Not long ago I mentioned how Youtuber Laci Green initiated a witch hunt against Sam Pepper to remove him off Youtube entirely. She was partly successful: Youtube canceled his partnership program which means he will no longer earn money from the site. While the social justice warriors do their victory lap, I wanted to introduce you to four Youtubers who played an active role in the witch hunt. By sharing their ideals, we can better understand what type of thought is allowable to them.


Unless you’re gay, transsexual, feminist, or morbidly obese, your beliefs are unacceptable and are subject to future mob action. The standard operating procedure for these types of people is to aggressively censor and ruin those with a large voice who dare disagree with their lifestyle. I share their formula in the following article: What Is A Social Justice Warrior?

The sad part is that we’re outnumbered and the masses seem to want these people to censor content for them. There’s not much we can do except play defense and make sure we’re not their next victims.

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