After a round of sex between a nonjudgmental man and his wonderful fiancé, a conversation ensues between the two as they lay in bed—cuddling in their post-coital bliss. Let’s observe their little chat…

Man: Wow sweetie, you’re so amazing and wild! So look, we’ve been together for almost two years now and have lived together for six months. Tell me, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

Fiancé: Oh, I don’t know, I’m pretty shy about that stuff, I don’t want you to judge me either. Besides, nothing could ever compare to you big daddy, hehe…

Man: Aww shucks, don’t be that way sweetheart. We’re best friends! You know that you can tell me absolutely anything without fear of being judged.

Fiancé: Really baby? Are you sure?

Man: Absolutely, cupcake.

Fiancé: Okay! Hehehe [grabs iPhone from the nightstand]… Well, there was this one time where I let six guys take turns cumming inside my butthole and then drove to my ex-boyfriend’s place and sucked a booger out of his nose. Take a look, we’re still friends on Facebook—here’s his picture:

…God, he’s still so fucking hot… By the way, can I borrow 30 bucks?

Boyfriend: Wow… ummm… you know what, sweetheart? I love you and the past is the past, and yes—he seems like a great guy. You two should hang out again sometime and catch up. I’m sure the other six gentlemen that ejaculated into your rectum were quite charming as well. All that matters is that you’re with me now—that’s the only thing I care about. You’re my world. I’ll tell you what, here’s 50 dollars, keep the rest and buy yourself something extra. Don’t worry about paying me back either.

Fiance: Oh my God babe, you’re the best! I can’t wait to marry you!

Man: I can’t wait either, sweetheart, I’m so glad you’re going to be mother of my children!

The man in the above story is such a great guy, isn’t he? I, for one, completely agree with him 100 percent. It wouldn’t bother me one bit to take sloppy seconds from the bastard in that picture. After all, the past is the past, and it takes a “real man” to overlook a woman’s dubious history, right?


Let’s cut the shit, right here and right now. There are only two types of people that subscribe to this whole “The past is the past” line of bullshit thinking: people with fucked-up pasts, and people that date people with fucked-up pasts.

Feminism has successfully brainwashed men into thinking that a woman’s history is somehow completely irrelevant. If you were to meet an attractive 23-year-old woman right now, it would be your obligation to ignore the first 23 years of her life as if they never happened. You’re supposed to pretend like she didn’t exist until the moment you met her, or to assume that she was a darling little angel throughout all of those previous years—what a crock of shit.

I’m one judgmental son of a bitch and I make no apologies for it. It’s incredibly important to me to know what kind of woman I’m dealing with, and I want to know as quickly as possible. There are basically three tiers of acceptability women can fall under as far as I’m concerned.

Tier One: Relationship

These types fall under my personal standards for a relationship-material woman. They have no tattoos, no slutting around in their past, and have pleasant and nurturing personalities. They will also answer any questions about their past without reticence. A good girl knows that she’s a good girl, and will speak freely of her experiences or lack thereof. Relationship material women tend to be on the demure, quiet, and shy side as well. It’s important to note that I’m basing my “good girl” experiences on foreign women here.


Tier Two: Fuck Buddy

These women are sluts, but they’re sluts that are enjoyable to be around. They have somewhat pleasant personalities and listening to them talk doesn’t make me fantasize about my own death. Their sexual prowess tends to be very good and they pull their own financial weight when we go out together as well.

I make decent coin and can easily afford all of our outings, but watching a woman pay for shit when she makes significantly less money than me makes me happier than a freshly-sucked dick. And while these women usually have tattoos, they can easily be covered up with normal clothing. This is important to me because I don’t like to feel embarrassed when I’m out in public.


Tier Three: Nail ‘N Bail

These sluts have the types of personalities and mannerisms that would make a trip to the cancer ward at a children’s hospital a pleasant experience in comparison… but if they have big titties that I wouldn’t mind playing with, I might tolerate their shit just long enough to get them into bed. After I nail this type once or twice, I will quickly remove them from my life. However, in the past couple of years, I’ve developed a low tolerance for these broads and have pretty much stopped messing with them altogether.


