The manosphere is loaded with abbreviations that fly over the heads of common folk. “NAWALT” (Not All Women Are Like That), “MGTOW” (Men Going Their Own Way), “AFC” (Average Frustrated Chump), and “SMV” (Sexual Market Value) are some of the most common examples.

However, few are familiar with “WIIFM” or “What’s In It For Me?” In the form of a rhetorical question, it’s the concept of taking charge of your desires and goals by aggressively following the best incentives to achieve those goals. You must do this while not being taken advantage of or pushed around by a third party.

Understanding Incentives

The key word to understanding WIIFM is incentives, which are simply the things that motivate or encourage someone to do something.

For a visual explanation, here is an example from the film adaptation of Freakonomics. In the opening segment, the authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner discuss how incentives influence human behavior by asking the question: Does your real estate agent really have your best interest in mind?

In other words, it can also be interpreted as a “What’s In It For Me?” kind of scenario. Both parties are trying their hardest to look after their own best interests, without getting shafted for a perceived loss of time, money, or both.

Making Incentives Gender Specific

What is your incentive to communicate with many of the other men you encounter every day? There could be plenty of things. Good companionship, common interests, just a friend you haven’t met yet, or for business contacts or other financial association.

But what about women? You should especially treat every interaction with women as if you have a good incentive to do so. And since the sex drive, or sexual instinct, is one of the most common and powerful incentives that men possess, we will build almost exclusively upon this when interacting with the opposite sex.

Why? Because the formula is pretty straightforward, my friends. Outside of the realms of work and family, most women simply don’t have much to offer men other than sexual satisfaction. For instance, if you are ever presented the opportunity to exchange Facebook contacts with an attractive woman, do the “What’s in it for me?” shtick and ask your self the following hypothetical questions (Just an example).

  • Am I fucking this woman?
  • HAVE I fucked this woman?
  • Is there genuine potential to fuck this woman in the near future?
  • Will this woman at least introduce me to a social circle in the near future with women I can potentially fuck?
  • Will this women lead to a job opportunity or good professional references? (highly unlikely)
  • Is this woman just a genuinely cool chick who isn’t a smartphone zombie, and is somebody I can have an enjoyable and intellectual conversation with? (more common in the past, but now an endangered species)

At least one match from any of those bullet points will be a good incentive to click “yes.” If the woman you have interacted with does not display ANY of those features, then there is frankly little incentive for you, as a male, to add her as a digital “friend.”


Rationally Explain Your Lack Of Incentive

You personally have nothing to gain out of having your newsfeed bombarded with photos of her cats, what she’s having for dinner, whatever pathetic mood swings she’s going through, and then of course the inevitable photos of her with some other guy who she’s now obviously shagging.

After all, you wanted to be that guy, but you were friend-zoned. She didn’t have a receptive social circle, where there might have been some girls who actually were DTF. She didn’t use her own powers of persuasion or business contacts to get you out of your dead-end Starbucks coffee job. She couldn’t go three minutes without switching all attention from you to her smartphone.

Was that the kind of long-term contact you wanted? What is she going to add to your life? What is she going to continue to take from yours? What’s In It For You?

You Are The Alpha – Take Control

In closing, make a good personal incentive out of all your future interactions and communications with women. Don’t be motivated to partake in beta behavior like being her shoulder-to-cry-on-guy, or the “nice guy” who will routinely go out of the way to cater for her every whim, all while getting no rewards in return. Don’t be a pushover like Milhouse, who will come up with a pathetic excuse to do anything that little feminazi Lisa Simpson asks him to do.

milhouse friendzone

Poor Milhouse. The pill he swallows is as blue as his hair…

Final Statements

Never do favors for women without reciprocation period. After all, like one of the core philosophies of ROK, we know what women ultimately want from us. Our resources. That is absolutely fine and we just accept that as part of female nature (though we still reserve the right to decry it). However, you should always look after your core masculine nature, and follow the incentives which aim to gratify that nature.

Part of your core nature as a masculine man is to desire at least some element of money, power, and respect. The women will inevitably follow when you have a suitable amount of all three, which only come after aligning your behavior with your incentives.

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