Young love

Will writes:

I’m 18 from Norway and an active reader of ROK. There is a chick I’ve been on one date with. I was going to ask her out for a second but she turned it down because she was going at a dinner party that evening. Anyways I am home alone this coming week and would like for her to come to my place for a movie and eventually bang her. One thing she is 16 and has to be home at 12 o´clock. I feel like I’ve lost a little ground by asking her out and being turned down because she simply couldn’t. So the question “how to ask a girl to hang in a way that she can’t say no, a bullet proof way to ask her to hangout, without being rejected”?
I would normally resolve these sort of minor challenges myself, but I am very curious of your opinion on this particular subject.

Extra info:

I’ve been playing aloof game for the most Maintaining pride during this one particular chase and not investing money or too much time in her. I kissed her after the first date. Yeah and most communication happens via message.

It seems from your description that she did not counter your offer with another date or time that she could meet up. Often times, this is a sign of disinterest and you are going to have an uphill battle. If she did want to see you again, she would have suggested another date when she was free. However this does not mean you should dismiss her, because you never know with women.

I would wait a minimum of a week to ask her out again. It may be the case a week has already passed since your second date invite. Your question of how to ask a girl out without her saying no is not a viable question because there is no such thing as a rejection-proof way to ask someone out. Sometimes when asking a girl out, I will not ask. I will mention what I’m doing and let them know they are welcome to join.

In your case, you can text her and say something along the lines of “Have some wine here and going to watch a movie, let me know if you want to join.” Obviously tailored to both your style, situation (maybe she doesn’t drink and smokes weed instead) and the way you have been communicating so far. If she wants to come, she will say ok. If she gives you an excuse and does NOT provide an alternate date, you can let it go. If she does give you an alternate date, then you can go from there.

Don’t overthink it. If she doesn’t work out just remember there is an endless supply of girls out there. And make sure to check your age of consent laws.

– Law Dogger

The college dilemma

ThePrince writes:

ROK, I’m a senior in high school. I have the grades and test scores to potentially go to a few Universities with an excellent reputation, but I’m also applying to several State schools with good financial aid. My parents think the reputation of those private schools is worth the 20k+ difference in cost a year, but I’m not convinced that the more expensive choices are worth it in obtaining a STEM degree. I desperately need a masculine perspective on University. Does ROK think I should sacrifice reputation for cheap cost? I know that I need a STEM degree to make college worth it, but what kind of STEM degree do I need to become location-independent? Engineering? Computer Science?

Any advice you can offer about University, college life, or applying to schools would be greatly appreciated. I really want to succeed, but I don’t know how, or who to ask for advice. Thank you in advance!

Are your parents footing the full bill? If so, go to the best school possible. If they are not paying your way, disregard their opinions about reputations vs. value. Their experience with colleges comes from an era where basically any degree was enough to get a decent-paying job, so they’re assuming you’ll be able to pay off the increased debt you take on for slightly higher prestige. This is where most people get in trouble.

One thing I can tell you unequivocally is that if you have the grades and test scores to go to a truly elite university, you should do it. We’re not talking a “nice liberal arts college”—Your diploma must have the name of Ivy League school, MIT, Stanford, or one of a select few others to get the benefits of shelling out the kind of money colleges are charging these days. Keep in mind that a STEM degree is not necessary for future success if you go to a top-tier school, since there are a lot of English or political science majors who go into finance, consulting, banking, etc. You’ll meet more future elites in political science classes than in engineering classes at these schools.

If you’re not able to go to a truly elite school, you should think about whether your chosen career path requires college at all. The author of 30 Days To X dropped out of college to pursue self-employment and location independence, and has a bunch of great advice about the pros and cons of that path. Captain Capitalism also has tons of practical advice for college-age men. If you’re set on college despite not getting into a difference-making school, go to the best one possible that gives you enough financial aid so you will not have any debt when you graduate, and probably concentrate on a STEM degree.


