The other night I was flipping channels and stumbled upon my favorite movie, Rocky IV. I tossed the remote aside and made myself comfortable to watch the flick I’d seen at least a hundred times. Right on cue my on-and-off FWB emerged from her kitchen bearing gifts of homemade empanadas and rice milk (love my Latinas). After she rolled her eyes at the television and handed me my plate she took to her usual task of playing with her more reliable FWB—her iPhone.

Shortly after Ivan Drago sent Apollo Creed six feet under with the left hook heard ‘round the world my cheating chica managed to pull herself away from her phone long enough to ask me a question that really got me thinking: “Why do you always root for the bad guy?”

She was right. I love villains. All of them. From real life heels like Pablo Escobar and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fictional outlaws like Scarface and Gordon Gekko, I have always had an affinity for men who proudly don the black hat since I was a wee lad. As a kid I recognized very quickly that the bad guys always had cooler cars, bigger guns, and hotter women. I saw that they carried themselves with a swagger and confidence the good guys didn’t have nearly enough of. Once I saw the results of their ability to charm themselves into the good graces of both men and women, I was all in on malefactors, though I was much too young to wrap my head around why.

Being raised in a culture that all but castrates us from birth, men are led to believe that the hero always gets the girl and lives the good life because he is selfless and does the right thing (read: panders to women). The matriarchy finishes the job by telling us the bad guy gets nothing but contempt from said girl for his assholery or crimes and is destined to live out his days in misery and shame. Naturally we try to become heroes to save the damsels in distress and live out that dream.

Those of us who’ve unplugged from the matrix have come to accept that this isn’t how it works. And while it’s common knowledge in the ‘sphere that being a hero is the quickest way to contract the disease known as parchus cockaramus (desert dick) it’s not oft discussed that modeling your behaviors and habits according to what the opposite side of that spectrum dictates will quite literally transform you and your life right before your very eyes. So if you’ve truly digested the Red Pill, side effects and all, then you’ll understand these three unmistakable real world truths about life in 2014:

  1. Villains live more fulfilling lives than heroes.
  2. Villains command much more respect than heroes.
  3. The hero never gets the girl while the villain is always up to his eyebrows in pussy.

Now I know there could be a few men (and women) reading this right now thinking “You are soooo wrong!  Heroes are amazing and attractive and women adore them!” Answer this question fellas:  How’s that hero thing workin’ out for ya? Thought so. And ladies, when’s the last time you blew a guy who tried to “save” you?  I hear the crickets too.

I also know there are men reading this who are on the cusp of true alphadom. You’re not quite there yet but you’re getting close. You’ve gotten into shape, killed your approach anxiety, tightened up your thread game, and can leap over a shit test in a single bound.

But you’re missing something. That edge. You’re lacking that extra oomph that pushes a woman from a casual fuck buddy to devoted sex slave who doesn’t give a shit who you’re banging on the side so long as she’s in your presence. You’re missing that x-factor that commands the respect of everyone around you.  This is where implementing villainous traits comes in.

Now before you furrow your brow and blurt out “what the fuck,” just relax. Nobody’s suggesting you go out and start committing crimes. However, taking on a few bad guy attributes will most assuredly kick your life into overdrive.

Never ever apologize

“If he dies, he dies...” As a 9-year-old those words sent chills up my spine (they still do). I had always been told to repent and make amends for sins I’ve committed. And who among us haven’t been raised to apologize for the wrongs we’ve done? This was different. Drago killed someone, didn’t give a shit, and let everyone know about it while draped in the Soviet flag in hostile territory at the height of the Cold War. He showed positively zero penitence about taking a man’s life with his own hands. This was maximum fucking alpha.

Obviously you can’t run out and commit murder then tell the cops “If he dies, he dies,” and expect to get off scot-free. But absolute remorselessness is a staple in the psyche of a man who lives life on his own terms without feeling the need to utter the words “I’m sorry” to anyone for any reason.

If you forget to pick up your girl from work, don’t apologize no matter how much she bitches at you. If you piss your buddy off when you tell him his new girlfriend is the town orifice, show no contrition. If your brother tells you you’re an idiot for quitting your job to start a business, don’t justify shit. Even if your girlfriend catches you with your dick in another chick, show absolutely no remorse. You do what you want, when you want, and how you want without explanation or justification.

