Do you find it difficult to land a full-time job these days? Does it seem like for every full-time position you apply to you are competing against hundreds of other résumés? You might have a full-time job that you absolutely hate, but are frightened to quit because you realize there isn’t much full-time work out there.

If you are like many Americans these days, there’s a decent chance you have two or three part-time jobs. One of those jobs might feel like full-time work, but without benefits, such as paid vacation time and so forth.

Sure, working multiple part-time jobs or having alternative sources of income may allow more flexibility in terms of travel and lifestyle, but at the end of the day, it becomes exhausting. You might be paying the bills and driving a late-model car, but that irregular work schedule is also digging into the aging process. That is no fun, nor a way to live. What’s more is that while full-time employees are building 401Ks and pensions, your hard work often goes unrewarded. Flexibility is great, but a little security within a civilized and developed society is also a necessity.

At the moment, you might be in your 20s or 30s and wondering what the hell is going on with the economy? What happened to this country which you were told repeatadly was the strongest ever known to man. It definitely isn’t what you envisioned back in high school or during your time in university.

If you glance at the news or even skim through a paper for a few minutes, there always seems to be a mentioning of job creation, with stats implying that thousands of jobs are being created each month. This is true. Unfortunately, a great number of these positions are part time. As of June, only 47.5% of eligible American adults were working full-time and that number is expected to drop.

It’s not just cashier position at Walgreens—traditionally good jobs in fields such as nursing and education are now often being reassigned as part time. While full-time positions offering benefits, healthcare, and paid vacation still exist, they are a trait of the old economy. Unfortunately, all indicators suggest that we are on track to descend further down this myopic path of part-time unsustainability.

Why is this happening?

Well, it’s not really rocket science. Capitalism may be the best form of an economic system that we have, but unfettered free-market capitalism invokes excessive greed and a lack of responsbility for the well-being of society. It is merely in the interest of big business and the upper class to gradually institutionalize a part-time economy.

We can point to a myriad of factors, such as outsourcing, global competitiveness, and a growing global middle class that has caught up to the American middle class. However, the reality is that too many American business owners, decision makers, and those part of the upper class are simply becoming increasingly greedy. Put the politics aside, as this isn’t some leftist rant. The reality is that we are in the midst of class warfare, and we are getting our asses handed to us. We are losing on all fronts: psychologically, ideologically and intellectually.


Who is to blame?

At a time like this, it’s only natural to point the finger at the political left or right. Traditionally, the left and the Democrats have always been known as the political order fighting for working Americans and the well-being of society. However, the Left as it exist today is as much pathetic as it is useless. The great irony is that the American Left no longer fights for middle and lower classes. The Left has been overtaken by pretentious progressives and hipsters who are more concerned with protecting the rights of transexuals, saving kittens, or making sure their $5 cup of coffee is 100% organic.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for clean and chemical-free food, protecting the rights of people, and preventing animal cruelty, but what about the fact that millions of Americans are without job security, benefits, or any hope in the workplace? The reality is that the American Left is run by a bunch of oversensetive, annoying, and spoiled pussies. They are mostly white kids who grew up in the suburbs, but migrated to the large cities after university and are suddenly here to save the world.

If you are reading this and you are a conservative, then you can go fuck yourself as well because I am definitely not on your side. That’s right. You are just as big as a cocksucker as your whiny hipster counterparts. The politics of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter are nowhere near what you espouse to be socialism. Have you ever actually read a book on Marxism? Better yet, have you ever read a book in your life?

Anyone with a half a brain can realize that a healthcare system is practical and better for the long-term economy. The free market can do wonderful things and it has given us so many great products, inventions, and ideas. However, don’t put it on a pedestal. The market is great, but it has flaws. Thus, it has to be tweaked, manipulated, and in some cases regulated for the betterment of society.

Ultimately, we have to blame ourselves for being duped by the “politricks” of the Left and Right. The business class wants us to take sides. They want us to fall into an ugly abyss of patriotism, single-issue campaigns and ignorance, while ignoring the real underlying economic dysfunctions that have a greater overall impact on our daily lives.

What can we do about it?

First, we have to face reality. The part-time economy is here to stay. It has been institutionalized within a new form of economic governeance. If you have a full-time job at the moment, accept the fact that you may be working two part-time positions in the future. If you are stuggling to get by on your sole part-time gig, then you need to reinvent yourself.

In this economy, we need to be constantly redefining and improving our resumes. We must not only focus on one skill, but a variety of them. Learn HTML, SEO, web design, WordPress, or even get a TEFL or TESOL certificate to teach English abroad. If you are not good with computers or business, then learn to be. Going back to get another master’s degree or PhD probably won’t do much at this point, but picking up a couple of certificates and adding new skills to your arsenal will.

The world is not what we thought it would be 20 years ago, and now is the time to adjust. Start a business, service and supplement your income online, but don’t forgot to encourage and offer advice to others struggling in the new part-time economy.

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