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In today’s unstable economy it is a very real threat for many men that they could lose their job, lose their savings, and end up living on the streets. According to a CNN Money article published last year, 75 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. All it takes is for them to lose their job or to experience a medical emergency and they are screwed.

90 percent of homeless people in America are men. This makes sense because, after all, there is no shortage of thirsty beta males who would be willing to take a woman in and provide for her. Homelessness for women is a choice. For many men it is a very harsh reality that hits them suddenly if they lose their jobs and then can’t afford to pay the rent.

Let’s say that you are a man who just lost his job and you had used all your savings a few months prior to deal with a medical emergency, and now you face the very real threat of homelessness if you cannot get another job soon to pay your bills. What can you do?

There are actually a lot of alternatives to becoming homeless, especially if you are willing to become a little humble and lower your expectations and standard of living.

1. Teach English

If you have a four-year college degree you can easily get a job teaching English in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, or Taiwan. You won’t be making huge bucks but you’ll live a relatively well-off lifestyle compared to the average person in those countries. Five years ago I met a young American male in Seoul, South Korea, who was working as an English teacher and he told me he was making about 1000 dollars a month. Another benefit of working in Asia is that you are living in a pussy paradise.

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2. Work on a farm

There are tens of thousands of organic farms you can work at worldwide, listed on websites like WWOOF.net. As long as you are willing to put in four to six hours of work daily they will provide you with a bed and three meals a day. Some places even pay you a small income, but most of the farms are for volunteer work. I’ve met people who have travelled all over the world doing just this. If you can cover the cost it takes to buy a ticket to get there, everything else is free. This is one way to travel the world and meet lots of very interesting people—Americans, Israelis, Europeans, Australians, South Americans, or people from any other country.


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3. Couchsurf

You could live off of couchsurfing.org or other couchsurfing websites, which cater to people worldwide. I knew a guy who used couchsurfing in Asia and he got 3 bangs within his first 2 weeks of living there from different women he stayed with. You can travel worldwide and stay for free at people’s places using couchsurfing websites, and it’s a very easy way to meet women and immediately get into a new social circle.

4. Join a monastery

If you’re into spirituality, you can kill two birds with one stone using this option, living for free and practicing meditation at the same time. The average arrangement for monasteries is that you agree to do four to six hours of volunteer work a day in the monastery, and in exchange they provide you with a room and three meals. The only downside is that you can’t be openly sexual, as they will usually make you take a vow of celibacy.

Another benefit is that many monasteries allow you to enroll in some kind of trade school. During the day you can be learning a trade such as plumbing or electronics repair, so that eventually you’ll be able to get a normal job and live on your own again. But who knows. You may enjoy the serenity and peacefulness so much that you may very well decide to remain as a monk for many years.

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5. Become a naturalist

Build a cabin in a very rural area. Hunt and gather your own food. If you really want to put some hair on your chest this is a good option. Giving up all the comforts of modern living will turn you into a manly man and help you grow balls of steel. This is also a very peaceful way to live, as you are living in nature and there isn’t constant noise pollution from cars and people.

Many great men in the past have done exactly this, such as Henry David Thoreau. He wrote a book that was published in 1854 called “Walden; or, Life in the Woods,” in which he talks about the two years he spent living in the middle of the forest away from civilization. He was one of America’s first great philosophers.

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The most important thing is to not blame yourself. Millions of jobs have been outsourced to China and India, and millions of men are suddenly finding themselves unemployed through no fault of their own. In today’s economy there are many things which we have no control over. What we do have control over is how we react to such hardships. Do we become absorbed in self pity and depression, or do we start looking for alternatives? I’m mentioned a few alternatives above and I hope it inspires a few men who are going through hard financial times. Don’t lose hope.

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