, tagging one of their own in the process.

The developer of the blocklist is a certain Randi Harper, aka FreeBSDGirl:


That hair color gives me confidence in her coding skills

How the blocklist works

The blocklist was created using the Twitter API and the organization which promoted it was IGDA (International Game Developer’s Association), a non-profit organization which is supposed to help obscure game developers get their fair chance and exposure, not get screwed by the big players, and so on. In essence, it is a union for game developers. IGDA hosted the blocklist on their “harassment resources” page.

The way the blocklist works is fairly simple—it marks certain people as shitlords and compiled a list of everyone who was following them as “harassers.” As you might imagine, the problem with this approach is that people whimsically follow each other on Twitter, most of the time without having a clue who the person is. There is nothing wrong with this, since arguably the entire purpose of Twitter is to get as many followers as humanly possible. Even big businesses tend to follow back everyone who followed them, because it costs nothing, yet increases their social influence.

The real victims

This instant connectivity makes Twitter great for small businesses and freelancers, who often have no resources to market themselves in the presence of established competitors. Those are also the real collateral victims of this incident. People who struggle to make a living could have their reputation destroyed since they were marked as “harassers” by a blocklist.

In other words, the blocklist caught some innocent bystanders. Actually, a lot of them. A portion of these blocked accounts have one or zero tweets and few or no followers at all. Most of them probably have no idea what GamerGate is or who Randi Harper is. Now for the fun part. Even the Puerto Rico director of the IGDA was found on the list:


SJWs can’t even do censorship right

So, do you think this will make SJWs re-examine their list and the way it was compiled? Of course not!




After that, Roberto Rosario threatened resignation but he probably doesn’t need employment at all. He is white and male, so the patriarchy will probably give him all the support he needs. IGDA removed the blocklist from its page—for now.

There is an appeals process for removal from the blocklist but, as is par for the course with SJWs, it simply means giving them more power. People who applied to be removed from the blocklist risk exposing their real name and email to the SJWs. This means a real danger of being tagged as a harasser or rapist in front of the employer, having a false police report filed, and so on.

Join the war

We are in the middle of a raging culture war. SJWs are intent on stamping out the fun from everything in their vicinity and replacing it with gender debate. You will either choose a side yourself or you will be forced into choosing one. It is us vs. them, in the truest sense of the expression.

Also, the blocklist itself is probably illegal and definitely violates the Twitter Terms of Service:

Twitter TOS violation.

That section states that you won’t use Twitter for research aimed at discriminating or isolating any individual or a group of people.

Like a phoenix

In a sense, SJWs were right. Gamers are dead, by which they meant the old stereotype of “basement dweller virgin neckbeard” is no longer there. Gaming has become a big industry and it is no longer shameful to admit you’re a gamer. It is actually a badge of honor. Now you can be proud to play games and actually be a part of a thriving games culture. Also, it’s possible to make a nice income from being a professional gamer.

While the gaming has gone mainstream and gained massive popularity with E-Sports, it has also picked up enemies who want to hijack it for their own purposes and control the narrative. This is exactly why GamerGate started. But, there is no need for fear, as the internet has removed the need for gaming press. In fact, the entire gaming industry will soon have to reorganize itself or become obsolete due to indie developers being able to bypass the traditional distribution channels.

Forged in the fire

It is my personal belief that, after GamerGate, video games will evolve to become a tool for raising a new generation of men. Our current education system fails horribly at providing real information on how the world works, what motivates people, and how to get laid. More importantly, it pussifies men and turns them into starry-eyed believers in the Disney variety of life and love. The entire concept of sitting quietly and reading is meant for girls. Boys need the fight, the challenge, competition, and a test of their strength.

Games were always learning tools. Now they can become a tool for learning greater masculinity. To become real men, boys must overcome challenges and find the true strength in themselves. Whether this is done in a virtual or real arena is irrelevant. By creating games that are consciously aimed at presenting a proper challenge, we can collectively make the world a better place for the next generation of men. And possibly help them get laid more.

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