I recently saw a painting made by a feminist which depicted a career woman in a suit standing next to a man who I surmised was a construction worker from his garb. The statement below the painting expressed the artist’s opinion that the world was gradually becoming female-dominated as women assumed positions of power while men were relegated to mule labor.

In other words, women were the keepers of civilization while men were the maintenance crew (read serfs). Let us momentarily suspend reality and forget that in the 145 IQ range, men out number women 8-1. Let us also step back from the fact that men are on average 5 IQ points above women. Let us also for the time being ignore that the dangerous and physically demanding jobs that men do sustain our civilization and maintain our way of life.

Now that reality has been successfully suspended and we enter feminist la la land, we must ask the crucial question: “Will the world indeed be a better place if ruled by women?” The answer to this question is another question: “What does it take to construct a civilization? Do women have what it takes?”

A historical perspective

The very first debate in Plato’s Republic is around the theme of justice. What is justice? Is it simply giving what is owed? Is it worthless as the sophist Thrasymachus argued? Why start with justice? The ancient Greeks believed that the universe was governed by a set of rules and this love of order was reflected in the symmetry of their art and the realism of their sculptures.

Christianity would take this love of order and spread it all over Europe. The Greeks also believed that human lives could similarly be governed by this order, which could be expressed by certain general principles. Throughout the history of our species, man (regardless of culture) has been obsessed with justice and fairness. Western men have today taken this obsession to suicidal levels by advocating for mass immigration and leftist social justice insanity.

Every god constructed by the masculine imagination has possessed omnipotence tempered by compassion and justice. The Abrahamic God of the Bible and Quran is the very personification of justice. The existence of God teaches our species a valuable lesson: that power without justice is tyranny. Even the primitive Mesoamerican religions were fundamentally fair. Their gods demanded human blood, and not even the Mayan Emperor was exempt from excruciating blood letting rituals that required him to pierce his penis.

The role of fairness

It is thus established that fairness is the keystone in the arch of civilization. If women want to usurp the masculine role then we must ask if women possess this same love of justice, and we do this by examining spheres of our life where women wield disproportionate power over the lives of men. I can think of no better place to start than in the domain of sexual relationships. Wives wield disproportionate power over husbands today, as divorce laws are heavily in women’s favor.

As society no longer holds women up to any standards, a woman can throw tantrums and freely give in to her inner child while the husband has no socially acceptable alternatives of recourse. She can strike him while he cannot strike her. She can freely divorce him and walk away with his hard-earned wealth while divorce is not worth his while. Feminism succeeded in the west because men (guided by the principles of justice) voluntarily sacrificed their power on a matter of principle.

However, now that women wield this power, how to they use it? Are large numbers of western women clamoring for the reform of divorce laws on grounds of principle? Are women protesting against the rampant misuse of draconian sexual assault laws on university campuses that have ruined the lives of so many men falsely accused of sexual assault? Do women chant “Teach women not to make false rape accusations”?

To ask the questions is to answer them. Feminist fruitcake Jessica Valenti actually goes as far as to insinuate that in matters of sexual assault, men must be treated as guilty until proven innocent. William Blackstone famously stated that it was better for 10 guilty men to escape rather than one innocent to suffer. To Valenti however, it is better that 10 innocent men be jailed on a false rape accusation then for one guilty rapist to go free. Feminism isn’t about justice or equality, but a grab for power. It’s incredible how most people still can’t see through the ruse in 2014.

A global phenomenon

Lest any of our readers jump to the unwarranted conclusion that these amoral tendencies are exclusively the domain of western women, I might remind them that even foreign women misuse laws when given the chance. Recently, Indian women have been using anti-dowry laws to spitefully attack their in-laws. So rampant was the abuse that judges had to intervene to prevent further abuse. According to the BBC:

The court has now ordered the police to follow a nine-point checklist before arresting anyone on a dowry complaint…And if the police make an arrest, a magistrate must approve further detention of the accused, the court ruled.


Let us analyze the above a little more closely since the BBC stopped short of stating the obvious. We know that power is a zero sum-game and where one gains power, somebody else necessarily loses it. By compelling police officers to do their jobs by conducting an investigation prior to an arrest, the supreme court has essentially limited the power of women for the good of society. That is the story of patriarchy in a nutshell.

No such luck for Canadian and American white males living in a feminized society where victim worship trumps justice and common sense.

But why do women fail to grasp the principles of justice? I suspect this has much to do with female nature, which is inherently solipsistic. Men can be self-absorbed too, as the human mind, in the words of Arthur Danto, “is constantly projecting schemes and fantasies.” But there is a fundamental difference in the structure of the male fantasy and the female fantasy.

Jean Luc Picard versus Christian Grey

Male fantasies allow us to escape into worlds that lie far away but remain curiously familiar. While Mordor and a galaxy far far away might superficially contrast with the world we live in, they still function on a set of rules and paradigms that are accessible to us in the real world. Whether it’s the expansionist nature of Mordor or the corrupt politics that would be the downfall of the Galactic Republic, these fantastical worlds are governed by the same general principles that govern our world. Similarly, one could immediately relate to the ethical dilemmas encountered by Captain Picard and his crew aboard the Enterprise, such as the question of when to break the Prime Directive.

The female fantasy is exactly the other way around. While the settings of these fantasies may seem familiar to us, these worlds are based on a set of rules that are illogical and improbable. What are the odds of anybody’s biography resembling Fifty Shades of Grey? Yet because the setting resembles the real world, the female mind has difficulty separating reality from fantasy.

This might possibly explain how women live through contradictions without reconciling them; because they are simply not aware of them. This possibly explains how women can live of a man’s charity (alimony, child support) while still declaring themselves “strong and independent.” This explains how women can have consensual sex and yet genuinely convince themselves that they were raped. This explains how women can think that single mothers are the greatest thing since sliced bread despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Women do not do these things out of malice, but rather, they are simply too self-absorbed to know any better.

Female solipsism prevents the fairer sex from adequately grasping the principles of justice and fairness. Some readers will be quick to point out a list of highly successful female rulers throughout history such as Queens Victoria, Elizabeth, Noor Jahan, and Laxmibai (a symbol of Indian resistance against the British). But it is worthwhile to point out that these women functioned within the bounds of patriarchal societies and did not attempt to overthrow the prevailing order. Queen Laxmibai resisted British imperialism in India and was slain on the battlefield. She didn’t fight against the “oppression of women,” but rather against the oppression of her kingdom and all subjects therein. This is why she is rightly revered as a true patriot all over India to this day. We know that feminists do not make good patriots.

Many readers would also bandy about the argument that “Men start all the wars!” This argument is bogus and invalid because it assumes that men are a class in the Marxist sense of the word. It assumes that everyone born with a Y chromosome, regardless of culture, race, and religion, belongs to this homogenous internationalist class. When viewed from this demented perspective, the largely peaceful men of Malaysia assume moral responsibility for the barbarism of warlike cultures like the Afghans and Aztecs.

Leftist nonsense generally aims to undermine race, family, religion, and nation; the pillars of an individual’s identity. Upon their ruin the liberal will assign individuals with a new Marxist class identity that comes with it’s own handy-dandy two-dimensional historical narrative which is anything but historical.

It’s been stated before that the true test of a group’s integrity is measured by how liberal-minded they are when they are the majority. As our corrupt elites continue to empower their pet classes (women, gays, immigrants), I wonder if said groups will display the same degree of tolerance towards the western men that sacrificed their self-interests on a matter of principle.

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