Hysterical trends within the feminist movement are not new to us. But once in a while, one of these trends stands out and can be interpreted as a sign that we have reached a new step towards the dystopia the cultural Marxists are bringing us to.

Presently, in the part of Canada where I reside, there reigns a surreal atmosphere brought on by the French version of the #beenrapedneverreported frenzy and it is all the newspapers have been talking about, with a number of public personalities coming out as victims. What follows makes me wish I could go back to the good old fashioned normal rape hysteria we used to have.

Among this turmoil, a Facebook page called Alerta Feminista sprung up, where women can anonymously accuse their rapists. If you have been reading ROK for a while, you know where this is going. Under the cover of anonymity, women write long sob stories in which they publicly accuse a man. The fact that they post the personal information of their purported rapist removes all pretense of a therapeutic confession and shows it for what it is—a witch hunt. Another interesting thing is that many of the accused are part of extreme-left organizations, which does not have an ounce of credibility and instead gives us insight into typical female power struggle tactics.

I often joke with my brother about the 1-in-5 statistic, and how as people become used to it, feminists will need to come up with an even more shocking number to remain relevant. Well, this moment has arrived! The figure of 1-in-3 has recently become the norm here, originating from official government statistics about sex related crimes.

Of course when you read women’s posts it is always interpreted to be rape, and anyone that tries to explain that a slap on the butt cannot be put in the same category as penetrative rape is accused of taking the side of patriarchy. The logic, according to what I read, is that the gravity of the event is in the mind of the victim, and that deciding the degree of traumatism for a victim is patronizing and perpetuating rape culture.

Here is what I gathered about the kind of stories posted on Alerta Feminista. The most recent poster starts her story with this gold: “Like the majority of women, I have been raped.” No mention is made anywhere of forcible rape, but she then proceeds to describe how she basically dated a “control freak” who made false promises, and she finishes by saying equality was just the beginning, and that stopping at equality is an insult to all our mothers and grandmothers who suffered under the patriarchy.


Another invites men to offer reparations to their “victims” if they ever pressured or insisted for sex, or omitted to verify that consent was still valid in the middle of the act. It also took her 15 years to “realize” that what her lesbian partner did to her was rape. Although I’m inclined to believe that one, since lesbian couples are much more likely to be abusive than other couple configurations.

And yes, she does blame the patriarchy for her rape by a lesbian woman.

No matter what nonsense women throw at us, it does not have to impact our lives. It has not for most of history after all. But things start getting ugly when people start giving it importance.

Enter the leftist politician.

Two House of Commons representatives belonging to the Liberal Party of Canada have been anonymously accused of harassment. Justin Trudeau, pretty boy, son of ex-Prime Minister superstar Pierre Trudeau, and lastly, leader of the Liberal Party, chose to immediately suspend them for the duration of the investigation.

To make this clear, those two men were suspended and their names appeared in newspapers across the country, while the identity of the accusers remains unknown, although they are said to be members of parliament. No report has been made to the police. We know from the example of countless male teachers cleared of any wrongdoing after a child got an overactive imagination that reputations never recover from these events. Justin Trudeau has justified his decision by saying:

I am aware of how difficult it is for people to come forward. I believe strongly that those of us in positions of authority have a duty to act upon allegations of this nature. It’s 2014—we have a duty to protect and encourage individuals in these situations to come forward. The action must be fair but decisive. It must be sensitive to all affected parties but, recognizing how difficult it is to do so, it must give the benefit of the doubt to those who come forward.

You see that this justification fits right in with the zeitgeist. He mentions giving the benefit of the doubt to the victim, while giving none to the accused. In total disregard of the presumption of innocence. According to a cop I talked to who works in criminal intelligence (and various studies), roughly half the rape reports are fake.

So how is the difficulty in coming forward any indication of truthfulness? But hey, as he said, it’s 2014, being progressive is good, no matter what direction you take. How long do we have until a woman’s word is all it takes to put a man behind bars without due process, spectral evidence-style? Considering these women did not even need to name themselves, this case shows that we are already well on our way there.

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