ROK’s October sponsor is The Man Mindset, a site that focuses on positive self-improvement for men. Here is what the creator wanted to share…

The Man Mindset is a journey that celebrates the strength, wisdom, insight and purpose you carry throughout your life and throughout this world. Our purpose is to develop strong character and communication skills. We teach a secret system of power, hidden knowledge that will lead you through your own personal development and growth.

The Man Mindset assists you to look deeply within to see where you stand with leadership, success, relationships with women, marriage, fathering, personal goals, ultimately leading to a realization of your own purpose and mission in life. Learn how to reinvent yourself and to see the world with a new set of eyes without any self sabotage or excuses. Check as your attitudes about yourself and your life become more silver short, the people around you will begin perceiving and treating you in new ways. Sometimes you will be aware of the increased positive energy you are exhibiting while at other times you will simply notice people commenting on how you see more relaxed, happier, or more confident you are.

Perhaps the most important principle you will learn throughout this website and throughout our products is this:

What you practice you become

Most people spent their lives stopping themselves from going for what they want and then beating themselves up about doing such a great job of it. They have become experts at not taking action and then justifying their apparent failure by convincing themselves that there must be something wrong with them. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.


The reason people fail is not because there’s something wrong with them, its because failure is part of the process of manhood and of success. To a man, failure doesn’t mean it’s time to give up—it means it’s time to step back learn from what happened. Then recognize that you are now more prepared to succeed. But even though mistakes and failures are ever present steppingstones on your journey to manhood, they shouldn’t prevent you from getting started.

The Man Mindset is filled with information to help you increase your self-awareness and shape your thoughts to accomplish what you want and every moment and live the life you intended. This site isn’t about building a good disguise—it’s about developing the courage to take off the disguise and become a real man. The purpose of this site is helping you discover you don’t have to use tricks and gimmicks to get woman. All you have to be is a man. The key to success is to apply each principle to your own life situation.

This site covers dating advice, marriage advice, sex advice, understanding women, confidence, overcoming fear, manhood, talking to women, talking dirty, first date advice, how to approach women, money 101, and more.



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