The most common refrain against men who travel abroad to meet girls is that they “can’t get laid in the United States.” The people who make this accusation are almost always girls, or sheltered little snowflakes who’ve never left their home country. Rather than play into their frame, I’ll illustrate my point with a story.

A few days ago, I was at a club in Malate talking to a couple of girls when I noticed a geeky white dude on the other side of the dance floor. He and I were the only white men in the club. He wasn’t bad-looking—he was dressed in a nice shirt and was in shape—but he didn’t approach a single girl while he was there. He got down on the dance floor, bought a beer every so often from the bar, and paced the back of the club nervously, but he didn’t talk to anyone, even I as spotted girls checking him out.

One of us went home alone that night. You’ve got three guesses as to which one, and the first two don’t count.

I have a newsflash for guys like him and for the haters: if you can’t get laid in the U.S. (or your home country), the only girls who will sleep with you abroad are prostitutes. The will to bang is not dependent on your location but rather who you are as a man, and if you don’t have what it takes, a change of scenery won’t magically earn you a blessing from the God of Poon.


The Real Reason You Aren’t Getting Laid

The number one thing you need in order to seduce girls, whether you’re in Manila, Moscow, or Manhattan, is confidence.

Can you approach a girl out of the blue? Can you entertain her with your charisma and life story? Are you an interesting guy with cool experiences and stories to share? If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is no, then you’re going to be stuck masturbating every night no matter where you are.

Anyone who claims that “women are the same everywhere” is a virgin and a fool. However, the skillset you need to get girls doesn’t change from country to country. At the bare minimum, all girls want a man with balls. If you don’t have the balls to talk to girls from your own native land, you’re going to be triply screwed when you go overseas, because you’ll have to deal with cultural and linguistic barriers on top of your insecurity and inability to approach.

Now, there are countries in which it’s easier to get laid than the U.S. The Philippines is one; Japan is another. But in order to reap the pussy whirlwind, you have to be able to take that first step of actually talking to girls. There is no country on Earth where you will be showered with marriage proposals and blowjobs the minute you get off the plane. If you want to get laid without paying for it (or getting fleeced by scammers), your journey begins at home.



Don’t Go Abroad to Get Girls, Go Abroad to Get Better Girls

I’m far from a player, as anyone who knows me will attest to. But I’ve also never had a problem getting laid, at least not since college. In fact—and it pains me to have to play into the unfalsifiable thesis of the “you can’t get laid in the United States” crowd—I hooked up with not one but two separate girls the weekend before I left for the Philippines. I came to Southeast Asia because I wanted to experience something different, a world in which men and women don’t hate each other, where human decency still thrives.

The kinds of men who succeed at picking up girls in the Philippines, Russia, Brazil or wherever also can pick up American (or Canadian or British or Australian) girls easily. They go abroad not because they want to get laid but because they want to lay better. They want girls who are tender and loving, who take care of their bodies, who see themselves as complimenting men rather than competing with them.

American girls and white knights can’t handle this. In the case of the girls, they hurl the “you can’t get laid in the U.S.” line as a defense mechanism. They know deep down that their obesity, bad attitudes, and lack of femininity are liabilities, but rather than accept reality, they double down on their failed you-go-grrlisms. Their egos are so important to them that they’d rather die unhappy than admit they were wrong.

As for white knights, they’re unhappy with the kinds of girls they’re expected to date: Skrillex-shaved, belligerent, overweight slobs. But rather than work to bang girls that are sweet and attractive, they try to shame any man who rejects the androgynous feminist creed of modern America. Like crabs in a bucket, they would rather tear down other men instead of building themselves up.

These people don’t upset me at all. On the contrary, I get a thrill knowing that every time I lay the pipe on a cute Filipina, I’m twisting the knife deeper into their hearts. Attempting to insult men who go to other countries to get laid is like trying to insult people who go to steakhouses instead of McDonald’s. “You can’t handle eating a Big Mac!” No, we just prefer a nice slab of Kobe beef over a frozen, artificially bleached heart attack in a bun. That’s the average American girl: ugly, fake, and bad for your health.

That being said, you can’t simply walk into the steakhouse without preparation. If you’re a man looking to taste the superior quality of foreign pussy, you need to have the fundamentals of game down before you get on the plane. If you can’t bang girls from your own country, all you’ll end up doing abroad is your own hand.

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