Keep your enemies…closer?

Corey writes:

Does having female friends help or hinder your game?

Having female friends has never helped my game one iota – in fact, on balance I would counsel against it.

For a start, it is well-known that women give out hopeless dating advice of the “just be yourself and she’ll fall in love with you” variety. This isn’t because they’re actively seeking to mislead—it’s simply because they don’t really know what turns them on themselves. If ever a woman offers to give me dating tips these days I’ll tell her no, simply because I will certainly have slept with many more girls than she has (unless she’s a lesbian – and even then it’s likely I’ll have a higher notch-count).

Of course, being friendzoned and having a genuine female friend are two very different things. It goes without saying that you should avoid the former at all costs. As for the latter: I have many female acquaintances, colleagues and girls I get on well with in my social circle who I am not attracted to. But these are women I know circumstantially. At this point my close friends are exclusively male, and I think this is correct and healthy for a heterosexual man. I wouldn’t, for example, choose to spend an evening alone with a woman who I was not fucking or seeking to fuck. This is largely because I get more value from interacting with other men who challenge and inspire me; my time is simply better used with them. When the possibility of sex is removed then women—for the most part—offer me remarkably little.

As for the social proof argument—I’ve heard this bandied about a lot, but I don’t know of any successful player who consistently games with a women in tow, unless it’s his girlfriend and he is angling for threesomes. I have been to clubs with hot girls on many occasions and it hasn’t noticeably improved my results. Nor has being introduced to their friends, which can sometimes feel contrived and awkward. My best wingmen have always been male, and I have probably had the most success while gaming solo (even if my wing was simply elsewhere in the venue at the time).

– Troy Francis

Helpful advice

N/A writes:

You are all fucking idiots and assholes. You must hang yourselves, for the benefit of the entire world.


-Matt Forney

Mom! The Meat Loaf! Fuck!

Joe writes:

I’m going to my first wedding. It would be helpful to hear any advice on game in that environment, for bridesmaids/young women.

I’ve had some good success at weddings. Here is what I would suggest. First, if you are close to the bride or the groom, try to get some intel on which girls are single and if possible, slutty. That will narrow your targets and if you are really close to them, they will put in a good word for you. Also try to get seated at a table with single girls.

Come dressed to the nines. This means fitted suit, tie and pocket square. People get hammered at weddings, so be prepared to drink up and have cigarettes on you in case girls go out for a smoke break. it is highly suggested to be staying at the hotel where most the guests are staying so you can end the night at the same place as the available girl.

Other than that, just have fun and be the life of the party. This does not mean you have to necessarily be a clown, but get people to drink, suggest people go dance and so on. The girls are all horny and sad at weddings anyway, so you are working with a good handicap from the beginning.

– Law Dogger

I know where it is! Poosy paradise—the most guarded secret we have.

TeutonicLore writes:

My question relates to how you see the current Alpha havens in 10-15 years time.

It would appear that Feminism is having a ripple effect looking at the articles about Ukraine and Brazil in particular where technology coupled with feminism seems to have had an effect (and not in a good way) on the women there, since I haven’t been for a few years (EE in particular) I cant say just HOW bad it is.


So my question is; Do you see places like EE and South America following the same script as America, UK and Australia with aforementioned Anglo nations reverting back to a post-feminist times (ripple effect) or do you see places like Eastern Europe, Asia and South America becoming on the list of places NOT to go and we have to find new places to get away from the feminist influence??

I can’t speak to Asia, and I have not spent enough time in South America. However as to EE while I can give my opinion (and I will), it is of course pure speculation.

I don’t think EE has hit that point yet. It is much more resistant than the West, and the girls are still one generation removed from being entirely Westernized. For example while the Russian or Ukrainian girls would have iPhones and be Instagram whores, they would still cook and clean like champions and know how to please a man. I think the wall coming down in the East is a bit more resistant and will be for a longer time too.

Eventually and sadly however, I think it will fall.

– Law Dogger

…but at least he won the spelling bee

Young Homeschooler writes:

I’ll cut to the chase immediately. I’m in my senior year of homeschool/online school in a Christian environment. I have little to no social interaction, and almost all of my life is taken up with ridiculously hard courses that my mom thinks I need in order to go to college. My parents refuse to let me get my drivers license, so I can’t go anywhere. My school is too hectic for me to get a job. Thanks to my isolated life, I have no friends I could stay with. To add to my problems, I’m still 17 and therefore a minor.

What would an alpha male do in this situation? How do I deal with it? Just curl up and live in misery until I go to college?

What you’re going through is incredibly tough, but the fact you’re already seeking out other points of view and asking for help shows you’re on the right track.

The thing you have to realize is that the only power your parents have is that they control the money in your life. If you can find alternative sources of income or simply go without what they offer, you don’t have to obey their commands. Decide what their support is worth, and if they demand more than you’re willing to give, stand your ground and maintain your point of view. In my case, I had to be willing to look my parents in the eye and say I was willing to starve or be homeless, rather than live under their rules. It might sound dramatic, but you will respect yourself so much more if you’re that uncompromising – that alpha – with your boundaries.

Seek out real world support. A few friends go a long way. Lie a little if you have to. Tell your parents the skills you’re interested in learning will look good on your college application, or that you need a drivers license to go to go to extracurricular activities. Based on your question, it sounds like your parents value college and religion, and you might be able to leverage those two values to get what you want. Once you’re got a little support, it will be easier to get even more.

Remember that your situation will change. If you go to college, they will have less power over you. Be ready to work hard when you get out of this situation. There will be a lot of basic stuff everyone else knows that you’ll have to learn. Normal socializing may feel like a foreign language. You may even want to seek out counseling, therapy, or mentors to untangle the negative thinking your family has given you. Just be patient with yourself, enjoy the process, and know that you’re capable of pulling yourself out of this situation.

– Runsonmagic

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