Common advice to aspiring kings on this site and many others is to find a woman from a foreign, traditional background. But what happens if you, like me, are all “set” career-wise, network-wise, friend-wise? Frankly, spending a lot of time in a different country just may be off the table for you, and I would personally never buy a bride off the Internet. Giving up on women is not an option; it’s a loser’s way out. You have another option: Feed a western woman the red pill.

Suitability of the Target

The single most important step is identifying a proper target. Once that is done, all else should flow naturally, provided you show the qualities of a leader.

About 95% of Western women are immune to the red pill. Their views, rationalizations, and identity constructs are too entrenched for any wisdom to seep in. They’re still busy making credit card payments on the expensive fantasy they’ve purchased: The bedazzling career woman supermom that takes on all gender roles simultaneously, who can have her appletini and drink it too. So you’re going to have to be a discriminating judge of talent to isolate the 5% who aren’t.

Find a girl who has struggled a bit in life and has a degree of self-awareness, because oblivious silver platter chicks know no humility. You need to look for the same attributes you’d look for in any Queen. The main difference is, western culture in general is atrocious at developing these aptitudes in women. You’re looking for raw traits, and you understand that they will take development. Think of yourself as a scout for your own sports team, scouting semi-pro leagues for the diamond in the rough.

Some good ways to probe are to discuss subjects like her own mistakes, existentialism, and gender-roles. Here are some examples of real conversations I had, and how I sorted them into “No” or  “Maybe” based on their answers.

Man: Do you believe in soul mates
Woman: Yes I do.
Man: Why?
Woman: I like to believe there’s someone out there for you.
Man: What if I told you your beliefs had no bearing on reality? As in, I could say ‘I want to believe unicorns exist’, but my want doesn’t make their existence any more, or less, likely.
Woman: That’s stupid, I know there’s someone out there for me.

Result: Inability to think logically and divorce oneself from emotional stake. Gone, baby gone.

Woman: All the guys I date end up being assholes.
Man: What else do all those guys have in common?
Woman: I don’t know, what?
Man: You picked them all. So it’s essentially your own fault after the first one.
Woman: No, men are good at lying.

Result: Next. Inability to see one’s own faults.

Man: Do you regret that tattoo?
Woman: Yes.

Result: Shows frankness, humility and ability to evolve. Maybe.

You may notice there is no “YES.” That’s because a “YES” is the result of a collection of maybes. No particular maybe is enough to qualify a girl, but almost any single red flag is enough to disqualify her. Keep this fact in mind at all times.

Scouting takes practice, and you may miss. So do many sports general managers, and they’re still paid millions. Risk is unavoidable. Your only choice is how you mitigate it. You may have to go through 20 targets before you stick to one. That’s the deal.

Taming of the Shrew

Once you’ve identified a target, you need to separate her from the silly notions in her head. In Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio the suitor tames the ill-tempered Catarina by responding to all of her insults with kindness. In “gamespeak,” she relentlessly shit-tested him and he didn’t flinch. Paradoxically—but not really to anyone who understands women—she begins to respect his ability to stay calm in the flurry of her insults, and is eventually won over.

You will have to do the same. Shit-tests will be numerous and will be both advertent and inadvertent. See each one as a growth opportunity, not an irritation. Let her call herself a feminist, but present her with logic to combat her views whenever the opportunity arises, which in the case of feminism is quite often. If you’ve selected well, each time one of her pet ideologies or social constructs implodes, you can chip away at it with logic.

Recently, mine posted the Emma Watson UN speech on her Facebook profile. She asked me what I thought of it. Inadvertent shit-test.


It’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard (She was aghast)
Because it’s sexist.
No, she’s saying men also have their challenges and we all need to work together. That’s what HeForShe is all about.n(Here she is trying to get my approval by eschewing one of my own values – that of proper inter-gender cooperation. Another good sign.)
The very name of it reeks of men being subjugated and inferior. He for She.
Look past the name.
I can’t. What if told you I was starting an organization to save battered women and I called it Women are Weak And Need Men’s Help, would you want to work for its cause?
So what would you call it?
He AND She.

Light bulb.

The key aspect of the taming is timing. You are injecting wisdom into her head, such that her actual qualities can shine. Each girl is different; I’ve found with mine the best thing to do is let her make her mistakes; when she does, I have a brief instant where her westernized mind has no answer but I do. Your future queen may be different.

Patience and Reaping Rewards

Digestion of the red pill isn’t usually a “eureka” moment for anyone, male or female. It often comes about as the result of successive failure and gradual accumulation of maturity, along with the humility to accept that whatever we may think or want to think, the natural order of things just doesn’t give a fuck about our self-constructed identities.

The process is doubly slow for women because of western conditioning. Therefore, you must be ready to give it time. If you have picked well, you will enjoy the process and it will be immensely rewarding.

Once she is past a tipping point and the dynamic of leader-follower is established, your girl should be extremely grateful to you for taking the time to help her be the best version of herself she can be – something no Emma Watson or tumblrina can do for her. You’ll be the only man she’ll have ever met who is capable of “handling” her. She will give you something that most men cherish more than love: Respect.

Critiques and Caveats

Despite what it is often written of women, there are good ones and it behooves a man to find one. My way is just one among many and if the foreign girl or mail order girl route suits you, go ahead and follow it. Let’s be clear about one thing though: Do not turn into Captain Save-A-Ho. You are performing the selection based on your judgment of a woman’s character. You are not waiting for a damsel in distress. You’re being proactive, not reactive. It’s a nuance I can’t stress enough.

This approach is not for everyone. I’m a contrarian in a lot of things I do, so red-pilling women came quickly to me. It takes quick wits, a spine, near unflappable calm, blunt sincerity, compassion and empathy. You must be sensitive enough to see when she is receptive to wisdom and stern enough to set boundaries. These traits usually come after about a decade of experience with women and their shit-tests.

I would hate for you to miss out on a great prospect only because she has a few silly notions in her head, and felt I could share my experiences. My path led me to a Western girl who now:

  • No longer wears dresses that go above the knee in public
  • Asks if I like any article of clothing before she buys it
  • Will bring me a diet coke or a beer every single time I ask
  • Will give me hand jobs while I watch porn
  • Has not refused sex or sexual favors in 5 years
  • Has offered me strippers for my birthday
  • Understands she’d rather be an alpha’s #1 girl than a beta’s only girl
  • Lives with me, pays me rent, and cleans my apartment. She gets that it’s a privilege to live in my castle no matter how small
  • Babysits my much younger siblings when my mother asks her to
  • Makes my coffee every morning before I wake up.

Obviously, I’m still working at it. I’m also still working on many of the traits of a leader, particularly remaining unflappable. My girlfriend isn’t unique by any means—red pill women are out there. That Emma Watson thing was a small setback. I’m exacting of her, as I am of myself, but we’re off to a good start.

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