It’s no secret that American men have become crazy about foreign women. Given our options, we have little choice but to look outside of our own culture. This is a growing trend and will continue for the forseeable future. Even the ones that haven’t crossed the picket line and ventured into the exotic definitely fantasize about being with a foreign women—I can see it in their eyes when I am out with my girl.

I can’t blame them. Foreign women are wonderful creatures and possess all of the characteristics that we yearn for in our American women. For the most part, women from Asia and Latin America are caring, intelligent, cultured, mature, and surprisingly much more independent than they are given credit for.

While I would argue that the international ladies are superior in so many ways to our own, that doesn’t imply that they are all nice girls deep down inside. On average, a foreign women is more likely to be the type of women that all of guys are looking for. However, at the end of the day, A WOMAN IS A WOMAN. You may have that pretty Asian or Latina girlfriend as you read this, and sure it’s ok to string her along and have fun in the sack, but take a step back before you commit.

Trust me, I’m just speaking from experience. I’ve been in the international game for over thirteen years. I’ve seen it all. I’ve been with nice ones, cute ones, and ones so hot they twist the necks of every man in the bar. You may think that your foreign honey is sweet and wonderful, but here are five signs that should stop you from committing:

 1. She is ashamed of her culture and wants to be American

This one may be hard to believe, but these girls are out there and they definitely have a screw or two loose in their heads. If your girl is ashamed of her own culture and tries desperately to be like an American or Western girl, then you should be alarmed. The main advantage of being with a foreign woman is that she brings her own Japanese, Korean, Colombian, Chilean or whatever culture to the table. That is what makes her interesting, cultured, mature, and loyal. Girls that seem ashamed of their own culture or are slow to share cultural aspects such as food, customs, and traditions are hiding something. It’s likely that they are social outcasts in their own cultures and are seeking to reinvent themselves in America. Screw that shit, playa. Trust me, you want a girl who is confident in who she is.

2. She is obsessed with English

This is related to the first one. Do you sometimes feel like you are teaching English? Does your girl constantly ask you questions about English, obsess with learning it and act as if it is the most important thing in the world? On top of that, is she hesitant about teaching you her own language and feels that it’s not important for you to learn it? If so, you might want to start looking for another lady.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s vital that your girl learns English. This is even more true if you’re going to settle down in America. However, you shouldn’t feel like she is using you to learn English. I am not saying you have to become fluent in her langauge, but international relationships always work better when each person has at least some knowledge of the other’s language. Remember, understanding her language is also understanding her culture. Besides, you don’t want to be the dumbass American guy when it’s time to meet her parents.

3. She has a lot of Western guy “friends”

Remember, a woman is a woman and it doesn’t matter where she is from. All this “he is just my friend” bullshit is destroying or preventing relationships all over the globe. Don’t get me wrong—being a jealous guy is the not the way to go either and it’s perfectly understandable if your girl has male friends from her own country. That is expected. But if she is the kind of girl who is always going to “language exchanges” or if she has a bunch of other American guys posting on her Facebook, then something is wrong. She might have you believe that she is only being sociable, but she knows what she is doing.

4. She often posts sexy pics of herself on Facebook

I’ve seen a lot of American guys out there engaged to some hot Asian or Latina honey that loves all the attention on Facebook. I know because I see them posting all kinds of relationship-shattering pics on my own Facebook feed. Look, if your is lady is a confident and loyal woman, she’s not going to be posting pictures of herself half-naked on Facebook so a bunch of perverted American swinging dicks can post comments and jerk off. Enough said.

5. She seems to have a secret past

If things don’t seem to add up about your girl or she is unclear about her past, then you definitely should start running. Of course this is a no-brainer, but remember that people sometimes attempt a new beginning when they come to America or when they hook up with someone from another country. Of course, everyone is entitled to a second chance in life. I’m currently on my third or fourth, but if she is just vague and reluctant to talk about the past, something is just off. There is some serious baggage that you don’t want to deal with and will eventually come out to wreak havoc after you marry the girl.

Now fellows, don’t let my advice deter you from pursuing a relationship with a foreign woman, because you will find no bigger fan of international ladies then myself. I am just reminding you to be careful and, as you would with any other woman, think with your mind rather than your dick.

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