Heroes and villains. This age-old conflict goes back as far as human history has been recorded. As far as most of us know, the good guys came out on top most of the time. But the older we get, the more we question what we believed to be the pillars of truth that have been engrained in us since our youth. One of those pillars is that heroes are worshiped and revered as the true alphas of society.

Red pillers are now well aware that acting like a hero or trying to be the good guy leads to failure in most every aspect of life. Work, women, social situations, and everything in between will ultimately kick you square in the balls if you sacrifice your mental, physical, and financial well being for the “greater good” (read: feminine imperative).

But how do we break the mold and conquer life when the world showers men with false promises of female love and loyalty for their heroism? Who do we take cues from now that we know that most of our fathers, mentors, and role models have led us astray?

Villains, that’s who. These guys live much better lives than their suburban beta counterparts with their four-figure mortgages and two car payments. Women outwardly want them. Men secretly want to be them. Bad guys have it figured out, and we would all do well to heed their actions and apply them in our lives accordingly.

Part one detailed the beginning stages of your outlaw transformation. At this point in your development you’re working on being completely unapologetic, increasing your chattel, and turning your dwelling into an environment that suits you and you alone. Let’s continue the incubation process.

Make Women Your BOTTOM Priority

One of life’s greatest fallacies is the idea that a man needs a woman in his life to be truly happy. Make women your priority and you’ll win their undying devotion and respect, they say. Lies. Men don’t need anything but our own bodies and minds. With a solid foundation with these two tools at its core, a man can achieve a level of satisfaction that goes far beyond committing to a female who has little to no agency and brings no value to his life.

With our bodies and minds we can accumulate other valuable commodities like money, respect, and solitude. Outlaws understand that these are some of the most important assets they can acquire because it allows them to amass other resources to enhance their lives. Among the items on their list of priorities, women are at the very bottom and for good reason.

First, women are experts at draining your monetary means. They are expensive on many levels within the context of a committed relationship, which can deplete your financial stores if you allow things to get out of hand. As far as respect goes, if your frame isn’t air-tight then today’s women won’t hesitate to disrespect you in public or in front of your friends and loved ones. Allowing this to go unchecked will extinguish that currency very quickly. Finally, their propensity to smother you in an attempt to control your life means time to yourself to think, reflect, and plan walks right out the door along with your money and respect.

Bad guys know the havoc that devoting themselves to a woman can wreak on their lives, so they wisely put them at the bottom of their respective totem poles. Incidentally enough, this is exactly what keeps the pussy flowing like the Nile River. This is something they’ve known for a while.

Making your mission your priority will improve your life to the point where you won’t have to commit to a woman. The reason for this is that they will make themselves available to you with every chance they get simply because of the scarcity of your availability and emotional contribution. The emotions of a woman are no match for a man who has other things going on in his life. Plus, all the pussy he’s getting on the side as a result of having his priorities straight causes him to subconsciously adopt an abundance mentality, making him all the more irresistible to her.

Like most things in life, the more something is available to you the fewer fucks you give about it—especially poonani. The supply of women is plentiful and the inventory is growing by the second. Girls aren’t going anywhere, so there’s no reason to focus an exorbitant amount of effort obtaining something you can get with minimal investment.

This isn’t to say you need to stop approaching. But spending a disproportionate amount of your time chasing tail is a waste of time and resources. Villains don’t do this and neither should you. Let the manginas give them constant validation. You’ve got better shit to do.

Think like a bandit and put the pussy in your basement. You’ll quickly find yourself in their penthouses much more often than not.

Assemble A Solid Crew

I’ve been arrested a few times and have spent a total of about 2 weeks in jail. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m not ashamed of it either. I fucked up, got caught, and paid for it. That’s life. I’ve also been in my share of fights. I’ve kicked a few asses but I’ve also gotten the crap beat out of me on more than one occasion. Can’t win ‘em all.

But as bad as being on the short end of these experiences was, it taught me a very important lesson: having one or two compadres you can count on substantially reduces the collateral damage. It’s common knowledge that there’s no honor among thieves, but outlaws always have one or two go-to guys they trust implicitly in case things go sideways. While they’re confident they can handle just about anything that comes their way, they don’t let their egos get in the way of survival and are never too proud to call in a favor from a trusted comrade.

As a man you must be self-sufficient in every sense of the word. But there will come a time when you encounter a situation that’s outside of your control and you will need assistance. Count on it. Getting pulled over by a hot-headed cop who’s five arrests short of his quota or being accosted by a pissed off beta who’s recruited a couple of his buddies looking to defend the “honor” of the girl you approached are good examples where a helping hand(s) would be quite useful.

Having a crew you can call on to help mitigate the damage is invaluable. I consider myself very fortunate to have a couple of close friends who have helped me out of some pretty sticky situations over the years, and for whom I’ve returned the favors faithfully. We’ve bailed each other out of jail, jumped into fights for one another, and called each other at all hours of the night to get out of some predicament or another. Through all the bloody noses and loss of precious sleep we always have each other’s backs and have plenty of great stories to tell.

Understand that this will not be easy. Finding like-minded men you can trust is becoming increasingly difficult, as 95% of men in this country are certified beta boys who will do nothing but decrease your value and will sometimes intentionally drag you down with them when they see you’ve got life by the balls. Unfortunately these guys can sometimes be your own friends.