For the second part of your question, the thing you need to become location independent is not a degree, but skills. A computer science degree, for example, will do nothing for you if you cannot write code or network computers. Very little of modern academia focuses on teaching you skills that someone will actually pay for. This is probably by design. You need to research potential career paths, find the skills behind them, and start learning them on your own regardless of what you decide about formal schooling.

– Black Knight

On becoming a better writer

Skoll writes:

I’m building my own Manosphere website and would like to know how I can develop and improve my writing skills. I’m looking for a more specific advice other than the usual “read more” or “write more”.

I would also like to know more about style and the subject of catering to the audience and writing in a way that captivates the reader.

And lastly, how does the writer know what the reader wants? How do you balance between giving into the demand and keeping a solid foundation for yourself?

Skoll—You asked for some techniques on how to be a better writer. You asked not to hear the advice of “read more” and “write more.” Unfortunately, those two pieces of advice are the only pieces of advice that actually work. Everything else is just window-dressing. OK, well, maybe I would add one other tidbit: “Live more, fuck more, and get beaten up by life more.”  You’re asking, in effect, how to become a better runner without practicing running.

Can’t be done, there, chief-a-roni. Cannot.

Writing is hard work. It takes dedication, life experiences, a foundation of exposure to good writing, and a focused intensity. If you’re not prepared for that, don’t start a blog.

As for writing to “please your audience”…none of us write for that reason. Writers write to exorcise their demons, to satiate their passions, to get revenge on their ex-wives, to try to bang the girl next door, to repress their violence, to psych themselves up, to flaunt their scrotums: it’s done for all these reasons. And more.

Your audience doesn’t know what it wants until you put it in front of them. And you’d goddamn well better believe in what you’re writing.

If it doesn’t come from the heart, if it doesn’t come from that dark place inside, it’s going to be shit.

Write about that you know. Don’t write about things you don’t know. People can spot a phony a mile away. You’re better off writing about marine life in the Great Barrier Reef (if that’s your passion) than regurgitating some insipid bullshit just for page hits.

Follow your passion, hoss. And I’ll follow you.

– Quintus Curtius

Fighting the good fight

A reader writes:

How would you beat feminism?

1. Mockery. Make the person you want to persuade laugh. They’ll lower their emotional guard to where they give you a chance at sharing your facts. Lindy West is a good example of this. We mocked her so hard for her outrageous body size that she is forever linked to being a whale instead of whatever talking points she was trying to disseminate.

2. Point out hypocrisy. People will tune out any ideology that is not consistent with their platform. If you’re able to present incidents of feminist hypocrisy to the masses, they will eventually stop listening to their complaints. Gamer gate, which is a result from corruption and double standards in the gaming journalist industry, has awakened many guys to the damage that feminists and SJWs cause. It was too glaring to ignore.

3. Articles and video based on fact. While facts are hard to swallow for the hardcore feminist adherents, they represent a good way to draw in those who are already sympathetic to our cause. More work can be done in finding those men who are already on our side but don’t yet know we exist. Such a collected mass can continue refining the message and eventually offer pushback on the nonsense that the other side tries to disseminate.

You can find more ideas here.

– Roosh

Baby rabies

Cristian writes:

I’m 20 years old and have had the same girlfriend for almost a year(I should have cut it off a long time ago, I know). She is 27 years old and is barely entering her university major. We’ve been having mostly raw dog sex for this past year, and by some miracle, or as I call it, me pulling out and her not liking it, no pregnancy has occurerd, though we have had a few scares. She always hates it when I try to use condoms and even refuses to do so on her fertile days. I’m getting pretty sick of this. She insists she can’t have kids, despite the fact she’s always crying that she wants kids in the future. I’m too young to be stuck with some old bat and a rugrat from someone I didn’t want as a wife or a mother. What is your opinion on this?

You answered your own question. Run away. Run quickly.

That’s all for this week. There were some great questions asked in the comments thread of the announcement post—if you would like those questions answered be sure to send them via email or the anonymous form.

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