GamerGate has been going on for more than two months now and shows no signs of running out of steam. That’s because GamerGate is a genuine grassroots consumer movement, without a leader who can be shamed (unless you count Tyrone) or a political agenda that can be subverted. Also, it’s partly because SJWs play the victim card to the most absurd extremes imaginable, exposing their views to the public.

The most recent example is the interview of Arthur Chu, a self-proclaimed nerd blogger, on the David Pakman show. Before we get into the cringefest that is the interview itself, let’s step back and examine why victimhood works for SJWs, how they use it and why neither Arthur Chu nor any other man will ever be able to gain that coveted victim status, no matter how fanatically they push the agenda.

“Stop rescuing me, oppressor!”

Men have a natural protector instinct towards women. They are to be sheltered, provided for and taken care of by any means necessary. This is a normal urge that helped the human race survive times of great turmoil. It is nothing to be ashamed of. However, according to the SJW philosophy, this urge is merely a way patriarchy controls, oppresses, and demeans women, by turning them into inanimate objects that have no agency and have to be fetched by the hero. This isn’t my definition, this is how Anita Sarkeesian actually worded it in her “Damsel in distress trope” video.

Naturally, she is completely wrong, since the purpose of that trope is simply to provide an additional motive for players to play and finish the game, not to brainwash the player. Note the word “damsel.” It’s there for a reason and implies a woman of higher status, someone who carries herself with grace, dignity, and elegance. There is a reason Super Mario rescues Princess Peach and Link is helping Princess Zelda and not just any two random peasant girls.

Rescuing a princess, even if it’s just make-believe, makes the men who perform the rescue feel noble and righteous. Playing a game that makes you feel good means you will have fond memories of it and probably buy the sequel when it comes out. Again, there is a good reason why Super Mario and Legend of Zelda are arguably the two most enduring franchises in the gaming history.

However, that same protector instinct isn’t needed in the modern society because there aren’t that many dangers around. SJWs have also pushed for and basically criminalized or shamed into oblivion all the basic courtesies that a man used to extend to a woman. This created an atmosphere where women no longer feel the need to be damsels, while men lost a great source of motivation to become better and conquer the outside world, withdrawing instead into virtual worlds where they can do whatever they want. And who can blame them for acting that way? Would you come to this woman’s aid if she was in danger?

red hair femnazi 1 500px

If you feel masochistic and want to hear this banshee’s wails, knock yourself out.


“…except when I want to be rescued!”

However, SJWs realized the protector instinct is so powerful that men will do anything to help a woman in danger, if the danger is big enough. But, there are no bears or crocodiles around, so what could that danger be? In the end, SJWs chose rape instead of murder or maiming, because rape implies that the woman is chaste and pure, again playing into the “save the princess” trope.

“I was raped!” thus becomes the equivalent of “I am a princess, save me!” This is why for SJWs everything is rape. It simply has to be, or they lose their coveted victim status. Ironically, this also means SJWs turned victimhood into a position of privilege.

With all the above in mind, let’s finally take a look at the Arthur Chu’s interview:

In this video we can see the lame depths to which Arthur Chu sinks in an attempt to play the outdated role of a noble protector, including “drawing away heat” from SJW fair maidens he considers his friends. I wonder what they would say if they knew Arthur was putting them in the patriarchal role of a helpless woman who can’t act or speak on her own behalf. What Arthur doesn’t understand is that being a hardcore SJW ally does not grant him any kind of lasting respect or authority in the inner circle. Even though he was one of the authors penning one of the original “gamers are dead” articles that started the whole GamerGate movement, as soon as he becomes a burden, SJWs will ditch him without regret.

“And don’t expect anything in return!”

Arthur also pulls the victim card and tries to say he was raped or something along those lines. It’s not clear what actually happened to him because the host of the show cleverly avoided asking the question, though Arthur prompted him to do it, probably so he can claim he was verbally abused or ambushed. Interestingly enough, SJWs consider that being raped and being a victim do not apply to men at all, which again shows how little Arthur Chu understands the inner teachings of SJWs philosophy. He is privy only to the outside circle of information, in which propaganda has the stated goal of “gender equality.”

SJWs undoing will be when they start overplaying the victim card, which is already happening. Anita Sarkeesian has recently held a presentation where she called for mass censoring and blocking of all “unwanted content” from social networks, including changes to legislation that basically allow for anonymous civil lawsuits.

When the feels brigade starts threatening the very essence of the Internet, a massive backlash will form from people who previously had no interest in joining the fight and we might see cracks in the SJW structure. We waited for heroes, but who would have thought it would be gamers?

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