Now, in order to appropriately categorize a woman, she must be interrogated. American women have hit rock bottom and started digging, so for the most part, I don’t even have to ask anymore. Give me 10 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with the average woman and I’ll know what I’m dealing with pretty quickly from her mannerisms and the way she talks.

With roughly 80 percent of them, I can figure them out quite easily this way. This is the demographic of women that I draw my fuck buddies from. I know what they are and what they’re all about, and therefore I don’t have to question them about their pasts—the relationships will never get serious to the point that I care enough to find out. The problem lies with the remaining 20 percent, it’s these women that think they’re clever and slick that find themselves under the microscope.

Women are pretty good liars, but they’re not that good. They have the allure of their pussies and that’s it. If you’re a sucker for pussy, then you’ll be a sucker for their lies too. If you can maintain a level head and look at things objectively, then you’ll realize their attempts at subterfuge are amateur at best.

This is best handled by dating two women—or more, if you can handle it—at the same time. It would be easy to tell your current boss to go fuck himself on a Friday when you could have a new gig starting on the following Monday. It’s the same way with women. This is important because of the power it gives you. It makes walking away from a woman very easy when you’re not concerned about replacing her. With this in mind, let’s look at the first technique.

Directly Asking

This is the route I take nowadays simply because I don’t fucking care anymore. If a woman passes the initial screening process and presents herself as decent, then I’ll just ask her whatever I want to know. It’s my privilege to know who and what I’m dealing with. If I’m paying for dates or she’s coming into my home—then I want full disclosure. That’s the bottom line.

If you were engaged to a woman and asked for a prenuptial agreement, then “yes” would be the only answer you would find acceptable. It’s the same way when directly interrogating women about their pasts. If there’s any hesitation, or any dancing around the questions, then you have your answer.

If you’re going to take the direct path, then you need to be prepared for some return fire. The woman in question might be offended by your audacity. This is where the shaming language and emasculation attempts may come into play. Here are some common slut responses and how you should properly view their reactions.

“You’re so insecure!”

Yep, I’m so insecure that I will discard you like rotten fish guts and then swiftly replace your ass like a burnt out lightbulb if you think you’re too good to answer my fucking questions. Let’s get something straight here: there is nothing “insecure” about seeking answers to any questions you may have—absolutely nothing. Insecure would be sitting back and wondering what type of woman you’re involved with, but not asking uncomfortable questions because you’re a chicken shit that is afraid of what you might hear.

Repeat after me: “Looking out for my best interests does not make me insecure. Not settling for anything less than what I want does not make me insecure. Demanding to know the truth about someone I’ve been intimate with—or plan on being intimate with—does not make me insecure.”

If a police detective was conducting an interrogation, and the suspect said, “Oh my God, detective, you’re so insecure for asking me what I was doing at 3:00 AM last Thursday,” the detective would be like, “Lady, you’re a fucking idiot.” He’s just doing his job, and that’s exactly what you’re doing—your fucking job. The most important job you’ve ever had at that: the job of looking out for yourself first and foremost. Having the balls to ask tough questions and not being afraid of getting your hands dirty is the complete opposite of insecure.

“Why do you want to know? Don’t you trust me?”


Fuck no I don’t trust you. Why would I trust someone that’s choosing to blow smoke up my ass instead of answering some straightforward questions? And I want to know because there’s a certain caliber of woman that I’m looking for when it comes to a relationship. I get to choose the type of woman I spend my time with—that’s my choice and my choice alone. And if a woman has a problem with that? Well, tough shit, sweetheart—should’ve laid off the dick sauce and made some better decisions.

“All of the guys I dated before didn’t ask about my past!”

Well, all of the other guys you dated were either cowards, weirdos, or fucking idiots. Let’s examine these three types of men in detail.

1. Idiots

There are way too many men out there operating under the strong misapprehension that they are special. Their arrogance is cute—it would even be somewhat admirable if it wasn’t so misguided. They think all of the bad shit in life doesn’t apply to them. They think that no one can fuck better than them, provide better than them, or understand women better than them. They’re under the impression that divorce or being screwed over is something that happens to other guys, and not to such rock stars like themselves—they’re fucking fools.

