Mike Cernovich is one of the latest victims in the full-blown war on gaming, male spaces, and masculinity known as GamerGate. You’ve may have heard of him through Danger & Play, but everything you have to know about Mike is that he is a successful lawyer, white, and hetero. As such, he epitomizes the dreaded boogeyman of modern SJW’s around the world: patriarchy.

The History of Oppression

Before we get into what Mike said that riled up SJW’s so badly, let’s talk about patriarchy and why it’s such a seemingly big threat to SJW’s. Patriarchy literally means “the rule of fathers.” What’s wrong with being ruled by a “father”? Well, there is nothing inherently wrong with it. In fact, someone has to rule, so it made sense that those would be the most powerful and capable persons, usually men. Under the patriarchy almost all men in the society also had no power whatsoever and were likewise obeying the father figure, just like women.

However, SJW theory disregards all of that and claims all men rule all women, regardless of any other factor. In short, patriarchy makes women feel oppressed. This is an important point and the crux of feminism, because it shows how with radical feminists, everything is based on feelings, which cannot be measured or sometimes even correctly identified. Thus, feelings trump reality. Anyone who tries to bring facts, logic or any emotion that differs from the current mindset is threatening the narrative and has to be silenced.

“Repent, Oppressor!” Said the Rad-Fem Woman

The sole weapon of social justice warriors is to shame-and-blame anyone who dares to speak up. The reason they are doing it so fervently is that people who speak up create a dangerous example for others to follow. If left unsilenced, one voice can quickly turn into a massive protest. If shame-and-blame doesn’t work, it’s time for some doxxing (the practice of releasing an enemy’s personal information on the internet).

That’s not surprising, since SJWs fear direct confrontation with reality the most and would rather file false police reports and tarnish someone’s reputation instead of coming up with logical rebuttal and sound arguments. If you cross the line and criticize their ethos publicly, don’t expect any mercy, for yourself or for your loved ones.

cernovich is about to get doxxed original size

All of this started when Mike challenged Sam Biddle, a Gawker writer who famously proclaimed that we should create a “national SMASH A NERD day,” to a boxing match. Ironically, Sam Biddle fits the definition of a nerd quite handily, which probably reveals his masochistic tendencies.

cernovich challenges biddle to boxing resized 500px

After that, Mike Cernovich went to Youtube and recreated the same challenge, this time in video form. In short, Cernovich challenged Biddle to 3 rounds of boxing with the full set of protective gear: mouthpiece, headgear, and 16-ounce gloves. Each round would last 3 minutes, with $10,000 being donated to anti-bully charity if Biddle accepts. The event would be streamed live and all proceeds from viewers would also go to charity.


The above boxing challenge video gathered around 100,000 views on Youtube, which is around 30 times more than any other video on his channel.

Mike definitely got more attention than he expected, but therein lies a very important lesson. Namely, each and every one of us has a powerful voice and we can all use it to become warriors against feminism and social justice warriors. We can question the official narrative and hopefully remedy the toxic situation in our society, without exposing ourselves to harm that comes with the default label of “misogynist.”


Feminists and social justice warriors avoid criticism because their world view isn’t based on any facts—it is instead based on emotions and the subjective feeling of being “oppressed.” There will be no citation for this claim, however, you can check it very easily if you find a SJW and ask: “Who is more oppressed – a black woman or a white woman?” After that, simply sit back and enjoy watching the wheels spin. As an added bonus, try to count inconsistencies and logical fallacies in the response.

Shame-and-blame only works if those who speak up are foolish enough to believe their differing opinion will be tolerated by the SJW collective. Though they are full of proclaimed “equality and social justice,” this is never going to happen, especially if you’re a white straight man. If you’re out there and think you can go public on Twitter or any other social network and criticize women at all, be warned. Even if your criticism is well-grounded, whatever you say will likely be labeled as “misogyny.” You are expected to shut up, man up, and check your privilege.

Note how the feminists and social justice warriors have no way to silence anonymous people other than to say “check your privilege,” which is a fancy way of saying “shut up.” However, the shame-and-blame tactic will not work against the passionate GamerGaters, because they are willing to hide their tracks and use the full extent of anonymity provided to them by the almighty Internet. That does award them the label of being “trolls,” but trolling is still considered largely childish and harmless and there is no legislation against it, unless you’re in the UK.

The censorship of GamerGate extends to popular platforms as well. The discussion of a Zoe Quinn related thread on Reddit’s r/gaming was subjected to absurd amounts of moderation, which resulted in some 27,000 deleted comments. TotalBiscuit, whose essay the thread linked to, proclaimed it “the biggest comment graveyard I’ve seen in my life”. 4chan moderators also began censoring and introducing political correctness in GamerGate topics.

In both cases, the cause were connections between social justice warriors and moderators on 4chan and Reddit. Therefore, don’t expect to find an outlet on a popular platform, since they all conform to the SJW narrative. Instead, use guerrilla tactics, and arm yourself with facts and logic.

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