I am one of the many youngsters fortunate enough to stumble upon a website like ROK during a very formative time of my life. At twenty-four years of age, I would like to think that a few integral life experiences have helped me to swallow the red pill very early on in life. I have been on my path ever since, which consists of perfecting my craft as drummer, playing music, writing, focusing on my health, and ingesting as much knowledge as possible.

However it was not through my two tumultuous LTRs that the red pill theory was presented to me, but moreso from what I witnessed around me. Once puberty hit, my uncle passed onto me probably the best piece of residual knowledge a man could ever give. “A wise man learns from his mistakes, however a wiser man learns from another’s.” With that said, let us begin.

Once Upon A Time

College has never done much for me other than cater to my inherent disdain for the human condition. From watching the desperate attempts of effete beta men trying to garner attention from the opposite sex, to witnessing an environment liberal enough for women to seek comfort for the situations they willingly placed themselves into (obesity, toxic relationships, early parenthood), the entire institution never did much for me. Yet there are those few instances when you come across pretty knowledgeable folk and actually learn something.

In my case this came in the form of a summer psych class. Granted, I cannot remember the professor’s name, but what made his approach to psychology interesting was integrating what he learned on the field as a marriage counselor into his lessons. One day while conducting a lesson it seemed as though he was gathering information for a study by asking a multitude of questions about my classmates’ relationships.

After enough information was gathered he stated the following:

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is a beautiful thing that many of you have found love at such an early age. In fact love in itself is a very beautiful thing, but it is also important to take this into account. The minute you notice a change in your partner’s behavior, such as longer nights out, delays in responses, followed by misplaced anger…save yourself the trouble and just ask ‘who is it?’ If they cannot comply, then fuck it and cut your losses.

Now as you can imagine, all of the once-vibrant ninnies gloating about their relationships were now sporting the same blank expression Bambi did when his mom was offed. Class was dismissed, but even if no one else got the message, I sure as hell did.

The present

I was nineteen when that summer class took place. I am twenty four now. The advice that professor gave me has served as the basic guideline for red flags in my dealings with women, along with the colorful cast of characters that I consider to be my acquaintances. Now keep in mind the quotation that I concluded my foreword with, let me introduce another one by the great Henry Rollins: “Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.”

Despite the naivety that may be associated with my age I have surely had my fair share of women. Furthermore, that professor’s advice was essentially the grounds upon which I chose to end my final LTR. Given my commitment to bachelorhood, it is obvious not many males share the same vision as me. These plugged-in men are what my ex-detective for a father deems the “believers”—men who are unable to accept the blatant truths that are set before them. Now I am sure you have come across a few “believers” yourself.


How it Happens:

1. Friend meets romantic prospect.

2. Friend falls for said prospect.

3. You come across information that said prospect is a deviant whore (or you were smart enough to pick up on that all on your own).

So what do you do?


Save your energy for focusing on your own path and endeavors. No matter how much of a hard pill this must be to swallow, you will be doing yourself the biggest favor in the long run. Chances are if your friend is that much of an idiot to invest so much time into a cum dumpster, he will not be willing to see the obvious truth beset in front of him.

Moreover, if the succubus has manipulated him this far into the game, she might use this opportunity to turn him against a lifeline like you. Perhaps he is so weak that he will take your attempt at showing him the light as a sign that you are trying to break them up. I have heard this scenario happen one too many times.


If YOU Are the Friend in the Situation

It is important to understand the difference between love and infatuation. Love is an ambiguous concept to me. Surely I have felt “connections” with women in the past, but these experiences can be correlated to proverbial callouses on my hand. My mother hit me with some notable red pill knowledge by once stating “If you find yourself making excuses for your partners’ actions, you need to take a step back and ask if this scenario is really working for you.” She also went on to say “Before you learn to live, love, and be with anybody; you need to learn how to live, love, and be with yourself.” Mother knows best, right?

Don’t let prior moments of happiness cloud your vision of what is currently happening before you. Never allow yourself to become one of those men who are complacent with toxic bullshit that can easily be avoided. Society has programmed the masses to think that if a woman cheats, she was neglected, she needed space, etc. It is up to YOU to decide whether or not sacrificing your well-being is worth the occasional fix of Y-chromosomes.

With That Said

Despite the advice exhibited in this article, there have been instances where some actually take what their friends say into consideration. A dear friend of mine hit me with a friendly reminder after both of us found ourselves out of our LTRs and enjoying a few brews. “We just need to accept the fact that the women we once loved are sucking other dudes’ dicks.” No bullshit, and straight-to-the-point advice that I will forever be grateful for. If you believe your friend is receptive to the truth, then go for it. But if he has gone past the point of no return, it is best to simply value your time together when it is available and keep it moving.


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