For a country that has existed less than one hundred years, Finland has had a violent history. The White Guard defeated the (communist) Red Guard in a bloody civil war, which ended in brutal executions of the defeated Reds. Twenty years later, the Soviet Union attempted to invade Finland in the Winter War. Not long after, the Continuation War broke out only to be followed by the Lapland War against the Germans. Through feats of heroic fighting and sacrifice, Finland managed stay independent amidst the fires of the Second World War.

Both my grandfathers (and their fathers) fought in the Second World War for the independence and sovereignty of Finland. Despite the hardships they faced during the war, regardless of the wounds they sustained in combat and the fact that their farms were lost to the enemy, they managed to start a family and live a relatively normal life.


Heroes of the Battle of Tali-Ihantala in the Continuation War

Therefore, Finland and her people are no strangers to war. However, all these events predate the so-called “welfare state” that later emerged. This change turned a once strong and proud nation to a shadow of its former self. The general lack of integrity resulting from the abandonment of the masculine virtues that allowed this small nation’s population to cope with crises of insane proportion, has until now been hard to describe to a foreigner not familiar with the intricacies of modern Finnish society.

While gathering sources for this article, I personally found that inconvenient statistics that had previously been provided by the national statistics institution, “Statistics Finland” (Tilastokeskus) have been deleted. Notably, a study showing the employment percentage of immigrants by ethnicity, which uncovered a shocking truth, that fewer than 20% of Afghani or Somali immigrants were employed. The study also showed the discrepancy these groups had with other immigrant groups such as the Kenyans of whom 83 % had found employed within Finland.

This and other similar studies, which have since been deleted, highlight the problem of too-lavish benefits. As expenses such as accommodation, food, and even hobbies are paid for by the welfare state, why would an individual get a job anyway? Unfortunately, such is the reality of the modern Nordic welfare state; foreign nationals are valued higher than the native population whose labor pays for the lifestyle of these higher value individuals. Any discussion of these policies, however, has been hampered by the standard techniques familiar to any man arguing feminists. Anyone criticizing either immigration or the benefits they receive is immediately called out as a racist, fascist or white trash.

The collapse of our masculine virtues and their replacement by feminine welfare values is nowhere more obvious than in the Parliament’s October 2013 decision not to revoke the social security benefits of individuals who went to fight in the Syrian civil war. The Minister of Social and Health Affairs submitted a written answer that maintained that social security eligibility is based on residence, and therefore the fact that they fight overseas does not warrant further action.


As a direct result, our state is supporting terrorism. The discussion regarding the immense social security benefits which immigrants (hailing from third-world countries such as Somalia) currently enjoy in Finland has been going on for a long time before this decision.

If a “brave” terrorist fighter is injured in the conflict, they will be treated free of charge in our Nordic all-expenses paid nanny state. It is not a secret that Finland has one of the highest tax rates in the world, and due to this, the Finnish taxpayer should have a right to ensure that their funds are used responsibly. Call me crazy, but I do not personally believe treating members of terrorist organizations is a responsible or even sensible use of Finnish resources.


 One could almost question why we let them continue residing in Finland in the first place.

The silence regarding this decision has been deafening. It took over a year for the media to barely cover the topic. The resulting outrage regarding the issue of taxpayer money being used on Jihadists has been rather docile. Similarly to the aforementioned immigrants’ benefit discussion, it is being pushed aside. There can be no questioning of the multiculturalism or xenocentrism our state sponsors. No one shall question the use of his or her taxed income.

The level of insanity inside a welfare state can be conveyed very poorly through a modicum of words. The prevalent attitudes of some of the people and the insidious propaganda that the people are exposed to daily I cannot bring to you via the sources I have available. However, my objective here has been to give a glimpse of the stupidity of the decision-making in our country and the resulting policies for the whole world to see.

These policies in place today are the result of the silencing dissenting opinions, limiting freedom of speech, and the brainwashing our people have been exposed to since kindergarten. It is an open secret that the education system promotes the leftist agenda on vulnerable and impressionable children. Furthermore, media focus is given to matters of no importance to shift attention from the more serious issues at hand.

Examples of shifting focus to non-issues are endless. For example, recently a member of the Finnish Parliament expressed her concern over SpongeBob Squarepants’ detrimental effects on children. Naturally, the story attracted a sizeable proportion of the public’s attention. Never mind the fact we are effectively supporting terrorism through our policies, SpongeBob is much too violent.

Our nation that once fought so fiercely against its enemies is now caring for them. We have betrayed ourselves.

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