GamerGate is an internet movement that is attempting to clean up corruption and favoritism in gaming journalism on sites like Kotaku, Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra, and numerous others that have been pushing an extremist SJW agenda instead of reviewing games fairly. These sites have elevated women like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian to professional victims who tear down gamers and label everything as misogynist instead of fostering real game development. Since all of the mainstream media is against GamerGate, this leaves a reporting void that ROK would like to fill.

What does ROK have to do with games?

ROK is a site that focuses on masculinity, travel, sex, and traditional gender roles. Gaming is not within our sphere. Out of 1,700 articles published here since we launched in November 2012, we have only written six about video games. These four are neutral in tone:

While two were critical of video gaming:

Video games are not our strength or passion and never will be, but there is one important thing that ROK and GamerGate have in common: we have the same enemy.

SJW’s have plagued our corner of the sphere (often called the manosphere) for many years. Here are some recent examples:

Two years ago the Southern Poverty Law Center put me on a “misogyny” list, which feminists loudly celebrated at the time in the hopes that I would become scared and quit blogging.


The same people who are involved against GamerGate are familiar faces to us, making me realize how deep SJW’s have infected various internet communities.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

I personally don’t play video games or know much about the current industry. I’d estimate that most ROK readers also don’t play video games, but as of right now, we are fighting in the same cultural war against the same enemy. I believe a temporary bond would be prudent to defeat the far-left extremists who have corrupted gaming journalism and have been continuously attempting to censor and attack ROK’s promotion of free speech and male heterosexuality. Even before GamerGate, I possessed no ill will to video gamers. Their hobby does not interfere with my ideals like SJW’s do, who have labeled both me and ROK with every slur under the sun.

I also want to make clear that GamerGate is not our movement, and I do not want to lead, direct, or organize any aspect of it. I simply want to provide ROK’s bullhorn to disseminate pro-GamerGate news, because as of right now, it’s extremely difficult to get summaries of what’s going on without having to spend a lot of time staying on top of tweets and random image or video postings. I also don’t have the will to wade through GamerGate videos that can run well over 20 minutes in length.

Since ROK is a popular destination (1 million unique and 4 million page views a month), I’d like to introduce GamerGate to those who are not even gamers. That said, gamers must know that we promote a traditional masculinity that women and homosexuals may find disagreeable or even offensive. We completely understand if pro-GamerGate followers choose not to get their updates from us.

We’re looking for one GamerGate correspondent

I’d like to hire one writer who can publish at least one article a week in the 800-1500 word range summarizing GamerGate news by highlighting the most recent developments in an orderly summary that is easy for casual observers of GamerGate to follow. Everything must be sourced on facts and credible sources, and you will not be allowed to bully, dox, or harass those who are against GamerGate. You will also be free to use the ROK name to conduct interviews and other press inquiries.

ROK is a modest operation. We have no corporate office and our writers—most of whom are anonymous—live throughout the world. Our pay structure is $20 per article plus up to $40 in bonuses per week. For this position, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about GamerGate, plays videos games, is familiar with all the key industry figures, and can write clearly in plain language without unnecessary flourish or sensationalism. If you are interested, email me directly at [email protected] Attach any writing samples if you have them.

It’s understandable if gamers don’t want to associate with a “misogynist” site like ROK, but I want to stress again that we don’t want to become part of the GamerGate story. We simply want to provide accurate reporting on it to support the movement, because I fully stand by GamerGate and am hoping that it achieves its goals. If GamerGate loses then I fear our own battle with SJW’s will end in defeat as well.

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