Villains are unapologetic. They do what’s necessary to dominate life and don’t feel a tinge of guilt about it. Adopt this mentality and you will quickly gain the respect of your peers, your parents, your women, your siblings, and even your boss.


Take what you want, when you want it

Another classic trait that serves a Bad Guy well is his ability to go after what he wants with a fervor and precision unmatched by his less than ambitious counterparts. He pinpoints his target, creates a plan of action, executes it, and most importantly, sees it through to the end.

Tony Montana is a great example of a man who carried out his plan to get what he wanted to perfection. This guy was a refugee when he arrived stateside but he was blessed with razor-sharp instincts. Scarface used his gifts to quickly identify and exploit a weakness within the hierarchy of the Miami drug trade. Yes, there were some speed bumps along the way, but he adapted and stayed the course. Before long he was the king of South Beach with more money, women, and drugs than he knew what to do with.

As a man with outlaw tendencies you must never deprive yourself of the things you want. Don’t dream about driving that badass car you saw on the lot, start saving your money now and go buy the damn thing when you have the cash. Don’t just make small talk with the hot cashier you want to bang, spit game at her today and invite her to hang out later tonight. Identify what you want and take it.

Villains are acutely aware that striking while the iron is hot is paramount to their lifestyle and never hesitate to take action to get what they want. It is very important to understand that they don’t just go all willy-nilly and start shooting up jewelry stores when they see diamonds sparkling in a display case. They carefully plan their heist and carry it out with meticulousness so as to increase their odds of success. You would do well to emulate this behavior.

Quit acting like your miserable friends who sit around playing video games wishing for shit and start taking control of your surroundings. Act as though the world is yours for the taking and take it. You’ll shock yourself when you start accumulating the commodities you thought were out of reach.

Turn your residence into your lair

A few years back I bought a very small (1700 square foot) abandoned warehouse in an industrial district downtown with the intent of eventually living there. I had my work cut out for me, but I had a vision. It took almost two years to make it livable through various renovations, but believe me when I tell you it was worth it.

Among the amenities of my new dwelling is a weightlifting area, a multi-screen computer system that rivals the Bat Cave, and a proper gun safe for my firearms. My new pad also has a roll-up door on the back large enough for me to drive my Jeep through, so I’m able to park inside. This gives me complete isolation from the outside world. If not for the deed and lack of solar panels, this place would be completely off the grid (can’t have it all). I’ve only lived here for a few days but I felt right at home my very first night. For this is a space I inhabit over which I have complete control and is a direct reflection of who and what I am. This is my lair. 

The way most homes are set up these days is under the complete control of women. The kitchen has to look like it does in magazines and always costs a fortune, the living room is in some ridiculous feng shui set up, and the act of removing the 38 overpriced designer pillows off the bed before turning in for the night is enough of a workout to burn off the day’s calories.

Men are so afraid of upsetting their wildebeests wives they rarely object to any of it. As a result they are prisoners in their own homes without any respite from the daily grind. Any sliver of space they can carve out and call their own is given the pathetic moniker “man cave.” Worse yet, some dudes in LTRs allow their women to arrange their homes to her liking.

Fuck. That. Noise.

Go into villain mode and turn your place into your lair. If you don’t live alone find a place you can turn into one. Rent a storage unit, buy or lease a warehouse, rent out the attic from the crazy old man who owns the butcher shop down the street. You’re a man. Get creative. Do whatever you have to do to isolate yourself in an environment that gets your testosterone juices flowing. 

Make your dwelling a technological wonder if you’re into computers and technology. Deck your place out with a full-scale casino complete with blackjack and poker tables if you’re into gambling. Turn your crib into a sports bar or pool hall. Whatever you’re into, your domain needs to reflect it because this is where you will recharge your batteries, regain your focus, and lay out plans to kick life’s ass.

This is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself as a man. I can personally attest to the benefits of building a lair for yourself. The few days I’ve been here have reinvigorated me. It won’t be long after you make this change that you will notice you’re more productive, more creative, and develop a much greater thirst for crushing life—just like the bad guys.

Putting these lifestyle changes into practice will noticeably improve your quality of life when implemented correctly, and consistently. While this is next-level game, red pill newcomers can also slowly work in these habits until they become second nature.

Part 2 will cover your priorities, mindset, and crew selection during your metamorphosis into a real life bad guy. Stay tuned.

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