I fully accept the fact that I’m a pissing, shitting human being. That’s all I am—I’m not special. Being cheated on, lied to, misled, and flaked on? Those things all have and still do apply to me. And being armed with this knowledge that I’m not exempt from all of the bullshit the world has to offer makes me a very discerning and calculating individual.

2. Cowards

These types of men are too afraid to ask hard questions because they only have a woman come along once every so often. Since they don’t want to fuck up their biennial vagina encounter, they keep their mouths shut so they don’t rock the boat and lose out on the trickle of tattered and torn pussy the that so seldom comes their way.

These are the guys that say, “I don’t care about her past.” Of course they don’t care about her past—they can’t fucking care. They don’t have the options at their disposal to care. Their only choice is the slut that’s sitting next to them—that’s all they’ve got. These men are like buzzards—they guard their rotten stinky-ass carcass of a woman like she’s a piece of prime rib. They have to do this because it’s the only God damn meal they’re going to get. These men are exactly like what they desire but can only sparsely obtain—pussies.

3. Weirdos

These are guys that actually like the idea of their women getting nailed by other men. Have you ever stumbled upon one of those amateur porn videos where some housewife is taking a jackhammer-style beast fucking by a group of men in a poorly lit living room? Oh, you have? Well, who do you think is holding the camera and directing that shit-show? The motherfucking weirdo husband—that’s who.

I’m not going to pretend like I know or understand the psychology of these men, but suffice it to say—I’m not into that shit, personally. I think any man that gets turned on by the thought of his woman taking dick from anyone other than himself—either in the past or present—has seriously tripped a brain wire somewhere along the line.

Here’s the bottom line—all of the “other guys” in a woman’s past weren’t me. As a result, I don’t give a fuck about them or what they thought of her. I care about me, what I want, and what I think. Just because some other joke of a man is cool with a past filled with drunken cock consumption and drug abuse doesn’t mean I have to be. I’m smarter than those other guys, and any man reading this right now—that doesn’t have his head up his ass—is smarter than them too.

“Just give me a chance! Let me prove to you that I’m not like that anymore, I was a different person back then!”

This is one of my favorites. Just how long is this “chance” supposed to last? How long will it take for you to “prove” to me that you’re “not like that” anymore? All the way up to the point where the novelty of our relationship wears off and you reveal exactly what I knew you were all along? I’m not thinking about six months down the road. I’m thinking six years down the road, or sixteen years down the road. You know, when you could take my kids, retirement, and other investments through a divorce, perhaps? Out of all the replies you’ll be faced with, this one will be one of the most difficult for you to walk away from.

When a woman says she’s “not like that anymore,” there’s a good chance that she’s being sincere. That’s why you might be tempted to give her a chance—she’s actually being honest when she says it. At that particular moment in time, she actually believes in her own bullshit, and that’s exactly why knowing her past is so important. All of the lip service about how she was “immature” or a “different person back then” is fucking nonsense. Her past is exactly who she is, and she can easily revert right back into being herself once her goals have been accomplished—at your expense, mind you.

Women never really change who they are, they just change what they do, and they only change what they do just long enough to get whatever they’re after. The only way people really change is through deep introspection, self discovery, and a very strong desire to overhaul themselves for the better. Have you met any women that possess those three qualities? Yeah, me neither.

I could write a book on all of the different shit women will say in response to questions about their pasts, but this will have to do in the interests of saving space. Now, directly asking a woman about her past means exactly that—you just ask. Here are some examples of how to take this approach.

Primer Questions

In part two of this article, I will talk about the easier approaches: Appearing Non-Judgmental and Clandestine Measures. For guys that may find what follows a bit out of their comfort zones, those techniques will be much more suited for them. Now, I generally like to preface my interrogation with a feeler question(s). This is to test the waters and see how she reacts—think of it as laying a foundation.