Bad guys have a knack for piecing together high-quality inner circles. If you manage to gather a team of self sufficient, goal-oriented red pill men who think and act on your level, the dividends are priceless.


Become A Civilized Barbarian

One of the most underrated traits villains possess is their ability to thrive in domestic situations and hostile environments equally well. The first half of this dual-purpose attribute is learning to cook, and cook well. There’s no need to become a Michelin Star-level chef (though it does have its advantages) but possessing above average culinary faculty shows a class and sophistication villains are well known for. Cultivating this skill will also keep your mind engaged and will churn your creative juices which ultimately affects every part of your life.

The second half of this agency is the ability to survive in outdoor or hostile situations. The ability to defend yourself effectively gives you supreme confidence in potentially volatile situations and preserves your continuity as a man. Mastery of outdoor skills such as camping, using firearms, hiking long distances, or anything that pertains to outdoor survival over an extended period of time are all examples of things the bad guys must have down pat as a matter of necessity.

I’m no MMA fighter, but if push comes to shove I can hold my own. I also take tremendous pride in the fact that I can prepare a perfectly seasoned salmon with a side of parmesan crusted asparagus (goes great with red wine), walk outside and hit a target 100 yards away with my Winchester, then pitch a tent and set up a base camp faster than most.

These things, like assembling my crew, were far from easy and took years to accomplish. I’ve shelled out a ton of cash for cooking classes, countless target shooting courses, and dozens of camping trips in order to achieve the multidimensional agency I wanted. I am a self made man—a common trait among villains.

Learning and honing these dichotomous skill sets drastically increase your value as a man. However, a welcome side effect is that females get dripping wet over a man who displays high aptitude in these areas because they demonstrate high value. DHV is effortless to outlaws because they genuinely possess these skills and are required to use them quite frequently. Developing your domestic and outdoor survival skills will not only serve you well on a daily basis, but it will also separate you from 99% of men out there who are one-dimensional.

Supplemental Habits

Let’s discuss a few minor habits that will help push your outlaw game to the next level.

Spend More Time Alone

Making an effort to consistently isolate yourself from the outside world has innumerable benefits. It allows you to decompress, which is paramount to keeping your mind and body razor sharp and operating at peak efficiency. Isolation can last from just a few hours to a few days or longer depending on your personality and time. Turn off your phone, ditch your laptop, and get off the grid for a while. Meditate, lift weights, or go on a weekend hiking trip alone. Do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to recharge your batteries.

Read Up On Dark Triad Traits

There are a plethora of studies out there that unequivocally prove that men who genuinely possess one or more of the “dark triad” traits have little problem attracting the company of women. Without getting into the nuts and bolts, dark triad men simply don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. Here is a great place to start if you need a basic overview of what they are.

Many men already have one or more of these characteristics and sometimes it takes a little research to bring them to the surface. Not everyone has them, but reading up on them might help you realize why you act and think in ways that most men don’t.

Always Have A Backup Plan

The best bad guys rarely get caught off guard. This is because they always have a plan B up their sleeves on the off chance things don’t go according to plan. Having a solid backup plan manifests itself in confidence and boldness. Walking into any situation knowing you have one or more ways carry to out your plan helps you maintain frame in any environment.

We’ve all heard stories about the guy who always seems to have the presence of mind to make the right decisions in chaotic situations. This guy likely had a failsafe or two ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. This is why a man with a plan and a backup plan are unfazed by unrest.

Part 2 Takeaway

We all know that Drago lost to Rocky in disgrace and that Scarface and his “lil’ friend” were blown away in a cocaine-fueled rage. Those who are familiar with the story of Frank Lucas also know that his undoing was largely due to his inner circle dropping the ball, which led to the unfortunate decision he made to turn on them to save his own skin.

But where being a man is the most auspicious is the ability to separate the advantages of being a bad guy from the disadvantages. Leave the lemming approach to life to western females who blindly follow and mimic the exploits of celebri-sluts like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lawrence, and Taylor Swift thinking they’ll live the good life, only to realize much too late that following that lifestyle is the quickest way to shorten their shelf lives.

This approach to life is not for everybody.  A good number of men who wish to implement these traits will be short of time and resources. Another portion of men will want to jump on their moral high horses and denounce this lifestyle, failing to understand that I’m not advising men to copy criminals to the letter and risk their freedom in the name of “alphadom.”

That’s perfectly fine with me, but I would strongly advise these men to check their fear at the door. Use the discernment and logic your creator blessed you with in the form of a y chromosome and grab life by the balls in ways most men can’t or won’t.

By the same token, I’m fairly certain that ROK has readers who have been in or have proclivities that put themselves in situations that are potentially dangerous or have serious legal ramifications. As stated above I’ve had my share of  brushes with the law. Though I’ve had a few close calls I’ve managed to come out the other side with minimal physical, mental, and monetary damage because I figured out how to weave my way through these treacherous waters. Did good fortune have a small part in a few of my favorable resolutions? Sure, but don’t kid yourselves—preparation and experience makes a huge impact.

On that note, my final third and final installment will not be for the faint of heart. It will detail the ugly but necessary side of the outlaw lifestyle. Avoiding, safeguarding, and preparing yourself for situations that could potentially rob you of your time, money, faculties, freedom, or even your life will all be covered. Bad guys protect these commodities much more fiercely than depreciating assets (e.g. women and expensive toys) and so should you.

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