A very basic definition of an entrepreneur is: “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

I dare say that women who earn the bulk of their living through social media, primarily by just having a pretty face or looking good in a bikini, should hardly count as entrepreneurs. There are hardly any real financial risks in the endeavor (everybody has a computer and video capturing device), and the “hope of profit” is almost nearly a guarantee to varying degrees.

So much can be gained and so little will be lost, since there will always be a ready-and-waiting army of thirsty beta orbiters to act as subscription and click-bait.

This article (more like a video critique) will present a number of examples of how women use their bodies to exploit Youtube for financial gain, all while disseminating information and content which has almost zero intellectual value. And of course, all of these videos took very little time, effort, and expenditure to produce.

But first, watch this important scene which demonstrates the red pill truths about women and Youtube.

Dialogue after taking the “Red Pill Special” (1:10 – 1:53)

“I like to wear slutty clothes for male attention. but act offended when I get that attention if it’s from a guy I am not interested in. I enjoy the privileges my beauty buys me. Men take me out to dinner, fight over me, give me a place to stay, and buy me drinks. I like knowing that if I start making Youtube videos, my beauty will earn me 100 times the subscribers as a man would have doing what I do.

If I live-cast, or stream video games, pathetic men will donate thousands of dollars to me. I can earn more money playing video games on Twitch, and doing my makeup on camera on Youtube, than your average man will make until the age of 35. But rather than acknowledge this privilege, I would rather bitch about it and claim that men are objectifying me.”

The Fitness Goddess

What’s up everyone! It’s summer, are you ready to be my beta orbiter today!?

That’s pretty much all I’m hearing from a few videos which have been posted by this woman. She regurgitates health and fitness information which has (of course) been spoken, printed, and reviewed 10,000 times before throughout modern history, but markets it with her own brand. That is, by just being a fit and bubbly valley-girl type who looks good in a swimsuit. Check out the ending at 6:14. Selfie showoff…

This video of a Mexican fitness model doing steps inside a gym has obtained over 1,000,000 views since it was posted. Such incredible time, effort, and hard work to likely obtain over $1,000 in Adsense revenue…


Wanna snatch over 5,500,000 views and continuously earn the corresponding advertising revenue in the comfort of your sleep? Just look hot in a patriotic bikini and do abdominal crunches on the beach. ‘Murica!!!

The Bikini Posing Model

Hey bikini lovers! Let’s head on down to Bondi Beach with Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman!

These two young women were among the first pioneers of using Instagram as a self-promotion and revenue gathering platform. What results is that their “A Bikini A Day” business model has been fantastically successful, and set these girls up with a fun-filled jet-setting lifestyle while doing, well… essentially nothing other than laying out on a beach or by the pool drinking cocktails.

It’s so stupid it’s brilliant. They take hundreds of photographs of themselves wearing alluring swimwear and… wait for it… post only one photograph per day on their Instagram and social media accounts.

This ensures a steady stream of repeat visitors (and thus page views and advertising revenue) from their army of beta orbiters, which are big enough to stage Napoleon’s invasion of Russia (600,000+). It also means they can take extended breaks from “work” if they choose to do so, and head off to another exotic destination to “get away from it all.”

Oddly enough, their ventures into Youtube have been somewhat less successful. Maybe it has something to do with the fact they are trying to promote a product (bikinis) that the vast majority of their single male fan base does not want to actually buy.

More than a few women actually video blog about their training sessions for regional bikini competitions, and this lady is no exception. She think’s her boobs looks pretty damn cute in this bikini top, so you’d better “recognize” like ODB.


It doesn’t seem fair does it? Men have to go to trade school, engineering school, or some other lengthy job training institution to ultimately make a fraction of the amount of money (for our time, effort, and sweat) compared to many of these women. This is all while we are creating things of tangible value which have a purposeful application to society. What these women create is nothing. The money they earn should be about as real as the money created out of thin air on a computer screen which is used for your home loan.

Now what you should do is direct yourself to RooshV or Captain Capitalism. They offer very practical and worthwhile advice for people like us, all while keeping their shirt on. Oh and be sure to subscribe to them instead of the women.

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