It’s very important to pay close attention to her responses here, and remember to trust your instincts. Remember, anything other than transparency and candid responses to your questions means she’s hiding something. This includes saying things like, “I don’t feel comfortable answering that,” or “Do we have to talk about that now,” and so on.

These lines are to be said “matter of factly” and with confidence. Don’t be timid with this shit. Say it like you’re telling a waiter what you’re ordering for dinner. Have an attitude that says, “I know what I want—you can either give it to me or fuck off.” When asking a woman about her past, you need to prepared for the fact that it could be your last interaction with one another—either by your choosing or hers. With that said, here are some ideas for you to use. I think it’s important to note that I’ve said variations of these lines in my own interactions…

“We’ve gone out a few times and it’s been great getting to know you, but if this is going to go anywhere—I’ll to need to know some things about you.”

“If this little relationship of ours is ever going to progress beyond where it is right now, then I’m going to need to know more about who you are.”

“I value my time and only want to spend it with the absolute best people possible. So far things are going fine, but I still don’t know you well enough to tell whether or not you’re the best. I need you to help me make that clear.”

“So, this good girl act of yours, is it legit or are you trying to charm me?”

If she seems pliable and willing to answer, then ask anything you want to know. How you ask is at your discretion—just be sure to pay attention to eye contact and body language. Another suggestion is to do this when you’ve had a couple of drinks at a bar or other public venue. She will be much more reluctant to cause a scene or act like an idiot when there are people around. It also gives you the chance to get up and leave if you hear something that disgusts you. As always, I recommend sticking her with the entire drink bill if that happens.

In Closing

In the aviation business—pilots specifically—it’s simply not enough to be a good aviator. If pilots hope to be hired by major airlines, major cargo carriers, or land a good corporate gig—then they can’t be fuck-ups in their personal lives. Pilots have a reputation for being drinkers, and this is a reputation prospective employers are well aware of.

As a result, if a pilot has a DUI in the past 10 years, then he’s pretty much screwed unless his daddy is a company executive or the director of flight operations. He also can’t have too many busted checkrides on his PRIA record (especially at the part 121 airline level); even too many speeding tickets can be a deal breaker.

Why do you think airlines, fractional operators, and cargo outfits are so hard on pilots for DUI’s? Easy answer—because drunk pilots are bad for business. Employers know this and act accordingly with their hiring practices. I’m sure many readers have noticed that it always makes the news whenever a flight crew member shows up to work intoxicated. Needless to say, it’s bad for public relations when that happens; not to mention highly illegal and dangerous. A DUI gives employers the impression that these pilots not only put their own lives at risk, but also the lives of others.

Pilots are aware that DUI’s can greatly impact their careers in a very negative way, so what does it say about them if they make the decision to drink and drive? Perhaps it shows that they don’t take their careers seriously, that they’re impetuous and lack foresight, or that they just flat-out have a drinking problem—none of which are good traits for an airman. An employer will ask themselves, “What kind of risks would these guys take with passengers on board?”

I’ve known some great guys that were excellent pilots throughout the years, but they have a DUI on their records. These guys didn’t just make a mistake—they made a decision, and a bad one at that. Their career progression has stalled due to their poor judgment. It’s a competitive market for good jobs in the industry, and there are plenty of pilots that don’t have any blemishes on their records. The ones that haven’t fucked up are the ones that get the good jobs, period.

I’ve also known some great women throughout the years, but their records revealed that they were poor decision-makers or sluts. So guess what? They don’t get the job of being with me. I only hire sluts for temporary positions such as blowjobs or doggy style. The more permanent and rewarding position—that of my commitment—is only open to the absolute best, period.

Airlines won’t hire pilots with checkered pasts, banks won’t give loans to people that are unemployed or have shitty credit, and DMV’s won’t issue driver’s licenses to people with vehicular manslaughter charges on their records. If all of these entities exercise strong judgment in their practices, then why would it be any different for a man and the women he dates?

The answer is simple: there is no fucking difference, and don’t let anyone—especially a woman—ever try to convince you otherwise. Stay tuned.

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