Social justice warriors are at it again, this time on Youtube. With the pretext of a “sexual assault” video uploaded by Sam Pepper, they are attempting to purge the site from men they don’t like by spreading denouncements, pressuring advertisers, calling white men racists, and disseminating rape accusations. It has reached a climax today whereby a woman has come out to accuse Pepper of raping her after a concert in Spring 2013. She eagerly spilled the beans of the rape to Buzzfeed in spite of the fact that she never called the police.

One of the ringleaders of this purge is Laci Green, a feminist who has sought professional help for mental disorder. Pepper’s video network dropped him thanks to her efforts, and she—along with her SJW friends—just might be successful in removing him from Youtube entirely. They have named other male youtubers who are being targeted for their purge, all in the hopes of making Youtube free of men and ideas that they disagree with.


In the following video, I detail why Green is the absolute last person who should be censoring anything:

I’m sure that digging into the backgrounds of other SJW’s would yield similar results.

Right on the heels of #GamerGate, it’s clear that SJW’s won’t stop until they silence and censor all that they dislike. While our efforts to fight against them may seem futile, it’s clear from the comments on my video that intelligent people in the middle can be swayed with rational arguments on how SJW’s are immoral and unqualified to act as cultural censors. Some people may agree with the SJW cause, but they will be much more hesitant to go along with a purge like this if they realized that a small group of damaged individuals want to decide what content they are able to see.

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