Patriotic, conservative Americans have had a rough few years. There is no question that progressivism has marched over traditional conservatism and caused so many to ask, “What happened to America?”  It’s a crucial question that has been reduced to an exasperation and is often followed by a roll of the eyes or a shrug. Often, it concludes another discussion had by conservatives, scratching their heads at their dispossession and sighing at the futility to fight it.

So what did happen? In my opinion, the prosperity experienced after World War II provided a warm and cozy environment for progressive bacteria to grow and their ideas to spread, as the “greatest generation” eventually allowed their own children to undermine all that they had bled and died for. The shimmer of America’s golden age was too bright for many baby boomers who made concentrated efforts to dim it—and succeeded.

The revolutionaries of the sixties never officially revolted. They never took up arms and invaded the courthouses across America. They never rose up the workers to overtake the White House. They never got to plant their new flag on the Capitol building. They didn’t have to—they just took possession of our flag.

After decades of taking control of institutions within the media, universities, and government, leftists simply took our flag. It’s quite remarkable when you think about it: an entire nation’s way of life had the rug pulled out from under it. Some claim a globalist conspiracy was responsible and it may be true, but the failure of the American spirit, which had the opportunity to resist it, was as organic as rain.

The takeover was slow and drawn out because vast changes were simply a series of small nudges over time. Their progression was noted and scoffed at, but never resisted. Revolution was disguised as change and progression, and so here we are today—an enemy now waves our flag. Some claim that the enemy disrespects the flag and even spits on it with their policies, but I disagree. They handle the flag with greater care than most patriots, and why wouldn’t they? It’s their greatest weapon against you.

Does the patriot wave the flag or does the flag wave the patriot?

It’s worth questioning as the power structure shrouds themselves in the flag while they tax you, send you to war, legislate against you, violate your privacy, dumb down your children, empower special interest groups against you, etc. They then use guilt and apology to tranquillize you. And it works.


Like a parasite that uses the system of its host to thrive, the progressive uses the engine of America to “progress.” Other than radicalized union laborers, conservatives are generally the engine of America. Leftists are not conquerors—they can’t be. They are only direction-changers. Their “progress” is not action, it is emotion. The left is not the heart of a body that engines the limbs into action. The left is an emotion somewhere in the brain that causes hesitation, fear, and anger. It affects the body like a neurosis does, which is why it must wave the flag of the heart.

But just because an enemy waves the flag, it doesn’t mean that you need to march behind him. Leaders that have waved our flag over the last few decades have done so against our best interest, as any success was self-made, and often with resistance from the flag.

How to take back the right ideals

So why the continued allegiance? Do you want restoration or do you want warm and cozy feeling of days passed? Ideals have inspired little action. When we pledge such allegiance, we conscript ourselves to the engine of the machine identified by that flag. You are manning a crank to keep the engine running just because of the flag that is branding it. You disagree with where the machine is going and how expensive and deadly it is, yet you crank away because you read about a time when that flag was in better hands.

I understand that you hope that flag changes hands again; back into the hands of the people, but that machine isn’t going to just hand that flag over—not while you are working sixty hours per week for it, giving it thousands of dollars every year in taxes, or sacrificing your son or brother for it in some faraway desert. You’ve made it too strong.


An enemy has your flag. They stole it from you. They wave it inspiring, demanding your hard work, and sacrifices your lives on their battlefields. They brand their tanks with it and drape it over the caskets of your children, blinding you with pageantry—to keep you working, sacrificing yourselves for an ideal that they despise; an ideal that they are destroying with the very machine you fuel.

Their madness inspires suicide, but you keep grinding. You keep killing yourself to patronize an ideal that they have hijacked. You are the proud and willing flow of gasoline in their chainsaw that burns to cut down the tree of liberty that your grandchildren will never see. You pull their chariot and merely hope that somebody else takes the reins someday.  You rely on another vote to appoint a new hijacker.

Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority. There is but little virtue in the action of masses of men. – Henry David Thoreau in Civil Disobedience

The fuel to fight back is in the heart of every conservative patriot—it only needs to be ignited. Consider this:  What if a movement emerged across America of conservative patriots burning the flag in protest of their dispossession? Imagine the fear that would consume progressives when patriots finally proclaim an admission that the flag no longer waves for them, that the flag will no longer inspire their own suicide, that reason has prevailed over symbolism and that self-sacrifice will no longer be idealized.

Imagine workers, policemen, soldiers, teachers, and entrepreneurs suddenly taking such passionate action simultaneously, nonviolently and safe from condemnation. Have you ever seen a progressive on the defensive before? No, because we never take an offensive. We have permitted them to maintain a constant offensive by condemning ourselves to a never-ending defense of our own values, clinging to symbol that they attack and injure, but only to the brink of death as torture.

They use the flag to mock us by banning it or censoring it because we let them attach our virtues to it. They ban the flag which bans our virtues. They use the flag to instill guilt in us by attaching past transgressions to it, so that even our virtues inspire guilt. They use our own virtue as a weapon against us. Conservatives are largely moral people who have had their own compassion and mercy used against them. In Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, one of the novel’s heroes, Henry Rearden, considers how his own virtue and guilt is used against him by his enemies:

What sort of code permitted the concept of a punishment that required the victim’s own virtue as fuel to make it work?  A code – he thought – which would destroy only those who tried to observe it; a punishment, from which only the honest would suffer, while the dishonest would escape unhurt. Could one conceive of an infamy lower than to equate virtue with pain, to make virtue, not vice, the source of motive power of suffering?…To count upon his virtue and use it as an instrument of torture, to practice blackmail with the victim’s generosity as sole means of extortion to accept the gift of a man’s good will and turn it into a tool for the giver’s destruction.

A tyrant will point his gun at you to get your cooperation out of fear, and a progressive will point his finger at you to get your cooperation out of guilt. I contend that in America today, the finger of a leftist is far more dangerous and powerful than the gun of any soldier we have ever seen. Conservatives should no longer permit progressives to instill guilt in them.

What if conservatives did begin to burn the flag? For every star on the flag that goes up in smoke, so would our guilt and participation toward our dispossession. For every stripe that burns, so would our ideals of self-sacrifice for a symbol that is wrapped around the guilt that is used against us.

Could the flame from a burning flag that was stolen from us ignite the fuel within the patriot that has been lured into a position of endless defense? Think of the chilling message it would send to the domestic enemies of America that have hijacked our nation. They will have to defend the flag. Consider how the useful idiots and other weapons of the left will respond as they will be the one’s fearing revolution. Imagine the terror in the eyes of the looters of the left when the engine of the machine that carries them begins to break down, and they see that the flickering light of a burning flag, when ignited by a patriot, illuminates the face of a rebel.

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