In my post about being judged by appearances, I said, “Women complain about how they’ll never be supermodel-skinny, but most men want to marry a woman whose ribcage they can see.” Some commenters were upset at this, but this, interestingly, was a typo. I meant to say that most men don’t want to marry a woman with a visible ribcage. I caught this before it was published but ultimately decided to keep it because it presented a different aspect of the same truth. Both statements are true because both statements sexually objectify women and shame the gluttonous.

Shaming Into Health

As for how I meant to word it, I think the notion of health is important. Personally I want a woman just a little on the plump side. Not overweight, but a little poofy. Again, we are instinctually attracted to healthy people of the opposite sex. So the commenters were right that you want a certain hip-to-waist ratio as opposed to mere thinness.

However, I decided to leave it because I think it is a stronger statement to say that men want a ribcage girl. The polar statement has a greater effect, at least in the present case. Obviously, the statement was a bit tongue-in-cheek, since it was preceded by, “The thing about weight is that it’s a sign of health.” Looking underfed is not a sign of health, but having a visible ribcage doesn’t always mean looking like an African orphan. I’ve had a visible ribcage my whole life, even though I grew up middle class and had to eat my vegetables. I’ve been blessed with a very high metabolism.

Saying that men want a ribcage girl is an exaggeration with a purpose, even though the article itself was not satirical. I was not trying to communicate that women should look unrealistic but rather that they should not be fat. The word “curvy” is fairly vague after all. The same is true with my article about envying women. I made the claim that a man will only talk to a woman if he’s interested in banging her, but in real life I’ve had close female friends whom I had no interest in being physical with.

The point of my claim wasn’t to make a clear-cut axiom as though it were a statutory law; the point was that being a woman ontologically entails being a sexual object.

Women Are Designed To Be Sexual Objects (And Maybe Something More)

In real life, I think a woman should be more than a mere sexual object, but she will always be a sexual object. We use this phrase “more than a sexual object,” but it seems to mean “a sexual object plus something else.” A woman by nature is always a play-toy for a man, and she is only valued as an individual should she choose to cultivate that individuality in a way that is valued by others. By that I mean, if a woman has nothing appealing about her beyond her body, then she is merely a sexual object. If she has a rockin’ body and can make a pie from scratch, then she is more than a sexual object.

Granted, women lust after men too, but it’s different. By “object” I mean something which is acted upon. To make a grammar analogy, men are the nominatives and women are the objects, whether in sex, work, society, entertainment, domesticity, or anything else. Even if a woman should pursue a man, she is still wanting to be taken herself, hence the ridiculousness of the “Yes Means Yes” law. Patriarchy is a natural law, not a philosophy, and to topple it would be like defying gravity.

Remember that a man is a key and a woman is a lock. A master key can open many locks, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is worthless. This is the way we are wired as human beings, and no amount of legislation or marching in the streets will change biology. And this is why the most hurtful insult you can tell a woman, even as a joke, is that she is ugly. She can accept being called a bitch, a whore, or an idiot, but a woman cannot tolerate being considered ugly no matter how light-hearted the jest or how close of friends you are.

Misreadings In Modern Criticism

People today easily misunderstand when something is a joke instead of actual advice, as we saw with ROK’s posts both about why you should date a girl with an eating disorder and why you shouldn’t. The comments section on the second article was quite enjoyable. Suddenly all the offended people were claiming that to date an anorexic girl was a wonderful privilege that most men don’t deserve.

This leaves the question, is it appropriate in society to date an anorexic girl or not? It must be one or the other, because an eating disorder consumes one’s life so much that it can’t be ignored by your significant other. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


The eating disorder articles weren’t actual dating advice. They weren’t even merely meant to troll people. Like nearly everything on ROK, they were trying to reorient social order. Notice the nine points between the two of them each criticize a bad character trait that’s become considered benign for women. Inattention to physical appearance, heavy spending, conceit, poverty, and sexual negligence for the “should” article. Overweight, bad breath, avoidable instability, and mental illness for the “shouldn’t” article.

We see the same gut reaction with my two articles above. I’m inclined to not blame those individuals but the society that has given us this draconian literalism. If a person makes a joke on Facebook about killing the president, then it’s treated like a viable plan. As a society, we are trained to take things at face value and assume the worst. So I don’t blame the individuals for misunderstanding my tongue-in-cheekness, and in fairness, the exaggeration in my article about appearances was subtle.

Red Pill Wisdom For Women

What should have been the takeaway, more than body weight, is sexual objectivity. A woman by definition is meant to be viewed sexually. Notice how women past 40 have the worst hairstyles. It’s like they are trying to hold onto some relic of their prior glory. Even my spinster mother regularly gets a perm and won’t go to the bank without her makeup.

But then they turn into true elderly women. Gray-haired women almost never have long hair and look strange when they do. An old woman tries to look good and presentable, not hot or cute, because they know their time of sexual desirability is long past.

If a woman is wise, she will use her sexuality for a long-term investment instead of a short-term one-night stand. She will retain her virginity and marry young to a man who can both provide for her and be someone she respects. Interestingly, this is the origin of expensive engagement rings, which disproves the Christian myth that few people fornicated before the 1960s.

If a young woman has a financially stable husband, then she has no need to go to college or pursue a career. Leftists will scream that women should be able to pursue a career if she wants, but people who make that argument miss the point entirely. For one thing, being a responsible adult is more about doing what you should instead of what you want. A woman has a stronger innate connection to her family and therefore should spend her life investing in them.

Why wouldn’t a woman want to make her husband’s life easier by preparing him dinner? Why wouldn’t a woman want to stay home with her children instead of incarcerating them in daycare? The joke about a woman refusing to make a sandwich is horrifying to me because of what it says about the joke-teller. Let’s not be selfish, ladies.

Second, the workforce is a bitch. People only desire the stress of a soul-crushing career if they had no other method of self-validation. Even if you achieve your dream job, you don’t really know what it’s like until you get there. And even if you love your job, there will always be difficult people you have to appease and obnoxious procedures you have to follow. I don’t believe for a minute that any woman truly wants to work for the raw joy of it because I have never met a man who loves work for the sake of work even if he settles into a career he loves. If working was so joyous and fulfilling, there would be no concept of retirement and no social security crisis.

Nature Will Always Trump Nurture

I wrote that a man shouldn’t envy a woman because of her privilege, but in real life, I would love to be a stay-at-home dad. However, I recognize that isn’t my role, and I understand that even the most virile wench looks down on a servile man. Men are wired to provide and women are wired to nest. All of human history attests to this, and fifty years of burning bras isn’t going to change mammalian biology. A wise woman will use this biology to her advantage instead of trying to subvert nature out of unconstrained conceit. Ruining your life is not empowering.

A friend once told me , “I can’t go anywhere without men staring at my chest.” I responded, “I can’t go anywhere without women staring at my wallet,” but what I should have said was, “That’s just the way Jesus made you.”

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