A social justice warrior, or SJW,  is a person who has made it their mission to rid the world of perceived social injustice. Ironically their methods are often zealous, manipulative, and unjust. The range of “ills” that SJWs campaign against is endless. It could quite literally be anything like sexism, racism, inequality, animal testing, or meat consumption. SJW’s are always on the extreme fringes of the politically left.

The social justice warrior term is a misnomer, for the SJW does nothing more than pester and bully from behind a keyboard. They are actually cowards. It’s important to note that people who actually want to improve the world, however naive their beliefs may be, are going to third world countries and offering their time, knowledge, and manpower to improve the lives of others. These are not SJW’s, but aid workers, comprised of teachers and doctors who risk their lives as they combat disease, illiteracy, and famine. By comparison, the SJW is a couch potato whose level of contribution ranges from retweeting lies to ranting on Youtube about sexism in video games.

I henceforth propose that the term SJW should be changed from social justice warrior to social justice wanker. An SJW can be either male or female, however the latter is far more common and enjoys a significantly higher degree of influence, as there is always a ready stream of beta male orbiters available to do the female SJW’s bidding.

SJW’s confuse justice with spite, harassment, and vengeance. Take for instance the donglegate case. Adria Richards, a feminist SJW, released a picture over Twitter of two developers she overheard making a dongle joke during the PyCon software convention. As a consequence the two men were fired, one of whom had three kids and wife to support. This latter triggered the notorious hacker, “for-chin”, to take over her website. Following the dongle gate case, her employer sacked her.

As mentioned earlier, the SJW’s do not care for real cases of racism or sexism which can be found in developing nations. As one blogger put it:

“Modern feminists and Social Justice Warriors, having fixated on the flaws of the highly progressive and rights-sensitive culture of the West they are embedded in, have a tendency to see Western culture as soiled and unjust, while other cultures have greater authenticity and deserve respect. Thus it is when you discuss the genital mutilation practiced by some Muslims on girls or the pogroms against the Muslim Rohingya people of Burma by Buddhists, their outrage is muted by a desire to agitate only against the villains in their own parent culture. They take to Twitter to emotionalize the kidnapping of hundreds of young girls by Boko Haram while failing to exert their outrage on behalf of the hundreds of boys killed in similar incidents.”

SJWs display the traits of religious fanatics. Just like a cult, they indoctrinate those that are most socially vulnerable. They isolate them and extract resources from them.

“The modern definition of a mind control cult is any group which employs mind control and deceptive recruiting techniques. In other words cults trick people into joining and coerce them into staying. This is the definition that most people would agree with. Except the cults themselves of course!” – http://www.cultwatch.com/howcultswork.html

Weak-willed people are specifically vulnerable to SJW ideology, as they have a pathological need for a sense of belonging. Once they are in, they are about exclusivity and not inclusivity. They spend time and energy making themselves stand out as the most oppressed of the group in order to gain standing. They do not wish to end the perceived ills they claim to fight for, because they thrive on it! It makes them feel relevant. The newly-indoctrinated SJW becomes belligerent with those around him, and will start to alienate friends and family.

An anonymous ex-SJW described his (?) experience:


“I was pretty strong into the “social justice” crowd. Looking back, that whole thing seems like a cult. It lures in vulnerable people, especially young people. People who are going through puberty and trying to figure out their sexuality. People who might be dealing with disability or mental illness, or those whose family is breaking up.

It sucks them in by spoon feeding the idea that they are special and worthy. It guilts them if they don’t treat everybody else as special and worthy too. It starts forcing you to see everybody as being in a hierarchy Then it gets you to alienate yourself from your friends. Your friends sometime makes racist/sexist jokes? Cut her out of your life. Got any conservative friends? Cut them out of your life. Got any friends who are white straight men? Cut them out of your life. They are oppressors. Constantly berate people if they slip up, because everybody else must be held to the same standard that you are and no other ways of thinking are ”right”.

Then it tells you to start criticising and trying to change your family. It tells you to “call out” any little thing they do “wrong”. It warps your perception until you are a victim and constantly on the defence. It breaks you off from everybody and makes you feel awful for things you cannot control, and then, if you disagree or start questioning, it cuts you off from the only support you have left, and you are attacked and viciously berated. Maybe if you grovel enough they’ll let you be redeemed and come back, but if you will never be allowed to forget the one mistake you made.

Eventually I found anti-SJW blogs, where people were actively critiquing these concepts and the SJW culture. Originally I felt nothing but hatred for them, but then the words started to sink in. I started questioning whether this was really “right”. I saw how so many people leading the crowd were hugely hypocritical. I realised that I had been causing the problems in my life, not “oppression”. I apologised to my family for how I had been acting and I am lucky that they still supported me. I had lost a lot of friends, including some people I was very close to. It has taken me a long time to rebuild those relationships. It was a very bad period of my life, and one that took me a lot of effort to drag myself away from.” –Source

The SJW cult is socially driven by the collective, as there is no leader. In order to pull rank within their movement, SJWs accuse others of being less revolutionary than they are, and thus framing their own as heretics or anti-revolutionaries, just like in the French Reign Of Terror.

The SJW movement is a neo-inquisition, shielding itself from scrutiny by using the old card trick of accusing their critics of sexism, racism, and other -isms. These people are in no position to deal with justice. They are single minded, they do not accept rebuttals, and they respond to criticism by character assassination of their critics.

SJW’s are notoriously single-minded and cannot cope with criticism. When they are confronted on their ideology they resort to censorship.

Social justice wankers are characterized by their narcissistic personality disorder. They get mutual validation and reinforcement from other SJWs. They have a hive mind mentality enforced by sessions of groupthink.

 “The majority of these people show disturbing signs of narcissistic personality disorder- anything said is reinterpreted as accusation and attack on them, those accusations are instantly reflected back at the accuser, they are incapable of assuming responsibility for their own actions or their situation, they see themselves as morally perfect, they constantly redefine and invent dismissive language and rhetoric to suit their agenda, and they always underline how they are being unjustly persecuted.”

The next time you see someone making outlandish claims of victimhood in the name of “social justice,” keep in mind their ulterior motives. Avoid the wanker’s influence at all costs.

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