In recent decades, gaming has been one of the few areas of mass entertainment where creative freedom was not subject to the politically correct whims of the day. But in 2014, the cultural elite declared war on this idea of creative freedom and sought to make gaming as bland an experience as watching a CBS sitcom.

In every era, men have sought safe harbor from the drudgery of everyday life, a place to relax without the grasp of their bosses and womenfolk. In times past, this could have been the pool hall or the strip club, but for millennials this sanctuary has taken the form of gaming.

As the hydra of feminism, low social mobility, and economic stagnation has devoured the living standards of young men in the west, video games have provided a welcome and mostly healthy escape for them to blow off steam. But in recent times, this vent has been sealed shut by so-called “Social Justice Warriors in the name of an extreme socio-political agenda.

Video games have thrived in part thanks to offering a level of complexity, humor, and occasional lack of political correctness which would simply never fly in the mainstream media. Developers were able to get away with this subversiveness due to gaming being seen as a fringe pursuit.

Now that gaming is in the mainstream, it is subject to the same homogenizing demands as a TV show or Hollywood movie—with every controversial idea being sucked out in the name of not hurting a certain group’s feelings.

You want a game featuring a bold, alpha male hero? How sexist of you! Here’s one about a chubby girl’s bout with depression instead.

The question must be asked as to why this is happening, and I believe there are three main reasons for this establishment attack on gaming and the young men who form its audience:L

1. Male-dominated spaces contradict feminist ideology


All men need to enjoy a dame-free space on occasion. Whether it’s schoolboys going to the treehouse or some executives hitting the golf club, it’s a chance for the guys to relax, engage in some real talk and tell the filthiest jokes and stories they know.

As someone who spent most of 2001 getting repeatedly banned from a supposedly unmoderated, unofficial Halo LAN group, I know all too well of how fun it can be to talk smack with no recourse or real-world consequence, it’s a release and any adolescent with an ounce of testosterone in them needs that occasionally.

Yet for some reason, feminists hate the idea of a private gathering of men. Centuries-old male golf clubs have been forced to accept women, and universities have banned “men’s clubs” before they could even be launched. They believe that if the nanny state takes its eye off us for one second, we’ll start collectively devising ways to increase the “pay gap” and discussing our shared appreciation of the finer points of “rape culture.”

The reality is that despite the often vulgar language, most online gaming chats and forums are fairly innocuous, yet the solipsistic worldview of feminists somehow manages to construe that all of this behavior is somehow related to the oppression of women.


2. They see gaming as a way to shape the next generation of men


Just as any act of violence committed by a young man in the early 2000s was attributed to big, bad violent video games – any act of supposed sexism committed by a young man is now the fault of irresponsible game devs.

Social Justice Warriors subscribe to the view that everyone is equal and that all of a person’s character is defined by the media they consumed while growing up. This is entirely true of course; video games are a massive influence on one’s character. After all, I am sitting here writing this article with blue spikes atop my head, an affinity for collecting gold rings and I’ve developed a complex frenemy-style relationship with a rebellious echidna…

Given this belief, video games are seen as hot property for winning the minds of the next generation. If a generation of little boys grows up wanting to be like Princess Peach rather than be the plucky fellow who saves her from a fire-breathing turtle, the SJWs will have succeeded in their goal.

3. Gaming distracts male attention away from them


Ultimately, the main currency in which women deal is that of male attention. Even the most ardent, mohawked, proudly obese Tumblr feminist would cry herself to sleep on a day where no male had lavished her with some form of attention, whether positive or negative.

Video games offer men a chance to tune out from nagging girlfriends, angry feminists, and a judgmental media. Whereas once we had to leave our homes to seek solace, we can now in a matter of seconds load up Steam and be transported to a realm where the aforementioned have no influence.

Did you really think feminists were going to allow that? Absolutely not, that would be far too much freedom and you’re a troll if you disagree.

All games must now offer a strong female perspective on events, and perhaps controllers could be modified to include a “trigger warning” button if things get too heavy for the gamer girls and their beta male accomplices.


The recent Zoe Quinn affair is merely one facet of a wider movement which seeks to co-opt gaming and turn it into yet another anodyne form of entertainment which offers no place for men.

GamerGate presents a larger question. If men are being demonized for the types of video games they wish to play and their opinions, and their hobby is to be co-opted by social justice warriors who regard gamers with utter contempt – where else can these young men blow off steam?

Faced with declining living standards and the atrocious state of western women, if gamers have their hobby stolen from them the SJWs may have awakened a generation of frustrated young men who will finally question the cultural forces which have actively sought to worsen their lives.

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