The time will come with age and wisdom that you will find yourself in a situation where your work or your trade will be the engine, the “Flux Capacitor” of your life.  All financial resources will derive from your profession, all material assets will be begotten from that career, and your entire standard of living will depend on how well you do it.

Enter “The Den” aka “The Study.”

The “Den” or the “Study” I viewed as a filmotography novelty. A hold back from 1950’s television where the stalwart, WASPy pepper-haired white male would retreat to in order to avoid the mundaneness and theatrics of his familial life. Ward Cleaver would retreat there. The Father of the “Father Knows Best” would go there. And presumptively to just get some peace and quiet.

The truth is, however, that the Den is NOT a place of retreat, but rather a place of composition, ponderance, and innovation.  For that is where a true man takes his otherwise uncommon life and turns it into something great. A stamp on society. A difference in the world. A revolutionary technology. An influential book. A true and genuine “difference” for the positive and general advancement of society.

The key, however, is to make men of today realize the importance and vitality of having his own den, and just what a contribution to society having such an asset is. Let’s be clear what a den’s true function is: It is to ELIMINATE all exterior sources of distraction so as to permit a man to dedicate and focus 100% of his efforts towards creation.

This is why back in the day a child, a woman or anybody else would NEVER enter the “den” or the “study” of the father who was currently occupying it. He was there doing SERIOUS FUCKING business. You didn’t have to understand it. You didn’t have to appreciate it. All you had to do was respect it. When your father was in the den, that meant you did NOT DARE to interrupt him or disrupt him. And now, as an older man, I understand why.

It was merely an issue of efficiency.


A man loves more than anything else his family and his freedom. It’s why he worked so hard. It’s why he went to college. It’s why he learned game. He wanted a family with a loving hottie spankable wife and children he could mold and pick on and the free time to do it. However, in the historical sense, a man had to provide for such a family. That meant dedication, service, servitude and loyalty to an employer.

However, some men of the entrepreneurial nature discovered the benefits of self-employment.  And when upon realizing the freedom benefits this career path provided, he would dedicate himself to this pursuit. The irony, however, was that he was at home. And as loving children and wives are prone to be, they would want to interact with him, which (in an ironic sense) would threaten the engine that provided the freedom that man had with his family.

Naturally, the man being the conduit at which this paradox met, would be adamant that his family DARE NOT interrupt him or disturb him in his study.  He WAS doing the utmost of important work, the sole purpose of which was to allow that man the maximum amount of time to spend with his family.

And thus the lesson for today.

Every man, especially of the ROK variety, needs his own den. It is the sole source of freedom from an otherwise abusive employer. This assumes an entrepreneurial spirit of most men, but when you do get to that stage you will realize that the den is the most efficient vehicle by which you can achieve your means. A den allows you to (uninterruptedly) achieve your masterpiece, establish your business, run your empire or free yourself from your employer. However, the key is to make sure it is yours and 100% yours alone.

No woman

No child

No family

No friends

are allowed into your holy and sacred den. That den is a place of purified work, dedication, and focus so that you may achieve your life’s work and (hopefully and consequentially) your riches, granting you the freedom to spend your finite resource of time with loved ones and family.

I know many men love their “man cave,” a place of video gaming and sports-watching joy. But most men should be more focused on their den, as that is the vehicle by which you will attain true happiness.

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