We all have an emotional crisis from time to time. It’s understandable, because we’re human after all and having uncontrollable emotions is just a part of the package. On some days, things aren’t going as intended—the coffee cup spills all over your shirt or you get stuck in traffifor hours on end. Maybe if your job is particularly stressful, you can be forgiven for needing to vent once in a while. Especially artists are prone to being emotionally unstable because their delicate sensibilities can’t withstand the onslaught of the cold, harsh reality.

Copypasta in the making

But a certain Geordie Tait completely lost his shit and experienced what could only be described as a nuclear meltdown of epic proportions. If Chernobyl could be put into words, this would be it. Forget about the Navy Seal Copypasta, this is the real deal. You might be tempted to go and check out Geordie’s rant out of morbid curiosity. Please don’t, as setting your gaze upon this rambling diatribe in its entirety will probably cause you to develop multiple brain tumors. Instead, keep reading and I will dissect the writings of this raving lunatic and show you the most hilarious parts.

What prompted Geordie to go on a rant in the first place was that a certain website, StarCityGames.com, apparently stopped hosting his articles. In reality, they merely reorganized the layout and made articles searchable by tags instead of author names. Like a true SJW, Geordie didn’t want to investigate or have a moderate response, but instead vomited a massive 2000+ word rant about how GamerGate supporters should literally be murdered like Jews in the Holocaust.

Geordie Tait rant 2

Centipedes are not worms

Throw it at your wall

The entire thing just keeps going and going, it’s like a car pileup that happens right in front of your eyes, you want to look away or do something, but you can’t. It’s gruesome yet mesmerizing. Geordie musters all his artistic imagination to link GamerGate to women’s right to abortion, women running the Boston Marathon, getting credit and so on. You think I am joking?

Geordie Tait rant 1

Now that’s how you weaponize stupidity

It’s one twisted analogy after another. But why would Geordie even consider GamerGate as the cause? In September, GamerGate supporters have quietly started several e-mail campaigns to advertisers to remove their ads from the SJW network of faux-gaming websites that inject their ideology into the gamers’ consciousness. These campaigns were successful to a degree and resulted in mass panic and butthurt amongst the SJWs and their allies, prompting Gawker’s Max Read to tweet:

Max Read - they want us bankrupt

And see if it sticks

It’s simply a war of attrition and every single cut counts in finally bleeding the SJW press dry. The idea is to starve the mainstream dens of SJWs of oxygen and show to everyone what happens when you proclaim that “gamers are dead.” Finally, Geordie ends his rant on a positive note, by offering an olive branch and an absolution from the sin of critical thinking.

Geordie Tait rant 3


Please provide us with more entertainment

Even when he realized GamerGate had nothing to do with the apparent removal of his articles, Geordie continued insisting that the privilege is real and we must all join forces and allow women to live their lives to the fullest and without the oppression patriarchy subjects them to:

Geordie Tait rant 4

He went full retard with the microbial jobs part

This deranged behavior extended beyond Facebook and Geordie continued to have mental lapses on Twitter as well:

Geordie Tait twitter 1

Note the passive-aggressive wording

Funny as it is, Geordie’s rant shows several interesting things. SJWs are full of hate towards what they perceive as a “white cis hetero” movement and are just waiting for the right opportunity to spread their venom, using their allies in powerful places who will give them coverage and favorable exposure in the media. The cause doesn’t have to be even remotely related to GamerGate, as shown in this example, it simply has to give plausible cause to the SJWs.

Battle of the giants

As GamerGate continues, some sensible gaming websites have started to reform and reject game review embargoes or issue official policies on who can report on who. While this is a welcome change, it feels like too little too late. Other media outlets just want GamerGate to end immediately, by using any means necessary.

But, how do you silence 10,000 GamerGate supporters who are present at every turn, criticizing, asking questions, inviting to debate, screenshotting everything you ever said? As SJWs quickly found out, it’s impossible to defend against massive criticism, which is why it’s their favorite tactic.

Instead, SJWs turn to silencing, shouts to check your privilege, and outright censorship. If one of their own SJWs criticizes them, well, they aren’t true believers, are they? They must be cut out of the fold and only the most hardcore zealots will remain in the inner circle.

If all else fails, SJWs will turn the victimhood dial up to eleven and demand strict controls on who can say what online, simply to maintain the crucial part of their ideology—echo chambers. Since we’ve already seen Anita Sarkeesian play the victim card to perfection, we can expect a similar attempt in the future to associate GamerGate with physical violence against women.

2 + 2 = RAPE

In fact, in the absence of such an event that would mobilize SJWs worldwide, I predict one will be created. Whether it involves Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn, the target will definitely be a woman to incite maximum outrage and finally bring us closer to the totalitarian state that’s been long in the making. The purging will happen, but it will probably be virtual, rather than physical, with massive ban campaigns and radical censorship methods implemented on all social networks. We’ve already seen this happen on Reddit, but it is happening on a daily basis, silently and behind the scenes on Facebook and Twitter as well.

GamerGate has become the de facto patriarchy and how it started or what it actually represents doesn’t matter to the SJWs. They are intent on infiltrating everything and poisoning it with their agenda. If they can’t, then it’s time for some equality.

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