Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get into argument, and boy punches girl out and drags her out of an elevator. Girl then marries boy.

Sound right? Of course not. But this is exactly what happened with Ray and Janay Rice. The outcry following this incident is what is quite interesting. As I’m writing this I switched to two news channels (visiting family, don’t worry I didn’t get a TV) and they are interviewing women on domestic violence. Hundreds of articles have been written with everyone and their mothers sharing their viewpoints on the situation, what the punishment should be, and the effects of domestic abuse on women. The media is having a field day with this incident.

To summarize, Janay gets punched the eff out and the day after her then fiance Ray was indicted on aggravated assault charges, she married him. She did not just refuse to break up with him, or stay by his side, but she actually made a vow for life by way of marrying the guy who knocked her unconscious and dragged her out of an elevator. Actions speak louder than words.

Then again words also speak. The day after the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely and the Ravens terminated his contract, Janay in addressing the media coverage again comes to his side, by posting this to her Instagram:

Note that she will continue to show the world what “real love” is. And that the media is taking something away from who she refers to as the “man I love.” Is this surprising? Not at all. What is interesting however is how little the media surrounding this event consider Janay’s own thoughts and desires. Instead, endless opinions on how Janay should have acted. And following her Instagram post and her decision to stay and pursue “real love” there are now twitter campaigns to raise “awareness” about domestic violence and rationalize her actions.

How The Ray Rice Incident Fits Into What We Know About Women

Women have thrown themselves at serial killers. We all know how girls always go for “bad boys.” Hell, a few years after OJ was acquitted for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman I personally saw a young blond with OJ holding hands. Some women are so drawn to these types of men that no amount of logic or reason will stop it.


I will stop for a second and vehemently and blatantly state that I do not advocate or condone what Ray Rice did to his now wife. I won’t go so far as to say there is never a reason to hit a woman, because I can find plenty of reasons, but based on this video in a vacuum this was not one of those cases. Ray is an NFL running back putting him in the top one-tenth percent of strength and power in the world. If you’ve seen the video, that hook will send most men down much less a woman of her size. His actions were not justified (from what I can see from the video at least). Even after he knocks her out he shows no remorse or care and is almost treating like a UPS delivery box pushing her around with his feet.

There are a few basic tenets in game that are widely known, universally accepted and are considered almost hard facts when dealing with and trying to bed a woman. For example, you never ask permission to kiss a girl. Or perhaps that you don’t show up with flowers on a first date. Avoiding the friendzone is part of these basics. Another that we have written about on ROK before is about how women like it rough. (See here and here as a few examples).

I have too much personal experience and evidence to ignore this. Speak with any of your buddies that have success with women and they will all say the same thing. Women love to be thrown around, choked, spanked, and overall completely dominated in the bedroom. I can inundate you with examples but let’s save that for another time.

Now if you want to take this idea off the far extreme, and I’ll leave that up to you, look no further than the instant Ray Rice saga. It can be example number 4,815 of just how far off the end one can go (note – not should go) in being rough with a woman and her still remaining right by your side. My pre-red pill remants and the inherent good guy in me doesn’t want to believe this is true. The Jezebels of the world will die trying to make sure you don’t believe it’s true.  

And this could be the case of course. Janay may have realized she just lost her meal ticket to a happy and rich life and is willing to do whatever it takes to try and salvage it. She did somehow convince Roger Goodell—the commissioner of the NFL who is beyond trigger-happy to suspend players over much less offenses—to initially agree to just a two game suspension after seeing the video (and all signs point to him having seen the true video back then too). Or she has a variation of Stockholm Syndrome, who knows. But a decent argument can be made that she just simply loves Ray, despite his abusive actions.

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